The Road To The Legendary God Class Chapter 9: The Black Cover


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At the entrance of hidden cave village.
" Pay back the debt now! or I kill everyone here. Whahahaha! with interest may be about 100 gold stones. " said Nel (the Head of the neighbor village, The Blue stone village) with a bunch of people.
Head of the hidden cave village, Zack, asked : "What debt?.... we paid back to you long ago already?"
Nel: "You just in master class fifth stage, struggle cannot break through, dare to question me? maybe you really want to get your village wipe out !huh?!"
Warren covered himself in a black coat and used the Mystic Spirit 5 seal to help him raise his spiritual energy to a King Class. He rushed out toward the village.
When Nel began to show off his skill to fight the village head, Warren came just in time to stop Nel.
Warren flew out very fast and stood behind and said: "Don't you dare touch him?"
Nel surprised, thinking in mind: "What! there's someone behind me? Why can't I sense him? Who is he? How strong is he? There shouldn't someone be this strong around here. May be I am too focus on the matter. It just alittle kid."
Nel: "Who the hell are you!
Nel turned around and he saw a person covered black coat.
Warren: "They said they already paid you already before. So why are you still standing there, now get f**k out of here or you guy will get hurt!"
Nel: "Whahahaha! so funny, kid! You have successfully anger me! now you guy go and take him head here!"
Nel's people rushed in from every directions toward Warren.
Warren: "Emperor skill, Buddhist Golden Palm."
A single technique injured all of them.
Nel saw it and got scared thinking: "what the hell, a King Class cultivator.", shivered with fear and begged: "Sorry master! Please spare my life. This little one don't know high and low. I can help you with anything you want. So please spare me."
Warren: "I don't want to see your around here and now take your man back and scram!!!"
Nel and his man ran quickly back to their village without turning back at all.
Head of the Hidden cave, Zack: "Thank you for helping, mister. How shall we address you?"
Warren: "You can called me black mist. I'm a wanderer."
Zack: "Oh my god! You're a strong kid. Be a wanderer at such a young age. I want to invite you for a feast to thanks you. "
Warren: "Sorry Village head I can't accept it. I think I have to go now. I still have a mission to complete. Please excuse me I shall go first."
Without delaying, Warren quickly flew off, disappeared from the village sight back to his hiding place.
Warren felt so tired from using the technique. Luckily, he took some pills to recover and rest for a bit and prepare to go back to the village.
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