The Sorcerer's Bride Chapter 27: A Wish Fulfilled


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It was still dark outside when Jayesh was jolted awake. Worry clenched his heart as Fayre bolted out of bed. Scrambling out of bed he quickly followed her to make sure she was okay.

He found his petite queen kneeling on the floor vomiting into a basin. Not quite sure what to do, and slightly panicking, he froze for a moment.

As he reached out and brushed her dark hair out of her face, she managed to quit vomiting for a minute, "Are you all right, dearest? Can I do anything?"

She threw him a blinding smile, "You already have. Just you being here is enough." She turned back and continued retching.

Jayesh was unsure of what to do, and continued hovering around his wife. He wondered what was wrong with her, had she contracted some sort of disease? Should he get someone to take a look at her? Would a doctor or priest be better?

After a while, Fayre stood up shakily. He immediately enveloped her in his arms, "Sweetheart, how are you feeling? Do you have a fever?"

"Jayesh, I'm fine," The woman in his arms giggled. "I'm pretty sure this means I'm pregnant."

Jayesh stared blankly down at the love of his life's glowing eyes. It took a while for him to process what she had just said, "Pregnant? I-wha-we're going to be parents!" His worry of a few minutes ago was replaced by a thrill of joy.

"Yes," Fayre began cleaning herself up. "We'll be good parents."

He hugged her again, different emotions swirling inside of him. He was ecstatic and excited, but he also was somewhat terrified and felt some trepidation. Children were a huge responsibility. But he knew that as long as he had Fayre by his side that he would be able to rise to this wonderful challenge.

Fayre's arms wrapped around his neck, "Zylvia wants to be nanny."

"That's fine with me," Leaning down he pecked his wife's lips. She giggled and then deepened his kiss. She still had a slightly acidic taste in her mouth but Jayesh really didn't care right now.

Picking her up, he carried Fayre back to bed. He tucked her in, and then crawled into bed beside of her, "Are you comfortable?"

"With my warm human pillow?" Fayre smiled as she wrapped her arms around him, "How could I not be?"

"Alright, but if you ever feel uncomfortable let me know and I'll try to help however I can." Jayesh had heard that pregnancy could be highly uncomfortable and inconvenient at times. While he knew he couldn't completely erase that, he wanted to make the experience as easy as possible for his wife.

"Thank you," His wife snuggled closer to him. He stroked her back until she fell back asleep.

He could hardly believe that she was pregnant. Jayesh couldn't wait to tell Kaldrek. And then pressure him about trying to have kids as well. He really wanted his child to be able to be best friends with his best friend's kid. Unfortunately, Kaldrek didn't seem too eager on the idea.

Jayesh burrowed his face into his wife's hair. Smelling in her scent deeply, a sleepy contentment came upon him. He had always loved Fayre's scent, just as he loved everything about her. After making himself comfortable he fell back asleep.
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