The Sorcerer's Bride Chapter 33: Plans


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The girls were planning a day out. It was Fayre's idea, as she was feeling cooped up. Zylvia really couldn't blame her as she hardly ever left the castle. And tomorrow was a market day making a perfect opportunity.

Hazel was obviously excited. It seemed she liked the idea of seeing Carendlus from a different perspective.

By the time supper time had rolled around, they had finalized their plans to such an extent that it would have been hard for anyone trying to talk them out of it. All that they really needed to do was alert the king about their plans. While Hazel worried that he would never allow it, both Fayre and Zylvia knew that while he might protest at first he would eventually cave.

They headed to dinner happily, ready to let their men know of their plans. Jayesh was already at the dining room. Fayre immediately siddled up to her husband and told him that they were going out tomorrow. The way she said it was sweet, but did not really leave any room for arguments. After a while of discussing, the king agreed though he made them all promise to be careful and safe.

Jayesh and Asrar entered into the room. Zylvia was a little surprised to see them together, but realized her husband had probably been unable to resist trying to discuss magic with the boy.

Zylvia quickly prepared a plate of food for her husband. There was no way any man married to her would malnourish himself. She would not let it happen.

When she put the plate in front of him, he let out a sigh but accepted his fate.

"Us girls are going out tomorrow," She supposed she should inform him of it.

"Mmm. Okay," Was all the reply she got from him.

"Princess?" Asrar looked at Hazel for confirmation.

"Yep! Isn't it exciting!"

A slight smile lifted the knight's face, "Of course, my princess. But I can not let thee go by thyself."

Hazel let out a sigh and nodded. It seemed she knew better than to knock heads with her knight when it came to her safety. Ah, well, Asrar was so quiet he wouldn't actually be all that much trouble and if something went wrong he would probably be useful.

Zylvia glanced at her husband. She wondered what he thought about the whole outing thing. Or did he just not care?

Kaldrek looked up and met her eyes, "Yes?"

Zylvia felt startled and almost got lost in his eyes, "Just wondering why you are being so quiet." She figured this explanation was reasonable enough.

"Sometimes I prefer listening to talking," His smile was warm.

She nodded and looked away. If she continued looking into his eyes like that she might lose all self control.

When dinner was over Zylvia decided to head to bed. She wanted to be well rested for the outing they were going to go on. The other girls shared her sentiments.

Because Kaldrek decided to go with her, she grabbed his arm as she happily headed to their bedroom. She filled his ears with chatter talking about Fayre's plans. Even though he didn't say much about it, she noticed that he had a grin on his face.

As they climbed into bed, Zylvia looked at her husband. Was there something wrong with her that he never tried anything? After all he was a male and they had been sleeping in the same bed. Of course, Kaldrek was a gentleman, but still. He hadn't even mentioned it.

"Is something wrong?" Kaldrek was staring at her intently, "You have a melancholy look on your face."

"What? Oh it's nothing." She forced a smile.

"Zylv. You know you can tell me anything, right? Sometimes just talking about it will help."

"Thanks, Kaldrek." Zylvia found herself smiling helplessly. There was no way she could tell him exactly what she had been thinking. Still it was nice that he cared, "Can I just have a hug?"

Laughing softly, her husband pulled her into his arms, "Whenever you want one."

She wrapped her arms around him too, hugging him tightly. She really wanted more than this...

Maybe she should take the initiative. After all she was pretty sure at this rate, Kaldrek would never touch her.

She found herself grinning as she made some plans. She could be patient just a little bit longer. She loosened her hug and looked up at her husband, "Thank you." Then she snuggled against his chest. She liked how Kaldrek immediately shifted his arms and snuggled her against him with a whisper that she was welcome. It took a while for her to fall asleep, due to her want to react to her husband's presence, but she eventually managed to.
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