The Sorcerer's Bride Chapter 37: Preparations


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'There was still time to chicken out and not go through with this.' Zylvia was feeling nervous about what she was doing. As she had made no promises to anyone concerning this, she could very easily just give up. No, that wasn't quite right. She had promised someone. Herself. She had decided to do this. And she refused to turn back now.

She finished drawing her bath. The steam of the recently boiled water filled the room. She grabbed one of the packets she had bought at the marketplace and dumped it in. The flower petals floated on the water.

When the water had cooled down enough, Zylvia climbed in and lathered herself with soap. Nearly submerging herself completely in the water she continued worrying.

She was about to thoroughly embarrass herself. So many things could go wrong, and she wasn't sure if this would work anyway. Still it was better than the love potion idea she had considered. While that was guaranteed to work, it would only last a few hours and then she would have to deal with the consequences. No one would want to be forced to do something.

So seduction it was. Or her clumsy attempt at it anyway. Well, if it didn't work she could always just claim she had really wanted children. Kaldrek was her husband afterall. That would probably alleviate some of the awkwardness.

Finishing her bath, she dried herself off and redressed herself. She wrung as much of the water as she could out of her hair. If she didn't try she would never know, right? Perhaps she could even make him fall in love with her. Though she found herself doubting this possibility.

She headed to her and Kaldrek's room, hoping he wouldn't be there yet. That was a major variable in her plan. She wasn't ready yet.

Thankfully her husband wasn't there yet. She quickly changed clothes, blushing as she did so. She had never worn anything like this before. And she would never dare to wear it out in public. She considered foregoing it as she had never been very bold. But if she was doing this she should try her hardest. And men liked this kind of thing, right? Not that she really knew anything about that. Maybe she should really just forget it?

She gave herself a mental shake. She would not think of all that could go wrong. She felt something shift inside of her as she gathered her confidence. She would drag her husband to bed with her, no matter how reluctant he might be. Sleeping in the same bed with him for almost a week had really been taxing her self control, and she did not think she could continue like this. She loved Kaldrek, was married to him and it was perfectly natural to want children with him.

She dimmed all the light in their room. She had learned how by watching Kaldrek. Thankfully, it seemed to be word-triggered, and did not require magic to use.

She checked her hair to see if it was still wet. Dampish. Oh, well.

Zylvia started pacing nervously waiting on Kaldrek. All sorts of emotions were fighting within her, but the strongest one was excitement. Though she was still rather nervous as well.
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