The Sorcerer's Bride Chapter 16: An Embarrassing Awakening


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When Zylvia woke up she was cuddling up against Kaldrek. She had her face buried into his chest and her arms were wrapped around him. His arms were snug around her waist and his face was nestled into her hair. She could hear his even breathing and feel the rise and fall of his chest.

Zylvia's mind went blank. She had no idea how she had ended up in bed. Last thing that she remembered was talking to her three best friends. After that though was blank. Had she fallen asleep? And if so how had she gotten here?

Had Kaldrek carried her? At this thought Zylvia felt her face begin heating up. She became even more aware of the close position they were in and felt an intense urge to get out of it.

She began to squirm trying to loosen his hold on her. It took her several minutes before she had managed to scramble out of bed, and her blush had intensified to the degree that it almost matched the color of her hair.

She patted her chest trying to calm herself down. As her cheeks began to cool off, she searched through her clothes looking for an outfit to wear. Doing so she noticed she was still wearing her clothes from yesterday, excepting her ribbon, which she was thankful for as the thought of being changed by a man did not sit well with her. Even if it was a man she felt fairly comfortable to be around.

She decided on a mostly maroon dress that had blue-green sleeves. By the time she had finished dressing her cheeks had cooled down completely.

Grabbing her brush she began to comb her long red tresses. It always tangled up after a nights rest and while it wasn't as difficult as Kaldrek's its thickness and its curliness made it so that its tangles could be difficult sometimes. Today was one of those days. She winced from a particularly violent tug of her hair.

As she continued combing all the tangles and knots out of her hair she glanced over at Kaldrek. And startled a little. He had already woken up and was doing that meditating thing he had been doing yesterday morning, she figured it was a sorcerer thing. She hadn't noticed when he had woken up as he had not made any noise and wondered how long he had been awake.

By the time he was done with his meditation, she had managed to get all the tangles out of her hair and had tied her hair back using a blue-green ribbon. She watched Kaldrek pick up a book that was lying next to the bed and put it up carefully back on the shelf.

"Were you reading last night before going to bed?" Zylvia felt curious and wondered if this was a habit of his.

Kaldrek answered both her spoken question as well as her unspoken curiosity, "Yeah, I often do." He threw a casual smile at her as he opened up his closet. He picked an outfit and then walked into the curtained off area that was set up for privacy. When he came out he was wearing a dark blue high collared tunic with matching pants underneath.

"I'm hungry for breakfast," Zylvia glanced at Kaldrek. "You coming?"

"Sure," Her husband offered his arm to her as he opened the door.

She took her husband's arm and started to drag him down the corridor. She did not make it far before he tugged on her arm, "Your going the wrong way." She could hear amusement in his voice.

"Alright, then, you lead." She focused on trying to memorize the way to the hall. It was not long before the had arrived and she made a beeline for the food. She noticed that Kaldrek made no comment this time and wondered if he was learning.

They ate breakfast in a companiable silence. As they were cleaning up, Zylvia decided to break the silence, "Jayesh and Fayre weren't here. Again. Do they normally skip breakfast?"

"I don't think they skip it. Just eat at a different time than us."

"I see. Well, do you have any official work you have to do?"

"Probably. There usually is." Kaldrek's mouth lifted into a wry smile. "I'll have to check with the king though."

"Of course." She nodded and glanced at him, "Try not to work too hard, okay?"

Kaldrek grinned, "No promises." At that Zylvia rolled her eyes at him. Though she supposed that it was probably a good thing that he enjoyed teasing her.

She headed for the door, "Well, I am going to go find the queen. Have fun with your work."

"Alright. Have fun entertaining the queen," Her husband smiled at her as he opened the door for her.

On an impulse Zylvia leaned up and kissed his cheek, "Bye. See you later!" Turning she walked off, leaving a slightly bewildered sorcerer behind her.
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