The Sorcerer's Bride Chapter 20: A Honest Mistake


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It was late evening now. Zylvia had spent the whole day in the queen's company. She had not seen Kaldrek since this morning and was now missing him.

But he hadn't even ate dinner with them, though the king had. Apperantly he had been swamped with one of his major duties, Jayesh had not elaborated which one.

She wondered where he was and if he was going to even come to bed tonight. She really would not put it pass her husband to pull an all nighter. He came across that he might be a bit of a workaholic. She hoped he would come to bed, though, as embarrassing as it was - she rather liked sleeping next to him. Not that she would ever admit that.

Zylvia realized that being entirely alone in their room she could snoop around. Realizing this, she wondered if Kaldrek kept a dairy or journal and scanned his books as she would love to actually have a look at how exactly his mind worked.

Though as she was doing this, she realized two things: one, that it was very unlikely she would even find it in the mess of his books if he did have one and two, even if she did it was highly likely that he would have written it in a different language. Due to these two probabilities she decided to just give it up, after all she wasn't even sure he kept one.

She took out her hair ribbon with a sigh. And what did some people have against magic anyway? It was everywhere, just another gift from Xi'eli*. In fact some people even said that everyone and everything had e little bit of it-that all magic had a bit of the divine to it. Even before she had met Kaldrek she had felt a little skeptical whenever she had heard people say that magic should be banned.

She hoped this Princess Hazel girl would not be as vocal or irrational as some of the people she had heard. At least, though, this princess had the excuse of cultureral ignorance, whereas people in Carendlus did not.

Zylvia let out another sigh as she pulled out her nightgown. She really needed to figure out what to do about Celia as well...just ignoring it was probably not the best idea.

She undid the lacing of her dress and pulled it over her head, as well as her petticoat.

"Hey, Zyl-" Kaldrek's voice behind her tapered out.

Zylvia whirled around and looked at her husband who was standing wide-eyed in the doorway, "KALDREK!!" She noticed that his cheeks seemed to have a bit more color than usual.

"Sorry!" He slammed the door shut.

Zylvia stared at the door in shock. Had Kaldrek just blushed? She had never seen him blush before. Her lips curled upwards, it was actually kinda cute that he had gotten embarrassed.

Zylvia slipped her nightgown on. As she headed towards the door she realized that she really should not have screamed like that. Kaldrek was her husband and as such technically had the right to see her naked. She had just been surprised and embarrassed.

Opening the door Zylvia looked at Kaldrek, "You can come in."

He walked in and shut the door, "S-sorry about that. I had no idea you were changing." He was obviously nervous, and was not really looking at her straight on.

"It was an accident. It's okay." She smiled at him and then pulled him into a comforting hug, hoping it would let him know that she was not actually upset with him.

At first he just stood there, surprised by the sudden hug. But after a moment he put his arms around her and hugged her back, "You're not mad?"

"No." She pulled back a little and looked up at him. Kaldrek looked back down at her, as his lips slowly curved upwards. She wondered what he was thinking. "Why would I be mad over an accident? I'm not that unreasonable."

"Good. I hate when you're mad at me." He was looking straight into her eyes, which made her breath catch in her throat. She had always loved his eyes, and right now they were filled with warmth - more so than usual. Zylvia could easily drown in his gaze.

She wondered if he could hear her heartbeat, because she could feel it getting faster. As she stared straight into his eyes, she became aware that she had an intense desire for him to kiss her.

Kaldrek released her and stepped back, "So, how was your day?" He moved out of her sight in order to get ready for bed.

"Fairly good, I kept the queen company all day again. What about you?"


"That's all?"


Zylvia frowned. Couldn't he elaborate a bit more? Men. Sometimes they were so hard to understand.

Kaldrek walked over to the bed and looked over at her, "Coming?"

"You seem eager to go to bed."

"We need to wake up earlier tomorrow, right?" Kaldrek cocked an eyebrow at her, looking bemused.

That's right - tomorrow was Elirius. She smiled, as she climbed into bed beside of her husband, "Of course."

Kaldrek turned to her and pulled her closer to him, snuggling against her. He did not seem to put much thought into it before doing so. Zylvia froze, unsure of what he was doing or thinking. Looking at him, she realized that he has already fallen asleep. 'Most likely, he was just hugging me. Though maybe he enjoys cuddling?' She couldn't stop the slight thrill of hope his action brought.
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