The Sorcerer's Bride Chapter 18: Celia's Letter


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Zylvia had finally found the place that Fayre used for working in. However, there was no sign of the queen. There was, however, a servant waiting there for her.

"Ah. Lady Zylvia, there you are. I've a letter for you." The servent held it out for her. "It is from Lady Celia."

Zylvia took the letter with a smile from the servant, "Thank you." As the servant was leaving though, her smile quickly faded.

She looked down at the letter, and felt a deep sadness shoot from her heart. The letter had her name written on its top in fancy letters and was sealed with wax. The contents of it...Zylvia really didn't want to read it.

She walked over to the fireplace and tossed it in. She watched it crinkle up as it burned. It may have been somewhat childish not to even read the letter, but Zylvia didn't feel any guilt. She wanted to ignore it, to pretend she had no idea what was in that letter. The possibility of it not being what she thought was so slight that she didn't want to risk it.

The pain inside of her chest was heavy. She had always looked up to Celia. She was like the mother she had never known, which is why this hurt so much. Because she knew that the choice she had made, that one she had wanted to make and the only one she had been able to make, would drive a wedge between them. She let out a sigh, feeling troubled.

The door opened as Fayre came in all smiles. She stopped when she saw Zylvia's face, "Zylv! What is wrong? Did Kaldrek do something to you? Do I need to have him beaten?"

"What? No! Kaldrek hasn't hurt me. He is a decent guy, you know. I just..." Zylvia paused, what could she even say, "am having some trouble adjusting to being married." It wasn't a total she was not actually used to the whole idea yet.

"Well, that's good," Fayre pulled her into a hug. "And it will get better, just give it time." She stroked Zylvia's hair.

"Probably will. Things tend to work out, right?" Zylvia smiled as she pushed her troubled thoughts about her mother figure out of her conscious mind. " seem happy about something." As she was talking both girls were picking up their work.

Fayre giggled and blushed, "I am in a rather good mood. But I doubt you want to know the details."

"If it has to do with Jayesh...then no I do not."

"Well, then there you have it."

"Thought so. I'm glad you two are still so invested in one another.

"Yeah. It is pretty great," Fayre grinned. "How is your relationship with your husband."

Zylvia paused for a second and then said with a smile, "Well we haven't killed each other, so I guess we are doing well enough."

Fayre rolled her eyes in exasperation, "Oh, Zylv, you do know that the absence of killing someone does not necessarily mean that you are doing good, right?"

"Of course..." Zylvia murmered and then laughed brightly, "Alright, we are still friends, is that good enough?"

"Fine. Though you know..." A teasing smile came to Fayre's lips, "He carried you to bed last night."

"I kinda figured. I mean, it was the obvious reason for how I woke up in bed."

Fayre frowned, "Sometimes you make it really hard to tease you. Why are you always so pragmatic?"

Zylvia shrugged, "Just the way I am, I guess."

"I guess...but I really think you should try to enjoy your marriage."

"Umm... I am! I get to be with all my bestest friends!"

Fayre sighed, "I meant enjoyment from the actual marriage."

"Well, I do enjoy talking with Kaldrek." She knew this wasn't what her friend was getting at, but it was all she was going to give her, at least for now.

Fayre closed her eyes, and shook her head, "I suppose that you are just not ready for that sort of relationship, huh?"

Zylvia shook her head at her best friend, a bit of a grin catching her lips. "We were forced into this, you know. You can't just expect us all of a sudden to change our already established relationship."

"I can actually, it might not be very realistic, but I could very well expect that change."

"And it still wouldn't happen."

"Perhaps but I can still nag the both of you."

"And we can promptly ignore your nagging," Zylvia's grin was huge as she retorted thus.

Fayre laughed, "Yeah, I know."

As the two girls continued working and talking throughout the morning, the letter from Celia was completely forgotten. Zylvia did not give it any further thought once Fayre had arrived.
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