The Sorcerer's Bride Chapter 51: I Love Him


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Zylvia headed down to where the dungeon was kept, after getting directions from Kaldrek. She felt unsure of what she would say to Celia. The woman had been an important figure in her life and she felt so disappointed in her. Things had gotten to this point and Zylvia knew deep inside that this was probably the last time she would talk to her.

When she saw where Celia was being kept, she was a bit surprised. Jayesh had furnished her cell so that it would not be entirely uncomfortable. Zylvia got a strange feeling that this had been for her sake. Though she was not as close to the king as she was to his queen, or even to his best friend, she was still a bit like a little sister to him.

Celia looked at her with disappointment in her eyes, "Zylvia darling, why didn't you do as I told you? I thought you were better than that."

"Celia..." Zylvia sighed, "Why would I do what you asked me to? Kaldrek is my friend, I have nothing against magic, and it was totally preposterous in the first place!"

"You-ungrateful girl! I raised you, took care of you whenever you got sick..." Celia shoulders shook as she tried to suppress her sobs, "And for someone you have only known for a few years you would go against me?"

Exasperation filled Zylvia, "He's my husband! I bound myself to him for life, why would I betray a sacred vow?"

"Do you hope to find love?" Celia shook her head, "You think that a man would be interested in you? You have a wonderful personality, but men do not really look at that!"

"But he always is so nice to me..." Zylvia was somewhat speaking to herself. She was the first person who would say that she had missed out in the looks department. Her hair was a much too vivid shade of red, she was a bit too skinny, and her figure was not all that great either. At least her eyes were decent enough. "Even if he does not love me, he still cares about me." She shrugged, as if the thought of never having Kaldrek's heart did not bug her. She reminded herself that at least her husband was willing to treat her as his wife with all the privileges that entailed.

Celia had an incredulous look on her face, "Really? Does he now? Or is he just putting on a show?"

"Celia," Zylvia heard her own voice grow stern and firm, "You don't know him, and are completely biased against him. Why should I trust what you say about him?"

"You would trust this man over the woman who raised you?" A look of profound sadness settled over her face.

"You are the one who made me choose.... I would rather not have had to, but since you made me, then, yes, I will choose my husband."

"Why? I am like your mother to you, haven't I always treated you like my daughter?" There was an aggrieved tone to her voice, "And for a loveless marriage you just toss that away?"

Zylvia felt an irrational surge of annoyance rising in her, "Who said it was loveless? Even if he doesn't love me, what stops me from giving my love to him?"

Celia looked at her with surprise widening her eyes, "What?"

"I love him." It was the first time Zylvia had ever said it aloud. And to think that it was because she was feeling annoyed.

A dumbfounded look came across Celia's face. "Love? What do you know of love? You have mistaken it for something else."

"I hope that you are comfortable enough, as I doubt you will ever be allowed out of here." Zylvia did not know what came over her, but she suddenly wanted to get out of there. She turned on her heel and left.

At first she did not know where she was going, just let her feet carry her. She could not believe how she had just talked to Celia. Even so, she did not feel guilty.

By the time she realized where she was going she was already standing outside the door to their room. She hesitated a bit, but could not stop herself. The need inside of her was compelling and hard to resist. She slipped into her bedroom.

Kaldrek was working, bending down over his desk. For a minute she admired him, before walking towards him.

Slipping her arms around his neck, she murmured his name into his ear. It got his attention immediately, "Yes, Zylv?"

"Am I disturbing you?"

"You always disturb me."

Zylvia blinked, feeling a bit of unhappiness.

"In a good way, though." Kaldrek tugged her into his arms, "I found myself rather liking to be disturbed."

She snuggled closer to him and kissed him. As he kissed her back she shoved him back into their bed.
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