The Portal of Wonderland Chapter 467: The Silt Dragon


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The huge yellow silt dragons swayed as they opened their mouths and screamed at everyone in the air. Somehow, they did not attack again.
"It's the silt dragons! So many appeared all at once!"
"This silt dragon is hard to sneak up on, probably the most difficult to catch unawares!"
Most of them showed a surprised expression. Some even subconsciously looked at one another with hesitation.
Shi Mu looked at the giant beast opposite and his eyes flashed. Cang cang! He immediately drew out the Black Meteoric Longsword that hung behind his back and flashed it right in front of Zi Ling.
"Be careful! Don't get too far away from me!"
"Don't worry big brother Shi Mu!" Zi Ling stared at the crowded cages but with some eagerness.
"Don't panic and don't even think about splitting away. This will possibly attract more monsters. In order to stay alive, we'll have to kill them all!" Ji Jiang who was standing on the other side shouted loudly as her gaze fixed on the monsters below.
Throughout this journey, Ji Jiang had erected a lot of prestige among this group of people. At this moment, many nodded their heads in agreement while drawing out their weapons and slowly surrounded the monsters.
At this time, the ground in front suddenly shook the mountain and the nearby trees collapsed. The ground in the middle shook violently like it was screaming as it sunk deep into the ground.
More than a dozen of silt dragons screamed and rushed to the four sides. In the midst of what was going on, there was a loud noise in the middle of the depression. A lot of gravel collapsed and another yellow silt dragon flew out. It was fifteen or sixteen feet in size. Its body was long and covered in yellow scales. It also had a distinctive purple monocle on its head.
"Not good! It's the Silt Dragon King!" Someone among the crowd exclaimed and screamed in horror.
"This is still the peripheral area. How can this level of monsters appear?"
The others changed their expressions.
Silt Dragon King?
Shi Mu looked at the newly-emerged silt dragon. He could not help but tighten his grip on the Black Meteoric Longsword he had been holding.
The huge atmosphere that the beast radiated was indeed not a general measure that could be dealt with. Even if he encountered it alone, he would have come up with some secret technique to slaughtering this beast but it was impossible to say if the others here would be able to counter-attack it.
The Silt Demon King looked at the crowd with fierce flickering human-like eyes let out a roar. The breath exuded from its body was huge. It was certain that this beast had reached Earth-rank. It may have been Earth-rank but with its flesh and body that exuded such horror, ordinary warriors would not stand a chance.
The other silt dragons around him also screamed. Following that, their huge bodies vacated and rushed over with a large sigh of anger.
"Don't be afraid. Aside from the Silt Demon King, the other silt dragons are weaker than us! Ji Jiang spoke and he rushed like a ninja right at the Silt Demon King among the monsters.

It was too late to escape as they were stuck in a stone-filled forest. If they were to escape, they would only make it easier for the other monsters to notice them. They would be dragged into a bigger and more dangerous situation than they were already in.
Those who participated in the trials of the Holy Land of Qinglan were not foolish. It was certain that Ji Jiang's intention was to lead the other warriors to battle with the Silt Demon King.
In an instant, the sound of giant cymbals and all kinds of magic and sword began flying all over the sky.
The silt dragons were large in size and numerous in number but everyone began to form a rough circle of defense to block off the attacks.
Shi Mu and Zi Ling joined forces to resist the attack of two silt dragons.
Shi Mu blocked in front of Zi Ling. With a wave of his sword, layers of shadows and light bombarded like a sea of mountains.
Zi Ling waved her hands in a few signs and colorful flying satin fluttered up and down, forming a layer of colorful shields on the whole body with electrical light from it.
Shi Mu's staff was of rainbows. Though the bodies of the silt dragon were huge upon getting hit by the attack, they were immediately shaken out. The colorful electric light Zi Ling had created fell on it just right, bursting with a dazzling thunder.
The defense of this particular silt dragon was amazing. After several attacks, the two dragons did not suffer any fatal injuries. After rewinding its body, they rushed over again.
Shi Mu saw this and was slightly surprised.
Although he did not use one-third of his strength nor did he put any power into his longsword, with the physical strength he possessed, the power within the staff itself was already deadly. With such a little force, it would be able to split mountains too.
If it was in the Cerulean Sea Star, a single blow would have broken open the belly of the monster.
As his sword slashed at the silt dragons, he was thinking about whether to put in more strength. Boom! A loud noise came from afar like dozens of thunderclaps bursting together!
The appearance of Shi Mu's accident was that Ji Jiang and the one-horned silt dragon were battling in the sky.
The large body of the silt king was flashing a thorny yellow. Its large mouth opened up and seven or eight disc-sized yellow spheres ejected out towards Ji Jiang. Its power was extremely frightening.
