The Sorcerer's Bride Chapter 38: Spellbound


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After Jayesh carried Fayre off, Kaldrek headed towards his bedroom. Zylvia was probably already asleep.

He had felt touched when she had given him that journal earlier. That she thought of him at all always made him feel so happy.

Being married to her and sharing a room made him extremely grateful for the natural self-control that came with his bloodline. He really would feel ashamed of himself if he ever wronged Zylvia.

Opening the door to his room he felt his eyebrows raise in shock.

Zylvia had not gone to bed. She was standing in the middle of their room with an extremely nervous look on her face.

And he could see why. She was dressed in a low cut red gown, that showed quite a bit of her breast. What was more, there was a slit up the skirt showing off her leg.

The red color of the dress was in direct contrast to her pale skin. The effect was rather alluring. And totally not her. Her usual long white nightgown, so innocent and pure, suited her much better.

"Kaldrek," Her voice was sweet, gentle and there was a note of longing in it.

At the sound of her voice his legs moved of their own accord. He felt a little funny, as if he was under a spell. The tingling in the back of his head suggested that this was indeed the case.

He was now standing right in front of her, looking down into her enchanting emerald eyes.

"Zylv..." His voice came out in a whisper. He wasn't sure what to say, and his throat felt oddly tight.

His wife wrapped her arms around his neck, stepping closer to him as she did so. She looked up at him and opened her mouth to say something, but never got the chance.

Kaldrek pulled his lovely wife into his arms and leaned down a little in order to kiss her. Since her mouth was already opened and she didn't immediately close it, he took the opportunity to thoroughly taste the insides of it. She tasted sweet, almost like honey though there was other flavors he couldn't quite place. He could easily get addicted to this.

"Mmm..." Zylvia tightened her arms around his neck. He felt her play with his tongue in their mouths. He felt his brain completely short-circuit.

After a while they broke the kiss so that they could breathe. Kaldrek tried to think of something to say, but his wife went back to kissing him. Alright, they could talk later then. He wasn't sure he could even say anything coherent right now anyway.

It wasn't much longer after this that Zylvia pulled him towards bed.

Several hours later, Zylvia had fallen asleep, she was using his chest as her pillow as she snuggled in his embrace.

Kaldrek stroked his beautiful wife's back as a small fond smile lifted his mouth. She was really something.

She had actually used magic on him. He didn't think she had realized it, but she had used an enchantment. Kaldrek didn't really mind, as long as it was Zylvia. She could practice her magic on him anytime she wanted, just as long as he could remember afterwards. Of course he would still tease her about this for the rest of their lives together.

Still, practically speaking, this would help him narrow down what her bloodline was. The first spell a sorcerer cast was indicative of what their bloodline had specialized in. His had been abjuration*. So the fact that she was an enchantress of some sort really narrowed the field. It also meant that they were practically opposites when it came to magic. He was terrible at enchantment.

Though, he had to admit that enchantment made sense for her. Of all the magic disciplines it was the most subtle, the most passive. And her magic definetely had a passive feel to it.

He wondered what her secondary specialty would be. Sorcerers tended to have another set that came easily to them. He was sure he would find out soon enough though.

Kaldrek let his gaze drift over his lady's inanimate body. He felt so content and a little bit ecstatic that she had given herself to him.

Wrapping his arms around her tighter, he kissed her forehead. Cuddling seemed a lot more intimate now.

He was a bit surprised by the fact that Zylvia loved him. She hadn't said anything about it of course, but the fact that she had subconsciously used an enchantment was indicative that she had really truly wanted this. How long had they wasted? It didn't matter now of course. He supposed he should really thank his best friend as he seriously doubted he would have ever managed to tell Zylvia how he felt.

He closed his eyes. He was really looking forward to living the rest of his life with this beautiful woman.
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