The Sorcerer's Bride Chapter 24: A New Friend?


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It had been about an hour since Hazel had joined them. Zylvia was not quite sure how to feel about the princess or her knight who stood silently at the door. She had noticed though that Viola seemed to have taken a liking to him.

Hazel seemed a little nervous and jumpy. She supposed this was to be expected as she was in a entirely new situation in a place she had never been before. Zylvia found herself feeling slightly sorry for the girl.

"Hazel, would it be okay if Sir Asrar left the room. This is supposed to be our girl's only zone." Fayre looked at the princess, "He can wait outside if you like."

Hazel's eyes widened and she froze for a fee seconds but conceded, "I suppose so. Asrar, you can roam around if you like but please be back in a few hours."

"As it pleases thee, my princess." The knight bowed and left.

Fayre smiled, "You're rather nice to your knight. I approve."

The princess suddenly laughed, "He is my best friend. And actually, I tease him unmercifully."

A grin spread across Zylvia's face, "That's okay, we tease Kaldrek unmercifully too."

She noticed that the princess stiffened a little, "Kaldrek? Tall, messy hair? An advisor to your king?"

"Ah, did you meet him?" Fayre's smile widened.

"Yes...he seems a little off."

Zylvia smiled at the princess, "He is actually pretty nice once you get to know him."

"And you tease him?"

"Of course, it's the staple of our relationship," Zylvia smiled innocently. "We tease each other."

She heard Fayre sigh, "We tease Jayesh too, but Kaldrek is an easier target. Mostly because he is a little bit off which provides a ton more ammo. And he doesn't really mind, just teases us back."

"I see. You seem fond of him." The young princess blinked.

"Well, he is my husband's best friend, and Zylvia is married to him," Fayre explained.

Zylvia let out a sigh, "Only cause you and Jayesh forced us into this."

Hazel stared at them, "Wait, what? You were forced into marriage? But what about love?"

"Eh...Jayesh wanted Kaldrek to get married and I didn't have any beaus so I don't exactly lose anything from it." Zylvia shrugged, "We might not love each other but we get along well enough."

"I don't think I could let someone I don't love touch me." Hazel was looking at her with pity in her eyes.

Zylvia arched a brow, "Well, we only have the kind of touches appropriate for friends anyhow."

Hazel was staring at her as if she had just said something terrible. Fayre cleared her throat, "Well, maybe that will change someday, you could always fall in love with him, right Zylvia?"

"Anything's possible." Zylvia shook her head helplessly. She already loved Kaldrek, he just didn't love her. "What about you, little princess? You have any beaus?"

Hazel's face quickly blushed, "Ah, well no. I only just turned sixteen. Father wouldn't have allowed it."

"But sixteen is old enough to marry," Fayre grinned at the girl. "You are old enough to have a crush, at the very least, right?"

"Father wants me to wait until I am at least eighteen to marry," Hazel looked really uncomfortable with the direction their conversation had gone. "I mean technically I am now old enough to get a beau but..."

"Okay, well anyone you wish would court you?" Fayre smiled at the princess.

Hazel was looking between the two woman, and Zylvia felt sorry for her. Fayre could be rather pushy at times. "I...ummm....well...even if there was I hardly know you so why would I umm...feel comfortable telling you?" And she was definetely blushing now. She probably did have a guy in mind.

"Oh, well, just don't be like Zylvia. Apperantly she had a crush once and never even mentioned it to the guy. I still want to know who it was." Fayre gave Zylvia her best pleading gaze.

Zylvia returned the stare innocently and said nothing. Hazel started laughing, "Are you two always like this?"

"You'll just have to wait and see." Fayre winked at her. "Out of curiosity, why is your best friend a knight?"

"He grew up in the castle with me and my brother, but was closer to my age so we just hanged out a lot as children and never really stopped."

"I see, wasn't there any females?"

"Well, yeah, but Asrar was a lot more fun. And anyway he was more accessible, as he was being raised in the castle."

"I see. Well I hope you will consider us as your friends," Fayre grabbed the younger woman's hand and smiled delightedly at her.

"I guess?" It was obvious Hazel had no idea how to handle Fayre. Zylvia stifled a laugh. Fayre had always been like this.

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