The Sorcerer's Bride Chapter 32: Old bloodline


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After he left the presence of his princess, Asrar wasn't sure what to do. But she had told him to go have fun. He was pleased that his princess was trying to be friends with at least the two ladies. She really needed more friends.

His feet carried him to the library. He decided that if she was to question him she wouldn't think that practicing was very "fun".

For a while he wandered aimlessly, occasionally pulling out a book, glancing at its title and then putting it back. Asrar wasn't really interested in just reading for the fun of it. He preferred his reading to be something he could use.

After a while of searching he pulled out a book that looked a little different. The name of the book caught his attention. It was a book on dragons, and Asrar was never able to resist reading such books.

"Looking for information on your heritage?"

Asrar whirled around, nearly dropping the book. Seeing that it was the Sorcerer Kaldrek, he relaxed a little, though he didn't completely relax his guard. "No. I study things to know how to beat them."

"Fair enough, I suppose. Though it is interesting which book you pulled off the shelf."

Asrar stared at the man, "Dragons are highly dangerous."

"Of course they are, but that doesn't negate the fact that you have their blood in your veins."

Asrar couldn't help but ask, "How didst thou know what I was?"

"You do know you come from a very old, well documented bloodline, right?" Kaldrek looked amused.

"I grew up in Amriel." Asrar couldn't help but point this out to the highly annoying sorcerer. He didn't want to deal with this.

"Fair point," A soft lazy smile lifted the lips of the sorcerer. "Why do you stay?"

It was an understandable question to ask. By staying, Asrar was pretty much condemning himself to death. There was only so long such a secret could be kept. But, "Tis my home." He took the book and sat down, deciding to ignore Kaldrek. He felt somewhat disgruntled when Kaldrek sat beside of him with a book of his own.

Asrar let out a sigh and looked at him, "Willst thou do me a favor and not tell anyone?"

"I won't tell your princess, though I have already told my king."

Asrar immediately felt panic rising and had to remind himself this was Carendlus not Amriel. He was still safe. That is as long as his princess wasn't told, "And the king? Wouldst he keep it a secret?"

"I mentioned it would be better to."

Asrar stared at the sorcerer for a while. He seemed trustworthy enough. Even if he had told King Jayesh, it wasn't really that big a deal.

He glanced at the book the other man was reading, but had no idea what it was as its title was written in a different language. He wasn't curious enough to ask.

Asrar focused on the book that he had picked out. While he had claimed that he had chosen it purely for the knowledge of how to defeat the powerful creature, it was only half true. He also wanted to learn anything he could about his bloodline. He knew bits and pieces, things he had figured out, but his knowledge only went so far.

Asrar was glad that Kaldrek was now being silent. The only sound was the flip of the pages of both their books. Asrar committed every thing he was reading into memory, categorizing it neatly.

Hours passed as the two read. Asrar managed to finish three books. Quite a bit of knowledge to sort through.

He put all the books back neatly as he prepared to leave. His princess had told him to meet them for dinner. And it was about that time.

As he went to leave, Kaldrek walked beside him.

As he had decided this guy wasn't a threat, Asrar ignored him.
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