The Path of Nothing Chapter 1: Ch 1: Into the Wastes?


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I know I should be dead. My life has failed me time and again. This world is forsaken. Even the gods no longer know of this world. It was supposed to disappear, along with my cursed ansestors.

But it didn't. No one knows why. I didn't, until I learned of the monopoly of creation and why they forced us to build and repair the wall endlessly. They knew we were isolated from everything. Their power inconsequential in the multiverse. If it wasn't for the School of Might, those jocks, we could have left this world.
But I was lucky, or unlucky, enough to discover a scripture left by a beastman in the section of the wall I was fixing.

The scripture nearly killed me. It stopped all bodily functions to "initialize fate". It effectively killed me.

And can you guess what those fucker's who manage us do with dead slaves? Well, there is a nice wasteland to throw us in.

Slaves aren't worth anything to those who can make anything they want (besides brains or morals).

Thankfully some horror did not find me. But now I am awake, alone, in pain, and with the knowledge of the system of fate.

It turns out that the system of fate is just hogwash. It does nothing but collect information on fate. It knows my past perfectly, forcing me to remember my past lives, helping remember who my parents were, all was within my grasp, I thought.

It turns out that the system of fate is useless besides giving perfect memory. Fate changes too much for it to tell the future. It did tell me this though

[System initialization complete!
Welcome to the system of fate, I am your guide to fate. Some call me your guardian angel, others call me your spirit animal.
I will guide you onto the path of a better fate! You are welcome

Goal - Survive and find the travelling school!]

Cool. It is a fucking Navi. But hopefully not as annoying.

[Step one : Live! As it turns out, you fell onto a hellwake crocodile! A creature of the fiery hell pits of solarus IIb2a! Its unique trait is that it is not on fire! Its resistance to fire surpasses all known existences of said planet!
Good Luck!]

[You have been given the game menu to help you survive! It tracks your "stats" real time.]

[As a bonus for finding your first tier 2 creature, you may select one of the following !
1. Unsurpassed Luck! - Are you tired of stubbing your toe? Want to not fall onto a dangerous creature? Want to live? Pick this one you twat!
2. Unsurpassed intelligence! - You shouldn't pick this one.
3. X-ray vision! - This isn't as cool as it sounds.
4. A rusty sword! - This is getting tiring...I'm done.
The rest are trash anyways, who would want explosive farts?]

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