The Shopkeeper of the Apocalypse Chapter 14: Ch 13 - Welcome and Sweet Reunion (Candsy Happiness)


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[Residential Area]

The survivors of the group were somewhat undimmed with the prices of housing, because they realized that it was not easy to live well.

Many just ran and ran away from the mutants and killed a few then their coins were sparse.

Samuel laughed at the situation and turned to Mary, while Candsy feasted on the chocolate he had won. Leaving MAry a little ashamed of the sapeca daughter.

"You do not have to worry about anything, Miss Mary, you're my guest here at my base" (Samuel) said shocking Mary again and to the joy of Candsy who knew she could win more chocolates.

"I do not know how to thank Samuel, why are you doing this for me?" (Mary) asked concerned about the young man's intentions.

Samuel noticed his concern and gave a slight smile, he wanted it but not force it.

"You are one of the few people who did not judge me before, so it's fair that I help her now in need" (Samuel) gave her explanation.

What made Mary sigh with relief and realize that it should not be easy for him at that time.

Samuel raised his voice again.


Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at it and checked their savings.

Many moaned in tears or because they had few coins.

"Damn, I have few fashions what I do, I can only get a tent for two days"

"And I only have coins for one day"

"You should have killed more mutants"

"True, you just waited and hid"

"What this has to do with you I wanted to survive"

"But now you have to go out and look for them or you will not have anywhere to live"

Talks and discussions were going on all over the place. Samuel did not care.

"Follow me, Miss Mary, and you, too, little squirrel, I will not steal your chocolate. I have more at home if you want." (Samuel) called Mary and played with Candsy who made a cute grimace for him.

Mary half embarrassed by the daughter followed behind her steps.

Samuel turned to the crowd again.

"I know everything that happens on my base, if they do not follow the rules they have suffered the punishment. Those who do not have coins for housing will have to leave the base .. but you can share accomodations this is not forbidden here .. now you can do as you wish "(Samuel) so he left with the two following him.

The group perceived the threat, if they left the line they would receive the punishment, which was death, but now some more relieved because they could divide the houses or rent some rooms in the bedroom or hotel and sleep together.

The small groups were forming and realized they would have to go out and hunt the mutants tomorrow or later for coins. Others went to the huts of the galpao to buy groceries and other things, if they were impressed that what they bought would be magically transported in front of them.

Some women were staring at Mary with eyes full of envy and hatred, more beautiful than her. And that she did not deserve such special treatment.

Many others had abilities but did not spread them out of fear and to have a secret weapon in case of danger.

Samuel did not care about any of them, just wanted to impress Mary and make friends with Candsy.

Samuel and the ladies walked a little until he stopped and pointed.

"This is my house and you are invited to live here from now on. There are lots of vacant rooms and living alone is very annoying .. I have a lot of games, toys and snacks too" (Samuel) pointed out the biggest mana in the area that was in front of her to boast to Mary and used a trap for the little girl to stay on her good side.

Mary opened her mouth but could not speak, the house was more than huge it was an exaggeration and living alone was even more exaggerated.

"Thank you Samuel, thank you very much" (Mary) said with tears in her eyes because she would have a safe place for Candsy.

Samuel just smiled again and led them inside. Candsy was the first to run around the house and went upstairs to the second floor where she found a large room and threw herself into the huge, soft bed laughing loudly and happily.

Samuel and Mary would just laugh at the little girl.

[Samuel's House]

After an hour talking and laughing at Candsy's antics every time Samuel gave her something like snacks and some dolls and introduced her to the games she could use to pass the time. She was happy and so was Mary.

"Lunch is ready by 1:00 p.m., you can walk through the house with her and choose where to stay. My room is the last of the corridor with the big door" (Samuel) explained in a sweet tone.

Mary waved that she understood and talked to the little girl. She chose the room next to Samuel and came down when she smelled the food. In the kitchen she saw Samuel with an apron over for lunch.

It was a funny scene to see, and she laughed.

Samuel turned and smiled sweetly at the woman he loved and who would protect her from everything.

He was very relaxed, but he never stopped using his ability to see everything at the base and get any cute.

Many were making plans for how to survive and others even wanted to do bad things for him. He just laughed at the poor people, did not get angry or angry just ignored their existence.

This intrigued him a little because since the injection of intelligence and the use of his abilities, he did not see himself as others, but rather as something far superior to them.

For him it was simple to just ignore and enjoy his time with Mary and make her fall in love with him. There the message of his companion came.

Samuel laughed and took the food to the table, calling Candsy who was playing with the dolls to eat, like a family in normal times.
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