The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1143: The Perfect Boyfriend


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Surprise, shock, astonishment, anxiety…

At that moment, his mind had gone completely blank.

This was the first time he was doubting his medical skills. Almost immediately, he took her other hand and felt her pulse again.

Qi Yan knew very clearly that Tan Bengbeng did not want a child.

However, if he told her that she was pregnant now, she might just abort the child without hesitation…

He knitted his eyebrows at the thought of this.

His gaze landed on her tummy that still appeared pretty flat.

This was not the right time.

He would wait a little longer, when the fetus was bigger, when she could get a clear feeling of the child's existence. By then, she would surely not have the heart to abort it.

"Why did you keep staring at my tummy while you spoke? I said that I am not hungry. Tan Bengbeng shoved his head away and said with annoyance.


He was saying hello to his child, but he had been heartlessly shoved away before he was done with it.

Qi Yan ignored Tan Bengbeng's protests and instructed the assistant to purchase some snacks.

When he brought the snacks into the ward, he even especially reiterated that he would not treat Tang Yuansi if no one ate the snacks that he bought.

Upon hearing what he said, Nian Xiaomu was the first to stand up and she brought a packet of food to Shangxin.

She coaxed her into having some.

Just as she was about to persuade Tan Bengbeng to have her fill too, she saw the King of Hell holding onto a bowl of piping hot porridge the moment she lifted her head up. She watched as he blew into a spoonful of porridge to cool it down, before moving it over to Tan Bengbeng's mouth to feed her.

"I have tried and it's not scalding to the mouth. Give it a try."

Tan Bengbeng turned around ungratefully and shoved his hand away again. However, he continued to patiently move the spoon to her mouth while trying his best to coax her into eating.

He even used the standard coquettish lines of a sticky boyfriend: "You can't skip your meals for the entire day, my heart would ache if you starved and turned skinny…

"Try a mouthful of it, if you don't like it, I can get you other food…

"Otherwise, let's skip the porridge and have a steamed dumpling…

"Bengbeng, do you like to eat red date cake?"


He seemed exactly like The Perfect Boyfriend.

Her previous intuition was right; once a man who had never been in love got into a relationship, he would indeed turn completely crazy and ridiculous!

However, Nian Xiaomu had never imagined that the unruly King of Hell would be conquered by the expressionless Tan Bengbeng in the end.

Nian Xiaomu heaved a sigh of relief when she noticed how much the King of Hell cared for Tan Bengbeng.

She did not care how they had gotten to know each other. As long as the King of Hell treated her Bengbeng well, she would rest assured…

Nian Xiaomu brought a box of food back to the sofa and sat down. Just as she took out a steamed pastry and was about to take a bite, a pair of sinister-looking eyes glanced toward her direction.

A dark shadow cast over Yu Yuehan's handsome face.

He stared fixedly at her, just like a puppy that was abandoned by its owner.

Nian Xiaomu held onto the steamed pastry in front of her mouth and asked carefully, "Do you want to eat this as well?"

As Yu Yuehan swept his glance across the steamed pastry in her hand, he squinted his eyes and replied in a chilly tone, "You remembered to show your concern for Shangxin as well as Tan Bengbeng. Apart from that, you even took a glance at the unconscious Tang Yuansi and the annoying King of Hell. You looked at everyone, all except for me. And now, you even wanted to eat the steamed pastry that another man has bought for you right in front of me."


Forget it if he wanted to be jealous, but he actually disallowed her to eat a steamed cake?

Nian Xiaomu stared at the piping hot steamed pastry in her hand.

After giving it some thought, she probably felt that her fiance was still more important than a steamed cake and she silently placed it back into the box.