The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 1198: Three Thoughts


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Cundi? If not for the fact that he had reached the Legendary Realm, Meng Qi was afraid that he could not control his shock and fear anymore.

This place was where all the Nirvana Legends resided!

I have already bumped into a prominent Nirvana Individual?

Meng Qi knew that Cundi came from the Investiture of the Gods and this book described him as a projection of the War of Deification of the Ancient Times. The majority of the characters in it actually existed in the Heavens and Myriad World such as Heavenly Lord Yuanshi, Lord Daode, and also Hierarch Tongtian.

As such, all this while, he had been suspecting that the two teachings of the Western teachings in the book were comparable to those of the ancient ones. He predicted that the one who brought it in was Amitabha, and Cundi was Bodhi Ancient Buddha.

How about the Bodhi Ancient Buddha? He was someone who managed to become a prominent figure when the compassion lamp burned bright during the ancient times!

After the War of Deification, the deeds he did were not obvious. Like the Original Dao De, he went into hiding and waited patiently. Yet, he decided to show himself to him that day!

Putting his fear and shock aside, Meng Qi's mind spun as he recalled what happened to him before that.

Within that short amount of time, his mind sparked as his wits grew, he had plenty of ideas:

Cundi was spying on the war at the Nirvana Realm, he was clearly trying to find the whereabouts of the Heavenly Lord Yuanshi or Lord Lingbao!

Based on the ability of a figure from the Nirvana Realm, if they were to wake up and return to their original bodies, Yang Jian's seal which could be broken by himself would never cause him difficulties.

Even if he did not know of the existence of the Qingwei Realm before, why did he continue to spy on him even after he discovered about it?

Therefore, the Cundi in front of him should be just a projection and it should not possess too much strength.

In a flash, with the capability of someone from the Legendary Realm, Meng Qi made a judgment. Dispelling his fear and shock, he faced Cundi and smiled slightly,

"Oh, you are the manifestation of the Ancient Buddha. Excuse me for not coming out to greet you."

Please do not say that the Western teachings and I are brought together by fate… He silently disagreed.

Cundi was care-free. Like a spring breeze, his smile made people feel at ease. He said faintly, "Your abilities are to be feared, they made people gasp in awe every time people saw them. If it was not for the fact that you were accepted into the Jade Palace, I would have taken pity on you. As long as one's heart consists of Buddha, one will have Buddha to look after him. This is absolutely true."

After his polite words, he continued with a smile, "I know that you are pursuing the whereabouts of Yuanshi and Lingbao and you will not trust me for the time being. But you can come to me when you need a clear answer after you enter the Nine Levels of Heaven."

Cundi does not seem like he is totally ignorant of the whereabouts of Heavenly Lord Yuanshi and Lord Lingbao... Meng Qi had doubts in his heart so he did not know how to answer.

Cundi stroked his right fingers once, azure rays emerged and formed into four Sanskrit letters. The specific meaning was unknown but it did not contain any mysterious sense as if it was just a name.

"When the time comes when you have something to ask from me, you only need to utter these four Sanskrit letters and you will get a response. There's no need for you to enter the Bodhi Pure Land," he said with a smile before his transparent illusionary figure started to fade away with the wind.

Looking at the four Sanskrit letters slowly fading away from his view, Meng Qi was deep in thought. He finally decided to memorize them as he was curious to know what Cundi had in store for him.

He parted his Divine Sense, though part of him remained alert as another part of him explored into his acupuncture point in his left-hand. He looked at Gu Xiaosang and asked,

"Is Cundi really the Bodhi Ancient Buddha?"

He did not refer to him by name because he was the one who was speaking. It would not matter even if he was sensed by Cundi since he could not probe the internal situation through his own Dharmakaya and his real spirit directly. After all, he had to think about other Nirvana Realm Individuals and the fact that he had not awakened yet. As such, he only knew that he mentioned his name and he would not know when or who he would communicate with.

Gu Xiaosang's lips curved into a smile, "You should place a seal on the four Sanskrit letters first before you speak."

"Place a seal?" alarmed, Meng Qi asked.

"Yes, you should erase them from your memory. You should seal them away into the deep recesses of your memories instead or you'll correlate it to that person every time you think about the four words. The secret might be leaked then," Gu Xiaosang leaned back slightly and raised her head to face the sky, there was dignity in her smile.

If his name flashed inside his mind when he reached the Nirvana Realm, there would be no need for him to say or utter it, he would be sensed and observed by others. It was as if he was using him as a means to help him in spying? Meng Qi came to his senses and was shocked.

Cundi was sly and cunning. If it was not for the fact that he brought his wife Gu Xiaosang, who was more like a tool which possessed the Golden Emperor's memory, he might have already been fooled!

It was really sneaky of him!

His Tathata shone as if it was illuminating the sea of soul from the infinity peak. Countless thoughts emerged and they were reviewed one by one. All Meng Qi's memories involving the four Sanskrit letters were wrapped up in chaos within the lights of the Principle of Karma. Layers after layers of seals were placed at the bottom of his sea of soul.

After doing all that, Meng Qi tried to remember the four Sanskrit letters and realized that he really did erase them from his mind.

As for why he should not destroy the relevant memories directly, Meng Qi already understood Gu Xiaosang's intentions from dealing with her for so many years.

