The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 18: Low IQ is contagious


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Fix, fix his head...

Those in the Yu Family Villa were dumbfounded!

Even the butler choked on his sentences, forgot to finish them, and watched her leave just like this...

Nian Xiaomu exited the Yu Family Villa. She stood outside, gritting her teeth in anger as she turned around to take a look at the glamorous main gate of the villa.

"Yu Yuehan, good luck with your pig brain which is unable to determine right from wrong; the Yu Family will soon be ruined in your hands!"

She was so pissed!

She was so mad, her organs hurt.

Huffing and puffing, Nian Xiaomu walked to the roadside to wait for a cab, but when she thought of Xiao Liuliu who cried so much because of her, she looked back worriedly.

She wasn't sure if Fang Zhenyi would take good care of Xiao Liuliu after she left...

At the thought of this, the anger of losing her job turned instantly into worry.

Right away, she slapped her face forcefully. "Nian Xiaomu, wake up! You are the pitiful one right now!"

Yu Yuehan loved Xiao Liuliu so dearly that he would not allow Fang Zhenyi to mistreat her.

For Nian Xiaomu, however, she had been fired within a day; right after she broke the good news of her employment to Tan Bengbeng.

How should she explain this?

Should she say that Yu Yuehan was actually a major psycho and that it was too dangerous to work at the Yu residence?

Or that Yu Yuehan was too stupid and that low IQ was contagious?

No, no, she reckoned that Tan Bengbeng would probably beat her into a retard…

First, she would have to assure her biggest creditor by doubling down and finding a job that paid.

Nian Xiaomu reached out and hailed a cab. Soon, she disappeared swiftly from the boundary of the Yu property...


Yu Family Villa.

In the master bedroom.

With a solemn face, Yu Yuehan sat by Xiao Liuliu. After crying for ages with no signs of stopping, she had finally worn out and fallen asleep in Yu Yuehan's arms.

Her tiny, delicate face was streaked with tear stains, her eyebrows knitted into a straight line.

Something seemed to be pressing against her chest so much that she couldn't breathe.

This little girl had been at his side for two years; she had never had a crying episode like this.

She merely spent a day with Nian Xiaomu...

At the thought of that name, his irritated chest seemed to tighten further.

A flashback of what he saw this afternoon appeared in his mind; it was the scene of her changing the dressing for Xiao Liuliu in the courtyard.

The time is right, a beauty at sight.

Those were the only eight words he thought of at that point in time.

She did not wet the medicine box—he knew this fact better than anyone else.

"I want pretty sister..."

"No... Bad Daddi..."

The little girl in his arms whimpered all of a sudden. Still asleep, her little hands grabbed the edge of his shirt as she started to sleep talk.

With her eyes tightly shut, tear stains that had not yet dried up could be seen at the corners of her eyes.

His heart ached at what she said.

Even his little princess, whom he loved so dearly, thought that he was a bad daddy and did not want to be with him anymore.

"Young Master, since Little Miss is asleep, should I call the nanny to carry her away?" the assistant inquired carefully.

"No need for that. She will be sleeping in my room tonight." Yu Yuehan's gaze twinkled as his lips slightly parted.

The little girl was in a fit of anger now; if she was brought to the nanny at this point in time, he reckoned that she would be spiteful toward him for at least a month.

Yu Yuehan closed his eyes slightly. He placed her on the bed, headed to the washroom, and took out a hot towel before lightly wiping her tiny face that had reddened from all the crying.

Looking at the tiny face before him, Nian Xiaomu's fuming look flashed past his eyes...

For some reason, he actually felt that Xiao Liuliu's stubborn look was somewhat similar to hers.

When he finally came back to his senses, he realized that her complexion did not seem right...

His nerves tightened. Yu Yuehan subconsciously felt her forehead!

His facial expression changed immediately after feeling the boiling hot temperature!