The Sorcerer's Bride Chapter 12: Love Birds


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When evening came, the queen and her best friend went back to the dining hall in order to eat supper. As they reached the dining hall they were met and joined by their husbands.

Upon seeing the ladies, the king's face split into a wide grin, "My love, how wonderful to see you!" He went over and took Fayre's hands in his own as they gazed lovingly into each others' eyes.

Embarrassed by their sudden show of affection, Zylvia walked over to her own husband and grabbed his arm, "Come on, let's leave the two love birds alone." She said this with a slight roll of her eyes.

Kaldrek let her drag him into the dining hall and then asked with a grin, "How long do you think it will take before they notice we left?"

She shrugged, "You probably have a better idea than me. Are they always like that?" They started to get some dinner for themselves, and sit as they continued conversing.

"Sickeningly sweet? Yeah...I think they almost forget that they aren't might be annoying if it wasn't so great for the kingdom."

"The kingdom? Why?"

Kaldrek blinked in surprise at her questions, "Isn't that obvious? The king and queen loving each other is a good sign for them having a little prince, which means that the king's line would continue."

"What if they have a princess instead?"

"Of course that is a possibility, but do you really think that they would only have one child? I mean with the way they act..."

"Well, what if they only have princesses?"

"Then they only have princesses. It wouldn't be the first time that the kingdom passed to a daughter. But with how many children Jayesh wants, the chances of not having at least one son is pretty slim."

"...He talks to you about this?" Zylvia felt her eyebrow go up in surprise. It sounded like Kaldrek and Jayesh sometimes had similar conversations to what she and the queen did.

"All the time, he..." Kaldrek paused and then continued, " pretty excited about the possibility."

"So is the queen," A big smile lit up Zylvia's face. "I can't wait to be a nanny!"

"Heh, you would certainly have your job cut out for you." Kaldrek went quiet for a moment and then said thoughtfully, "They will make good parents when that time actually comes. Way better at it than I would be."

"They would make good parents. I don't think you would make a bad one though." She laughed as she bit into a piece of bread.

They had already been eating for about ten minutes when their monarchs finally joined them. They were still smiling at each other, but it was a lot less mindless than before.

As they ate they talked about their day and how they had spent it. Jayesh and Kaldrek had spent the day checking up on various things that needed taken care of. Most of it was little things that were quickly taken care of, but there had also been an issue between two knights that had taken Jayesh a bit of time to untangle. Something about land rights that Zylvia did not fully understandv and from the look on the queen's face she didn't really either.

Most of what the men had spent their time doing was mentioned and expounded on by Jayesh as Kaldrek was not really talking much. Instead he seemed to be deep in thought, and spoke sparingly. Though, this wasn't exactly abnormal for him.
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