The Rest Of My Life Is For You Chapter 1054: A Young Child's Mood Changes as It Wishes


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The man turned his wheelchair around and watched her figure make its way to the door.

He raised his slender fingers, slightly, and brushed them past his thin lips.

A sinister look flashed past his eyes.

He seemed curious about who she was and where she was headed, but he simply pushed his wheelchair into the kitchen.

The completely modernized kitchen he had in his house, not only possessed the latest food storage cabinets and appliances, there was even an automatic cooking machine…

One only needed to place the prepared ingredients into the machine, and within five to ten minutes, a delicious dish would be produced.

After calculating the amount of time required, the man finished cooking the food and transferred it to the dining table through a conveyor belt.

The doorbell of his house rang at that moment.

Pushing the wheelchair forward to the door, he glanced at the surveillance camera which displayed the situation outside his house.

Standing outside his door was Tan Bengbeng, who had just left without turning back.

Tan Bengbeng was still wearing his clothes.

But, her hair was wet and she looked rather disheveled.

And at this very moment, she was staring at the door before her in a rather hesitant manner.

The man cast a glance outside the window.

While he had been cooking, it had started raining outside.

This was the worst part about living by the sea: the unpredictable weather changes, which were similar to a young child's mood changes.

Narrowing his eyes, the man reached out to open the door.

As he was sitting in the wheelchair, he had to raise his head to be able to see Tan Bengbeng's face.

For men who had a strong ego, they did not like such a difference in height.

But, he did not mind and simply raised his head and sized her up. Not only did he not ask her why she had come back, but he did not invite her inside the house either.

He even looked at her drenched state and did not offer her a single towel.

He simply looked on.

If it was any other girl, being stared at with his sinister gaze it would make them so embarrassed that they would turn around to leave.

Yet, although Tan Bengbeng was uncomfortable being sized up by him, she simply remained on the spot and started to ask her question.

"How… do… I… get out… of this island?"


She had gone out of this house and walked around outside.

She had actually realized that she was on an isolated island.

After searching around, she had not seen any boats.

Other than this house, there were no other houses to be seen on the island.

From her guess, the man before her was probably the only one on this island too.

She was left with no choice, other than coming back to his house.

"This question is beyond me, I can't answer it." The man was about to wheel himself back into the house.

Tan Bengbeng's gaze darkened and she reached out to grab onto the handle of the wheelchair. The next second, her two fingers were squeezed around the man's neck.

"How… do I… get out of… this place!"

Tan Bengbeng's voice was still hoarse as if her throat had been ground by sand.

Yet, her threatening tone was evident.

She was a doctor and Nian Xiaomu's secret guard.

Other than saving people, she was even more knowledgeable about killing them.

As long as she exerted some strength on his throat, she would be able to break it and kill him.

It would even help her take revenge on him for taking her innocence away!

He had better not provoke her!

Having exerted some strength with her fingers, Tan Bengbeng had originally thought that the man would have a stupefied expression on his face, or at least display some sign of fear in his eyes.

However, it wasn't the case.

Not only was he not afraid, he even broke into a grin.

It was a cold grin as if he was mocking her naivety.

Tan Bengbeng's eyes narrowed and her fingers were about to exert more strength on his neck when she heard him muttering lightly.

"If you kill me, you won't be able to get out of this place for the rest of your life."

The man glanced at her before going on.

"Of course, even if you don't kill me, I won't tell you how to get out of this place either."