The Sorcerer's Bride Chapter 2: The Groom


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King Jayesh opened the door of his best friend's room. He was feeling somewhat giddy as it wasn't every day that he got to watch this old bachelor get married. Even if it was because Jayesh had forced him into this marriage, it was still a wonderful occasion.

Kaldrek had already dressed up for the ceremony in an eligant black outfit that was lightly trimmed in silver. He had not, however, bothered to fix his unruly black hair. Jayesh reflected that he had never actually seen Kaldrek with unmessy hair. He wasn't quite sure it was possible to fix it and decided to ignore it.

"Oh good, you actually got ready. And here I thought that you would run." Jayesh grinned unable to resist teasing his oldest friend.

"I thought about it...." Kaldrek murmured with a sigh, running his hands through his hair. "But I knew you would drag me back here and make me go through with this."

"Zylvia is a good girl."

"Never said she wasn't. Though I am pretty sure you only picked her because she is such good friends with your wife."

"Well that doesn't mean she isn't a good match for you. And at least you consider her a friend, right? Not the worst thing to base a marriage on."

Kaldrek raised one eyebrow, "You are a meddler, you know that right? You could have at least let me pick my own bride."

"In which case you would never have gotten married." Jayesh smirked. "Frankly you are terrible with woman, my friend."

"Maybe I was totally fine with that. Not everyone needs to get married."

"But if you don't get married you can't have kids. And if you don't have kids then who will be my kid's best friend."

"So you just decide to have me get married and never even consult me about what kind of girl I might like? Some friend you are." Despite saying this, there was a slight twinkle of mirth in Kaldrek's grey eyes.

"If you really minded that much you would have run." The young king smiled hugely. "But since you didn't, you have to go through with it. I mean you wouldn't be so coarse as to actually jilt Zylvia at the altar right."

"Of course not!" A slightly horrified look came unto Kaldrek's face. "The queen would skin me alive."

Jayesh laughed at that, "Or boil you in a stew for insulting her best friend. Anyway, it is about time to go to your wedding. Unless you really do want to face my wife's wrath."

The two friends left together. Afterall Jayesh wasn't going to let the groom out of his sight. If he did the groom might just decide to actually bolt. Jayesh was not actually confident he could drag him back if he did bolt, as his magic would give him an edge on his escape. Thankfully, it did not seem to occur to the sorcerer.
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