In the middle of each sphere, there was a yellow lightning bolt with a piercing thunderous sound to it.
"Pentac Divine Thunder!"
Shi Mu only thought about it a little. Though he recognized what it was, he could not help himself from catching a glimpse of it.
Ji Jiang saw this and shouted. His body rose and a green light was released as his thin figure and wings stretched out within the light.
The light converged in an instant, revealing a green monster that was more than ten feet long.
It looked like a pair of giant bats but only with lower limbs. Its head was of a dragon and its neck and half of its body was covered with black scales, giving off a very sly feeling.
Ji Jiang snorted and a large green flame appeared on his body.
A pair of green flesh wings appeared behind him following a ball of green flame that turned into huge flaming waves, colliding with the oncoming pendulum ball.
Glaring green and yellow light gleamed around, and a hurricane was set off. Some of the bandits and demons were flying directly out.
Shi Mu's expression sank. Suddenly, he slashed out more than ten knife shadows with a long knife in his hand. He had to avoid a few of the silt dragons in front of him. As his sleeve jerked a little, Zi Ling who was beside him was absorbed into it. As the figure swayed, a ghostly shadow appeared in another location 30 feet away.
At this time, the other two silt dragon nearby took the opportunity to abandon the other opponents and rushed in.
Shi Mu screamed as his wrists trembled and large knives fluttered out of the shadows. The two silt dragons were too absorbed in it.
Ji Jiang was also launched by the hurricane more than ten feet away. His whole body flashed in the green light that was surrounding him but soon stabilized.
At this moment, the sound of the air broke and a khaki-colored beam of light flew out of the explosion storm, hitting Ji Jiang.
A little bit of sparkling light shined brightly..
Ji Jiang was really shocked this time. He showed his fleshy wings and ducked away from the side. Sadly, it was too slow and his lower body was hit by a yellow light column.
"Ka ka…!"
A strange noise could be heard as a thick layer of khaki-colored rock appeared on the lower body surface of Ji Jiang. The layer of rock seemed to spread toward his upper body.
Ji Jiang screamed in panic as the entire body began to glow in immense green light as the layer of rushing till its chest, crushing him.
However, Ji Jiang's wings too were covered by rocks. His entire body was weighted down, falling into the bottom.
The light ray of the one-horned silt dragon seemed to fade a little. It seemed that it had consumed a lot of its energy to launch its attack.
It did not go after the Ji Jiang but turned its body around towards the nearby battle group.
The three demon race warrior that were working together to deal with the other five silt dragon were barely holding their ground.
Suddenly, a huge hurricane appeared and they were swept away.
The three demon warriors looked puzzled as they had been struggling to fight off the five silt dragons. With the Silt Dragon King too in their way, they could no longer resist.
They wanted to escape, but instead facing their doom.
The silt dragons came to a close in the blink of an eye and a giant claw caught the young man.
He was furious yet puzzled as his entire body began to shine brightly. Immediately, a frog the size of a house appeared and launched its attack at the silt dragon without a single thought by spitting green rays of light at it.
The silt dragon bowed its head and its forehead was radiating with purple light.
The purple electric light easily tore the green light column and a flash pierced the chest of the one-horned scorpion animal, leaving a hole. It instantly faded into ashes.
The others stood and looked in horror.
The strength of the young youth was not weak. In a way, he was also extremely powerful.
One of the strong men in the crowd waved his red-colored sword and the blade spurred a few knives as it glowed like a scorching sun. It crossed a large aperture and swept away.
The skinny young man shined brightly but it did not condense into a solid form. The body flew out as a huge lion and claw sprayed seven or eight white beams around it.
The surrounding silt dragon could not dodge and their bodies were scratched by the knife-beam. Some of the dragons' front jaw was smashed down. There was chaos in the encirclement, revealing a gap.
The big man waved his hand and put away the red sword, turning it into a red light and flew away from the gap.
The thin demon man kept up with the pace. Suddenly, a piercing sound could be heard and the second ray of purple electric light flashed, drowning it completely.
The face of the big man was no longer bloody. His eyes gazed back and forth at the large body of the silt dragon. The one-horned dragon's forehead lit up and shot out electricity.
The big man's body trembled and he could not react in time. Cha la! A purple electric tear flew through the air from behind.
The big man's face was violent and he screamed in rage as he threw a green symbol. After the wind swayed, it condensed into a green light shield behind him.
A thunderclap roared!
The light shield trembled and the surface of the green and purple awnings flashed a few times. It barely blocked the purple electricity.
The Silt Dragon King had already swept away and its huge forepaws radiated cold and snapped down.
Ka cha!
The light shield was instantly covered with cracks until it broke and collapsed in just a second.
The big man screamed and he crushed his jade.