The Return of the Avatar in the World of Naruto Chapter 4: chapter 4


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as I gain my consciousness I see that I'm in a pure white room as I look around to my left to see because I was very confused.

"how did I get here"I wondered. as I turned to my. right I gasped in shock and took a step back

standing. beside me where four people grown up avatar roku avatar aang avatar korra and the last one hagomoro otsuski

"y-you are" I stuttered

I couldn't take any more I fainted

"see I told ya he would faint"korra exclaimed

everyone chuckled

"give him some time.. he has just lost his mother after all" hagamoro stated sadly

avatar roku sighed "indeed you are right hagomoro he has to carry to many weight on his shoulders"

"I have an Idea why don't we just give him out chi and hagomoro case chakra it's not cheating because he lived as us right"? korra asked

"indeed korra" aang replied "our world can't do what we do anymore. they use a downgraded version, with handsigns and are very vicous. he would need all the help he can get.. besides with the knowledge he has. everybody will be after him so he must be prepared "

the rest nodded in agreements
roku carried Aaron bridal style before. glowing blue sang glowed blue korra glowed purple hagomoro glowed white before they dissapeared into Aaron

Aaron disappeared in a flash of light

in the elemental nations everything was calm and people where doing there own thing when the sky darkened and a colorful spiral shapes like the milky way (similar to the northern lights) appeared in the sky
before a beam of blue light shot down from the sky the entire elemental nations felt the power and was frozen scared our of there mind when the light disappeared Aaron was left laying on the. cold cold Ground

100 years have past Aaron has been frozen in a block of ice since that day and
and nobody had found him... until now
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