The Sorcerer“s Bride Chapter 153: Deeply Moved


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It had been a peacefully quiet day. Kaldrek smiled at the woman lying in his lap. Zylvia's eyes were closed and her breathing was even. He found himself tracing the shape of her slightly opened mouth with his eyes and then shook his head to himself.

And his eyes drifted back to studying her face. She really was a beautiful woman. He patted her head and then began to stroke her hair, laying the book he was holding down as his full attention slid onto her.

She shifted in her sleep, brow furrowing. He murmured softly to her, not really even knowing fully what it was he said, just trying to make her even in her subconscious know he was there with her. She relaxed back into his lap.

He smiled to himself. He rather liked this, just her being utterly defenseless in his arm. It made him feel trusted, and brought joy to him to have her behave like this for him.

She was coming close to being finished with the carrying of his second born child. Kaldrek admired the rather large shape of her belly. It was amazing that she could grow another human in her body. That was more amazing than any magic in the world.

She stirred on his lap, and her eyes opened. No words came out of her mouth, but her eyes looked really gentle and were filled with love. Her hand reached up and she cupped his cheek.

He leaned into her palm, "Hey, sweetheart."

"Hey." Her hands moved to wrap around his neck as she pulled herself up so she could rest on his chest. "Weren't you reading?"

"Yeah," He grinned at her, "But you look so adorable on my lap I could not help but just pay attention to you!" He messed up her hair, and leaned his head against hers. "I love watching you sleep, you always look so content, just like a little kitten."

She laughed at him, "If you're flirting, that was bad."

"Probably," He shrugged, and leaned back on his chair. "But you love me anyway."

She shook her head, making the curls on her head bounce in an enchanting way. Then she leaned forward and kissed him. "I do, don't I? Not that that is too surprising. You're amazing, after all."

"Careful, love." He kissed her again, savoring the feel of her mouth against his, "You might make my ego grow bigger."

"Wouldn't be too big an issue." She had such a bright smile on her face that Kaldrek could not help smile back at her. "You have never been overly proud so having a bit of an ego boost is not too bad."

"You are going to make me blush." Kaldrek found himself enjoying himself as they continued like this for a while.

It was the afternoon that same day when Zylvia went into labor. Kaldrek just barely managed to keep himself calm. It helped a bit that they had already gone through this once, but he still hated seeing her in pain.

But that fueled him to keep a hold of his emotions, as he wanted to be able to provide her what comfort he could.

The doctor let him hold her hand to provide her something to focus on and to squeeze. Kaldrek felt glad that he could do this. Whatever he was whispering to her, he had no real idea, he just knew that Zylvia would tale great comfort from hearing the sound of his voice.

Thankfully the ordeal did not last long and soon Zylvia was holding their son in her arms. Kaldrek ran his fingers through her hair feeling glad seeing her so happy.

Their son was a cutie. Caldron had his mother's little nose, and the shape of his little eyes also reminded Kaldrek of his wife's lovely shaped orbs.

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Just like their other child, Kaldrek could feel the magical energy that was dormant in his kid. It did not really surprise him that his kids would be sorcerers. With both parents having a bloodline it had been a very high chance.

Zylvia looked over the moon to be holding a new baby. Motherhood definitely was a good look on her, she was practically glowing from the happiness. And seeing his beloved wife like this made Kaldrek in turn feel extremely handsome. Coupled with the fact that he was also happy in and of himself to have kids, he felt rather deeply moved at the moment.

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