When the crucial moment comes, he could undo the seal and recall the four Sanskrit letters, pretending to have these thoughts inadvertently and pass the wrong secret to Cundi. He could really benefit from this!

How sinister! I like it!

When Meng Qi's conscience returned to his acupuncture point on his left hand, Gu Xiaosang said while supporting her chin, "He is a great Buddhist figure from the ancient times. He paved the road of the Bodhi Golden Body and killed the three thoughts before ascending to the Nirvana Realm."

"Some say that these three thoughts are about good and evil and some say that the three thoughts are about the past, present, and future. The priest is said to be one of them. If they are about good or evil, he must be one of evil thoughts or obsessiveness. If it is about the past, present, and future, he must be about the past."

Is Cundi really one of the three thoughts of the Bodhi Ancient Buddha? Meng Qi was very interested about the ancient secret. He asked out of curiosity, "What about the other two?

What are the other prominent cover characters of the three thoughts of the Bodhi Ancient Buddha?

Gu Xiaosang smiled and shook her head,

"The matter about the three thoughts are very mysterious. Other than a few, no one really knows about it, and I am no exception."

When one thing was described as mysterious, there would often be an unknown fear. Meng Qi could not help but suspect that there were things related to the other two of the three thoughts of the Ancient Bodhi Buddhas.

Collecting his thoughts, Meng Qi speculated, "He should have no clue about the whereabouts of the other two, which explains why he was following me secretly and snuck into the ancient battlefield. But he must have a glimpse about certain things from the battlefield traces, so he made some speculations. Therefore, He manifested to stop me and used words to tempt me. The four Sanskrit letters are just a hoax."

The fact that he was thinking about dealing with this himself was not like the style of the Legends of Nirvana. Meng Qi was more inclined to think that he was only a pawn in Cundi's game.

"Not bad, you're getting smarter," Gu Xiaosang smiled and applauded lightly.

Meng Qi had long been used to her jibes. After exchanging some information about Cundi and some laughter, he said, "Do you know about any secret entrance to the third level of the Nine Levels of Heaven in order to find the Main Hall of Grey Stone?"

That was the only way for them to enter the topmost level of the Nine Levels of Heaven.

Gu Xiaosang smiled, her eyes sparkled when she looked at Meng Qi. After a while, she said, "It existed once, but unfortunately that level was destroyed by a barbarian. Even if there was a secret entrance, there was no way to get in."

It's all the Tree of Dadao's fault! Meng Qi laughed dryly and frowned, "Is there any other way to set foot into the Main Hall of Grey Stone?"

Gu Xiaosang added sullenly, "Resonation. If Gao Lan succeeded in building the Heaven Conferring Platform and ruled over Humane Land, he will naturally reunite with the Nine Levels of Heaven and the topmost level and Main Hall of Grey Stone would appear. Similarly, if someone took control of the partial authority of a Celestial Ruler and established a Heavenly Court, there will also be resonance so the topmost level and the Main Hall of Grey Stone will be naturally revealed. Of course, it is difficult to predict how long it will stay revealed."

I see… Meng Qi nodded while he was deep in thought.

There must be a way toward it no matter what.

Gu Xiaosang raised both her arms and stretched her body, without hiding her own beauty. She then smiled and said, "My dear husband, I have to isolate myself now to refine the Congenital Virtue. With the help of its nature, I can improve the Svabhava Divine Light to return to infinity peak and project naturally to the Myriad World. You have to stay intelligent. Don't be left with the short end of the stick or I might feel bad."

Her eyes flashed as bright as a star, but her face was emotionless.

Meng Qi wanted to speak when Gu Xiaosang suddenly smiled, "Don't let your guard down when you look for the Qing Emperor. This will help you out in your spying in the near future."

You will be benefiting from this as well... Meng Qi pretended not to notice and said sourly, "Since it involves the Legends of the Nirvana Realm and Great Mediums, my prediction of the future is vague, I can't see anything at all nor a future where the Qing Emperor exists. How can I contact him?"

Who could glimpse into the future at present?

He could not do it himself, neither could Qi Zhengyan and the Grand Wang Prince unless he gets back the Ancient Book and the book is able to wake to the level of the Creation Realm. However, Guangchengzi and the others have yet to return.

Gu Xiaosang did not hide the fact that she was prepared as her eyes flickered,

"Among the orthodoxy of the Six Heretical Teachers, Zhixu Mountain, the Evil Sect, and the Thoughtless Clan are very good at predictions. If you can meet their founders, you should be able to take a peek on some possibilities of the future."

As she finished speaking, she smiled and said, "It is precisely because they have caught a glimpse of the future which will be occupied by some of the Nirvana Realm Individuals, that the Wenshen Sect is more aware that everything is doomed, our fates are fixed and it will be difficult to change, thus becoming an Evil Sect. The Thoughtless Clan thought that there were too many possibilities for the future, it was something that is changing constantly, and Da Dao was even harder to predict, so they chose to believe in agnosticism..."

Listening to Gu Xiaosang's introduction to the orthodoxy of the Six Heretical Teachers, two figures flashed past Meng Qi's mind which were Yue Zi Qing of Zixu Mountain and Wenshen Sect's Priest of Destiny. The former would not be easily found whilst the latter left Golden Turtle Island soon after what happened there and his whereabouts were unknown.
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