The Sorcerer's Bride Chapter 13: Misconceptions


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After dinner they went to a comfortable room that had several chairs as well as a small table and a bookshelf. Zylvia had never been in it before. As she took in the room, the other three all day down in the chairs they normally sat in. The king and queen sat in two comfortable looking chairs that were next to each other. Kaldrek sat on a long blue seat that he could have easily stretched out on.

Zylvia hesitated for a while as she was not sure where to sit. She finally decided to just sit by her husband. His blue seat was rather comfy and Zylvia easily found herself relaxing on it. It had been a long day.

"So...this Princess Hazel," Zylvia started. "Have you ever met her?" She looked at the two men as she was highly certain that Fayre had never met this princess.

"No," Jayesh answered, and then sighed. "I know enough about Amriel though to have an idea of what to expect."

"Really?" Fayre sounded excited at the possibility of a new friend. "Tell us. I want to know what I can talk about with her."

Jayesh frowned slightly before opening his mouth, "Well...I don't really know what the princess would enjoy. What I was getting at was that her country has some misconceptions on magic."

Kaldrek looked upon from whatever reverie he had been in, "So she is likely to be a bit wary of magic then?"

"Exactly," Jayesh smiled a little apologetic. "So she is likely to be a bit wary of Kaldrek, especially before she gets used to being here. If it's possible, Kaldrek, could you try not to overly alarm her? At least until we can break down some of her inherited misconceptions?"

Kaldrek smiled, "Don't hit her over the head with what I am? I can use magic fairly discreetly, so it shouldn't be a problem."

"Thank you. I am sorry if this will be inconvenient to you. Hopefully it will not take her long to accept magic enough so you don't have to worry about it." The king said quietly.

Zylvia frowned, "Where do misconceptions about magic come from anyway? There is nothing wrong with being able you cast spells." She huffed feeling slightly annoyed.

"Aww...Zylv. Are you feeling protective of Kaldrek?" Fayre took the the opportunity to tease her friend.

At the same time Kaldrek gave an answer to her question, "It is actually a little understandable if you think about it. Spell casters can do a lot of harm. Some have before. People tend to fear power and spell casters can do things that other people cannot explain."

"Fayre....Kaldrek is my friend. Of course I am a little bit protective of him. And I suppose you are right on the reasons, Kaldrek, but I still don't think it makes any sense. Magic also does a lot of good. Your spells help the whole kingdom in a variety of ways. So much that I am not sure what the full extent is."

"Yes, magic can be used for good. It is neither good nor bad on its own. It is the caster who determines the use. Even if they are using magic that is, well wrong, they were the ones who made the decision to learn that magic." Kaldrek ruffled her hair with a small smile.

"Sad that not everyone in this country understands that either. Sometimes people let fear control them to much," Jayesh suddenly grinned. "Well, I suppose the fact that Kaldrek could easily burn down a whole forest could be slightly alarming."

"Yeah," Fayre agreed with her husband. "Now that you mention that I can sorta understand why someone may be a little bit frightened by the whole magic thing."

"Yes, but he doesn't," Zylvia shook her head at them, "Just because someone could do something doesn't mean they will."

Kaldrek smiled, "Anyhow, not all the misconceptions can be fixed in one day."

"I suppose not," Zylvia grumbled as she settled back down into her and Kaldrek's chair. She stifled a yawn as she was starting to feel sleepy.

The conversation began to turn to other things as Zylvia found herself slipping to sleep.
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