The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse Chapter 3: Ch 03 - Everything is mine and nobody else


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After marveling at my new body super beautiful and strong. I went back to the notifications I had received.

I concentrated again and spoke in my mind. Status !!!


Job: Shopkeeper

Gold Coins: 350


* Perfect body
* Power Capacity (Unlimited)
* Exploration
* Mapping
* Storage
* Mastery with Firearms (Intermediate)




It was not difficult to understand the information with the status. I realized that there were no such things as attributes and decided to question THE STORE.

"Why are there no attributes like strength, agility, and the rest?" (Samuel)

"HUM .. I understood ... How does SHOP work?" (Samuel) I asked about the operation since I am the shopkeeper.

Now that I received the notice from the STORE I remembered that I had to complete three missions and had done only one.

The skills I had to use were kind of self-explanatory. Concentrating I could see everything, + I could see the whole planet as if it were in front of me and all thanks to . By the way, that was my greatest power.

I thought about it well and realized if I took it all the others would have nothing.

"If I take everything what other people have to do?" (Samuel) I asked the SHOP.

After the explanations of the LOJA I felt better and returned to work.

But I decided to leave some of the goods for now. If it was not taken soon I would have sinned later. I left some great super markets of the big cities still intact.

The information began to enter my mind.


Many things were put into the I could not tell the rightness or what they were, just knew that everything in the world was now mine.
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