The Road To The Legendary God Class Chapter 8: New Skills


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After examined all the rings, He went back home. Without wasting time, In his room, He wanted to tried and practice to refine some first grade pills first , the spirit gathering pill which is a pill that is useful to the cultivator below Master class that can help to gather the spiritual energy to cultivate faster.
From the memories, the pill needed a low class soul seeking grass, some low class spirit flowers and a drop of low class spirit dew.
Note: ingredients are divided into four class, low, medium, high and supreme class. The class depended on the quality and the place it grew or found.
Warren: " There are so much of these ingredients in the storage ring and for the fire to refine.I think I can borrow the fire from the weapon ring, Fire soul sword. Since I have Walton soul, I feel like I have confidence and a lot of experiences. I think I can do it."
Warren took out the second grade refine pot and started concentrate on refining. For a short period of time, the pill formed. The pill was 100% purify. He was very happy to succeed on his first try and made a more and more and then he tried to refine some other types of low class pills that used the same ingredients with different amount.
Warren: "It been afew day already, I think it's time to continue the cultivation and practice martial arts."
Warren told his parents that he'll be in closed door training in the forest and don't need to worried about him. His parents prepared foods for him and he left.
For about 2 months, With the help of the ring and Walton soul he broke through to master class then breakthrough to great master class and became a great master class 2 stage.
During the period, he also practiced using the divine weapon ring and mastered some skills like tornado dragon skill(Emperor class), Buddhist Golden palm(god class), Whirlwind storm legs(king class) ,mystic spirit five seal(Ancestor spirit class) and so on to the peak.
Warren: "5 months passes so quick, I progress faster than expected. Walton soul is such a benefit. I should go back to the village by now."
When he arrived close to the village, He hid himself in the bushes and looked at the village. He saw the village is abit messy.
What is happening in the village?
To be continue....
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