The Road To The Legendary God Class Chapter 10: Task


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Warren suppressed his cultivation to a master class first stage before he reached the village.
In the village,
After the miracle happened, The stress had been receded and the joy began to come back. Warren came back and went into his house.
Warren: "Aii! So tired! Mom! I'm back. Did anything happen when I'm gone?(act like he don't know)"
Rose told him everything that happened in detail and said: "That is what happened. I might talk a lot today and you must be tired, go to rest son."
Warren: "OK! mom! I will but where is dad?"
Rose: "Oh! I think he should be with the village's head."
Warren:"good timing (said to himself), I'm going out to find Dad! Mom!"
Rose: "OK! come back early today."
At the village head's house,
Warren met and greeted his Dad as well as the village's head and brought out pots of pills that he made and gave them the village's head, Zack.
Zack and Rick surprisely asked: "Warren! Where did you get these much pills from?"
Warren: " I have met a person in the forest covered with black coat and we became friend and he helped me in cultivating and also gave me these pills then he left. I heard that he also came here too ,right?"
Zack: "He did come here and for these pills, he gave it to you so you should keep it."
Warren: "Since the village needs it more than I do, the village should has it and got me, I have plenty already."
Zack: "Thank you very much and don't forget to thank black mist for me when you meet him too."
Warren: "I think I have enough potential already therefore I want to go to the kingdom now."
Rick: "For my permission, If you want to go the kingdom, you must atleast reach the master class first."
Warren then released the aura of a master class and made the people around him surprised and questioned him.
Warren told them: "Don't be surprised, As I told you that black mist actually gave me a lot of pills and I took it thus my cultivation was fast(Lying)."
Zack: " Then let's me give you task, complete it and you can go to the kingdom. The task is to killed 100 master class demon bull in three days."
Rick: "You still too young and the the road of cultivation is far. You just an early stage of master class so this task is still to hard for you to complete, forget it son."
Warren: "No! Dad! Don't stop me, Such an easy task I will go and complete it immediately. Don't worry about me Dad. I can protect myself."
Warren ran out to completed the task.
Zack: "What's an ignorant and confident brat! so much like you Rick."
Rick: "ofcourse! he's my son."
How is the mission going? To be continued...
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