The Sorcerer“s Bride Chapter 152: A Kid At A Time


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It was actually easier the second time. Zylvia knew that it should not have been that much easier to have a second child growing in her but it was as if her body had adapted its metabolism to aid her in dealing with what had been the most detrimental to her usual life.

Plus she was not as tired this time around. There were still days in which she did feel awfully drained but for the first five months of her pregnancy she was able to keep to her active lifestyle, much to Kaldrek's amusement.

Despite the fact that there was absolutely nothing wrong with her, Zylvia's husband was still treating her very carefully. And Zylvia found it adorable and also rather endearing of her husband to do so. She felt all the more validated in the belief that he loved her, not that she had doubted it but this made it all the clearer to her just how much he cared about her wellbeing.

Being pregnant, even though she might not be affected too much physically, really did make her feel really clingy. She found herself almost perpetually wanting Kaldrek to be near her and wanted his attention quite a bit as well.

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Thankfully, her husband was more than willing to give her the attention she found herself craving. It was very easy to worm her way into his warm embrace and cuddle with him. She was not even sure he noticed that she wanted to cuddle with him even more, as they had been cuddling quite a bit ever since they had married in the first place so he might just find that normal.

She found herself loving it though. The fact that she could walk up to her husband whenever she wanted, and deck into his arms just like she was doing right now, and he would just wrap her up in his arms and say nothing of it.

She buried her nose into his chest, and listened to the calm heartbeat that belonged to her husband. His hand petted her hair softly, as he continued reading like he had been before she had intruded on him and climbed into his lap.

And then her husband grabbed hold of her by her arms and rearranged her in his arms. His movements were gentle but firm. Zylvia's eyes widened completely. "What are you doing?"

"Sorry, love." He pressed his lips to her forehead, "Just shifting you a little because my leg was going numb."

She relaxed in his arms again. "Sorry about that." She blushed and reached up to play with his hair. She would never grow tired of messing with his thick head of hair. It really was fluffy and felt nice under her fingers.

"Mmm." His arm tightened just a bit around her waist, and he smiled at her, "I don't really mind, if you'd been asleep then I would have just left it alone, dear."

She smiled at him, "Nonsense, my lord, you can move me even if I am asleep if you need to. Just be gentle. Not that you have any difficulty in that."

He leaned towards her and kissed her lips softly. Zylvia smiled against his lips as he pulled back with a satisfied smile. She really could not believe they had been married over a year. It still felt like a very short amount of time to her. If it was not for the fact they already had a kid she was sure she would not have been able to accept that they had actually been married so long.

She ducked her head into his neck and giggled a little. She was looking forward to being able to grow their family together, one kid at a time.

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