The Return of the Avatar in the World of Naruto Chapter 6: The Birth of Naruto Otsutsuki


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"I have to get him out of there" he shouted as he grabbed a random stick from the ground and started to crush it when he swung it a third time the ice cracked and exploded sending naruto to the ground a beam of light shot up in the sky

once the beam of light disappeared. naruto saw a boy with strange clothing staring at him with glowing blue eyes

before it turned purple with patterns then back to black before he fainted

kyuub smiled I'm glad your back father he spoke before turning back into his cage and wait


as he woke up he started rub his head as he was sleep he gained all 4 lifetimes of memories and was trying to arrange it all until he spotted a note sitting in his pocket

dear Avatar Aaron

we thought that you need the rest so we just gave you our power and experience over fighting and let you be we know it has been rough for you and you need all the help you can get I Also never new my reincarnation would be this handsome. try to make this world a better place. I know it is shocking to know that you lived as the sage of six paths as well we wish you the best also as a gift and an apology for this sudden kidnapping we gave you a couple of gifts we know how much your a fan of goku and xeno vegitos outfit so we made an exact replica. we also gave you the power pole
and Aangs wind glider.all we ask is that you try to save this world get strong Aaron the world needs you.

love Avatar korra

I was in shock and was also blushing at the handsome comment

when I looked down I realized that I do indeed look more muscular I also had everything she said with the power pole and the glider cross strapped on my back I grinned like a crazy person

{thanks korra you made my day}

as I look down I saw a boy with three whisker marks staring at me with curiosity and a little bit of confusion

{Huh.. who would of thought that the first person I meet would be the main protagonist of the series naruto uzumaki }

"hello Kurama its good to see your well" I spoke

Naruto eyes turned red and his whisker marks enlarged "indeed father"

"I asked that you train this boy as he has been through a rough ordeal" kyubi pleeded

"I know For I saw everything" I replied and "Im sorry for what you had to go through"

"there would be no need as he is the reincarnation of both indra and asura I can feel them both in his soul"

Kurama widen his eyes in shock

"his power is sleeping" Aaron continued "but it is time for it to be awakened"

as I look I touch narutos forehead my eyes change to the rinnegan

as I put my fingers and touched his forehead bringing asura and indras chakra forth as narutos eyes started to bleed as he went through a transformation narutos eyes changed from blue to sharinghan to eternal to rinnegan

his body covered in gold flame with eight truth seeking balls spinning really fast (six path sage mode) kyuubi turned into a golden fox as he combined with narutos chakra purifying it

my form changed to the avatar state as we stand across from each other we both roared loudly beams of orange and blue light shot through the sky creating a shockwave and the ground to quake

naruto was in shock what is this power he asked looking down and clenching his fist his power is so strong the entire elemental nations felt it the hokage was shocked "so this is narutos true power I pity the fool that makes him angry" he said chuckling to himself while everyone else was scared shirtless

deep in a cave zetsu pissed his pants "he's back hagomoros back" and kept repeating it over and over and over again

minato and kushina appeared worried for their sons safety when I noticed I spoke my voice sounding like thousands people talking at once

"I will take care of him as my own son kushina minato you are free to go" they both looked at him and looked back at naruto and were shocked that naruto had this power and had the rinnegan but got them self together looked at me minato spoke

" we know your the sage of the six paths the shinigami said that he would be returning"

"thank you for taking care of our son " kushina spoke this time naruto we are your parents and we want to know that we love you very much and we are very proud of you" and disappeared in the pure life leaving naruto in flames with tears in his eyes

once naruto was finished his flames dissapeared and transformation complete he was now standing 5 ft 6 with the only difference was his clothing he had on the same orange sweat pants

he also had black long sleeve shirt along with orange sage clock with black flames he was wearing asura's head band except it was orange instead of white he looked like a miniature version of his father glowing

we both deactivated avatar mode and kyuubi six path sage mode

"are you alright son"

"yeah Im fine dattebayo" naruto replied grinning ear to ear" {with this power Ill definitely become the hokage } naruto thought grinning

I nodded "good your power is good as expected for the reincarnation of my sons"
naruto widen his eyes in surprise

{are you serious I thought I pointed that out already hehe he is just like the series}

" I will adopt you your name will not be naruto uzumaki but naruto otsutsuki" Aaron stated eyes turning soft

tears were streaming down naruto'sf ace as he ran forward and hugged Aaron tightly

"ah"Aaron gasped as they fell to the ground


1 minute later they broke and Aaron said

" we will have to start training I am going to train you to get used to your knew found power and I will train with you are you ready"

naruto looked up eyes filled with determination

"believe it"

Aaron chuckled but became serious

"good.. training starts now"
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