The Sorcerer's Bride Chapter 14: Issues of Matchmaking


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Fayre hid a grin as she watched Kaldrek startle when Zylvia's head fell on his shoulder. Seeing his eyes widen and him look as if he was about to jump was somewhat amusing.

"She must have been tired," The queen said softly, looking at her best friend with fondness.

Kaldrek lowered Zylvia so she could rest on his lap more comfortably, "I guess she was."

Jayesh grinned as he teased his friend, "Only married for a day and you're already taking care of her. How sweet."

The sorcerer merely rolled his eyes, "If I didn't you two would complain."

"So you are saying that in order to keep us from complaining you are making sure Zylvia is comfortable?" Fayre could barely keep a straight face.

"More or less."

"So would you do anything to keep us from complaining." Fayre smiled sweetly at him.

Kaldrek narrowed his eyes at her, "Not anything." When she let out a sigh of disappointment he continued. "Did you really think I would fall for that? I don't even want to know what you were thinking."

Fayre giggled, "It was worth a shot." Her husband laughed along with her.

Kaldrek sighed and then scooped Zylvia into his arms, "I think I'll just put Zylvia to bed now...otherwise I am sure you two are just going to tease me mercilessly."

"You're leaving already? Well, if you must. But make sure Zylvia gets enough sleep, okay?" The queen smiled innocently.

"Seriously Kaldrek. You are going to leave just so we can't tease you. That's a bit childish..." The king laughed at his friend. "But alright go put your lady to bed."

Kaldrek didn't answer either of them as he left the room. For a few moments the room fell silent as they listened to the receding sound of his footsteps.

"At least he knows how to be a gentleman right?" Jayesh broke the silence.

"Yeah. But I want him to cherish her. She deserves to be cherished." The queen pouted a little.

"Give it time, my love."

Fayre looked at her husband, walked over to him and climbed into his lap, "Do you think that they will fall in love? Did we meddle too much?"

"I am sure it will be okay. It has only been a day, so give them more time." He rubbed her back in a comforting manner.

"How long will it take? I want them to become more than friends."

"It will take a while...Kaldrek isn't exactly in touch with all his emotions..."

"What do you mean?" Fayre looked up at her husband feeling a little shocked.

"I think it might be tied to his bloodline...but Kaldrek sometimes takes a while to understand his emotions...and has difficulty applying them. Not all his emotions though...He understood anger and joy from a young age. But it took forever for him to understand friendship. We were already friends for about five years before he realized that and started referring me as his friend."

"Wait...five years..didn't you try to explain it to him?"

"Well, no, I was pretty young and just thought at the time that he was probably a bit bashful. Though I remember worrying that he might not like me."

"Okay...well will he at least show outward signs?"

"Possibly, though he might try to analyze it first. Most of the time he can figure himself out given enough time."

"I wonder he had never been in a relationship before."

"Yeah. But it isn't something easily fixed. Not many woman want to wait on a guy to figure out how he feels. He has accidentally insulted more women than I can keep track of."

Fayre laughed, "Well hopefully Zylvia will help him. Provided of course, that she comes to care for him."

The two matchmakers let out a sigh as they realized that there was still a long way to go before their self appointed job would be finished. After a brief period of time they decided to retire to their room for the night.
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