The Sorcerer's Bride Chapter 3: Tied Together


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The castle's courtyard had been entirely redecorated for the wedding ceremony. The ground was covered in a cloth the color of snow. Someone had also hung silver strips of cloth from tree to tree all over the courtyard. There was also a table set up with all kinds of food set to the side. The chairs were all set neatly in rows and there was a dais set up where the ceremony was to take place.

When Zylvia arrived on the scene she froze for a moment. She was suddenly feeling very nervous. She had never really thought she would ever get married, so she was not really mentally prepared for it.

It felt surreal to her to step unto the dais with every eye upon her. Trying to distract and calm herself down she focused on the man she was about to marry.

She found herself noticing that Kaldrek was taller than her. Her head only came up to his nose, something she had never really noticed before. She also noticed that he didn't look nervous at all. Instead, he just had that signature soft smile of his on his lips. She wished she could act so nonchalant about this. Her eyes then went to his messy hair and she wondered if he had even tried to fix it.

King Jayesh interrupted her thoughts by holding out a crimson ribbon towards them and clearing his throat. Taking it, she turned to her groom and looped one end of it around his right wrist and tied it, "Fate's red cord forever there-"

Kaldrek wrapped it around her left wrist. "Never broken, always strong-"

She wrapped it around his left wrist, taking a deep breath in order to keep her voice from shaking, "Till dying breath and end of days-

He tied it around her right wrist, "Tying me to you."

Kaldrek then put a ring on her finger as she did the same to him. After they did this the king handed them a silver cup with a long handle. Taking it from him, Kaldrek drank from it and then handed it to his bride to do the same. As she drank the colorless liquid that was at first sweet then bitter than sweet again, she felt a warmth spread throughout her body as well as the ribbon on her wrists tightening. She handed the cup back to the king, and then looked down at the ribbon.

No matter how many weddings she went to Zylvia always found it entrancing to watch the ribbon shimmer and then vanish away. She noticed that it left behind a sensation as if it was still there on her wrists.

She glanced up at Kaldrek, wondering what was going on in his head. With the ceremony completed, they were now wed.
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