The Sorcerer's Bride Chapter 50: Know When to Retreat


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Zylvia watched as her husband closed his book and set it to the side, "Yeah, I'll finish it."

"Good." She smiled as she examined him. He looked tired, probably had been using up a lot of his manna. Zylvia wasn't quite sure how much he had compared to other sorcerers, and it would be rude to ask. Anyhow, right now he looked tired. It made her want to make him go take a nap. She had to work to control those urges, as she was fairly certain he would refuse.

She heard her best friend's chuckle and looked over. Fayre was smiling, looking pleased at their interaction. She noticed that Hazel had a puzzled expression on her face as she looked at them. She scooted a bit away from her husband, suddenly feeling embarrassed. It was one thing when they were alone but she wasn't like Fayre, being able to be publicly affectionate without getting embarrassed.

Kaldrek smiled as he gently ruffled her hair, "I'm starting to get the impression, Zylv, that you've made it your life goal to fatten me up." His voice had a teasing quality to it.

"Kaldrek," Fayre shook her head as she sat down to eat. "It wouldn't hurt you to eat a bit more. You're as skinny as a rail. I think you were way past overdue to get married."

"I'm only twenty-two!" Kaldrek shook his head. "How was I overdue?"

"It has more to do with your tendency to not take basic care of yourself than your actual age..." Fayre's voice was dry as she rolled her eyes at the sorcerer.

Kaldrek shook his head, "I'm healthy enough. I can't even remember the last time I got sick."

"Well, Kaldrek," Zylvia interjected as she gave her husband a sweet smile, "As your friends we don't really want to risk it." She reached over and patted his cheek gently.

Laughter shook her husband's shoulders, and he grinned, "Fair enough." He stood up and got Zylvia some food as she had yet to actually get any. She accepted it from him with a huge grin on her face. She rather liked it when her husband acted in a thoughtful manner.

"Wise move, Kaldrek, not pursuing an argument you can't win," Fayre grinned, "That and putting food in front of your wife."

"Hey!" Zylvia found herself protesting, "Why does everyone seem to make fun of how much I eat?" She poked her food, suddenly not sure she wanted to eat.

"Making fun of you?" Kaldrek shook his head at her, "I think she was trying to tease me, my lady."

She looked up into her husband's smiling face and quickly looked away. Looking at him like that made her want to kiss him, and she was not ready to do that in front of other people. "If you say so, my lord."

Fayre still had a happy expression on her face as she watched them. It was obvious she took the way they were interacting as a good sign. Which was funny as they had always teased each other. Though any conclusions the queen came to would probably not be wrong.

As she ate, she fell silent watching the other people around her. Hazel was teasing her knight, which he handled remarkably well.

After they finished eating Fayre asked her if she was coming back with them. Zylvia sighed, "I think I should visit Celia, after all I am the closest thing she has to a child."

Fayre nodded, "Of course..." She watched her best friend leave, taking the others with you.

As she prepared herself mentally her husband gave her a hug, "Try not to argue with her to much."
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