The Return of the Avatar in the World of Naruto Chapter 5: Awakening


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somewhere deep inside the village was a youngboy blond hair with three whiskermarks on each cheeks right now he was running away from the village

why was he running...well it's not like he has a choice anyway it was either runaway and live or stay here and get beaten and die . he prefered the first one

as he ran he found himself at a dead end

the villagers closing in on him all closing in on him

"why are you doing this what did I ever do to you"? he asked tears forming in his eyes

"Don't try and act innocent demon you murdered our family's and now we are coming for revenge" shouted a ninja

kill the demon

lets finished what the forth started

they then charged at him and started to best him until he was unconscious

as he woke up he saw a nine tailed Fox sitting in his cage looking...sad?

"kit I'm sorry for everything "

I will transport you somewhere far away from here naruto and give you a bloodline limit I felt my father return 100 years ago. I will transport you close to there so you can find him and he can train you

naruto is shocked. he didn't think that the kyuubi would be so nice

"why are you doing this kyuubi"
"weither you belive it or not I'm not really evil
I was controlled by the mask man
madara uchila
now hurry we don't have much time he said before he kicked him out


as the villagers were finishing up they were satisfied and was walking away when a dome of red energy formed around him alerting not just ninja but the hokage himself...

. the red energy ball floated up 20 ft in the air before taking off in a random direction creating a sonic boom blowing everyone back.

hokage started to shed tears before glaring at the villagers
"DOG " yes hokage sama he asked
barely holding in. his rage at the villagers
kill them all kakashi diddnt need to be told twice

"RAKAIRI" kakashi yelled as he charged at the mob with a lighting covered hand. completely masacuring the villagers
weasel send a team after naruto make sure he is home safe
HAI he said before dissappearing.

the hokage looked up to the sky I hope your safe naru kun he whispered before disappeared his last thought was minato kushina I'm sorry
with naruto

naruto found himself walking in the middle of nowhere when he found a ten ft tall ice cube. as he looked closer he froze there was a boy no olderthan him

even the kyuubi was shocked
the boys eyes snapped open. they were glowing blue kyuub took a step back

"father"? he muttered shocked

"I have to get him out of there" he shouted as he grabbed a random stick from the ground and started to crush it when he swung it a third time the ice cracked and exploded sending naruto to the ground a beam of light shot up in the sky

once the beam of light disappeared. naruto saw a boy with strange clothing staring at him with glowing blue eyes
before it turned purple with patterns then back to black before he fainted

kyuub smiled I'm glad your back father he spoke before turning back into his cage and wait
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