The Online Craftsmaster Chapter 102: A new Sin is born


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John still thought about his plan to create the perfect caretaker of his forest dungeon floor but he had to try some stuff before he could really start working on it. John always thought that the reality forging was slightly to weak as he just could forge without an anvil. But John knew that there had to be more to this skill so he got to work with two hammers in hand, he grabbed several pieces of steel and some pieces of wood and stacked them in an alternating fashion.

He gathered his mind and started forging without heating up his billet, at first he started slowly to test his assumption, then after several hit got in and the wood started fusing with the steel he quickened the pace of his hits while forging the billet out and folding it. After several fold he took the piece he forged and appraised this moss green metal bar.

Lifesong Steel

Rank Exotic

Steel infused with life, it will ignite life in everything it is used to create but without a corresponding soul the crafted item would be dying after some time if the lifeforce is not recharged. This Steel has a high adaptability.

John was extremely pleased with the outcome but he still needed to experiment with this newly created metal, he made several more pieces and started more testing. His first test trying to change the texture of the metal so he started forging the metal again while thinking about rubber, and soon after some more foldings the metal changed to a rubbery texture, but when john tried to change the texture back it crumbled down to dust.

He was a little disappointed with this outcome but he just kept on testing, he grabbed two more pieces and forged them while thinking about how they would fuse with each other when they touched and received a trigger from mana. After both of them were forged John laid them next to each other so that they touched and send a slight wave of mana, both of them fused perfectly without a hitch.

Now John wanted to know if he could change different properties of the metal at the same time so he used every propertie he used in his former tests and tried forging it. It did take a little longer until John felt that the metal was infused enough with his intention but it worked flawlessly.

Now John could start working on his new creation, but he first checked that Eva wasnt online. He made several more pieces of the Lifesong Steel and got to work. He started with a normal human sized frame out of a Mythril silver alloy, next were the gear which he casted out of the same material. Everything he did was poor standard for him, he assembled dozens of similar automata frames to this point but the real challenge  came when he was finished with the barebone from.

John let his minions procure some vines while forging out a adamantite thread he soaked in the metal softening solution, he made it thinner than a hair after which he cut it in small pieces of about ten centimeters. Next he started braiding these pieces to several strands. John then infused mana in them and put them in the core of the Vines his minions brought. He then quickly grabbed his hammer to fuse the vines to the adamantite with reality forging.

When he now stopped the mana supply the vines contracted together with the adamantite back to ten centimeters without getting thicker. Now John cut all the vines to different lengths to be used as fingers. Also to add a little extra John quickly forged out several sharp pointy fingernails out of adamantite and attached the to the vines.

John grinded the vines a bit thinner so that they would look a little bit more feminine and started working on the rest of the body after that. He started by creating more Lifesong Steel and when he had enough of it he started forging it again with a specific intention, he wanted it to have a texture like human skin but more durable, he also wanted it to fuse with other lifesong metal after it was infused with mana and the last thing he added came to his mind just before he wanted to start forging it. He wanted the metal to change to how it is needed.

He started with this intention and piece by piece was finished and added to the frame. John had long thought about how his caretaker should look like and he just couldn't leave out some of his real life "inspirations". So as he was adding to the frame it was getting more and more feminine and sexy, the size of certain parts were more than appropriate and a feast to the eyes. Naturally John didnt let it get to indecent by covering most of the skin on the risky parts with a flowing dress out of leafs and flowers.

But even though the female figure was fully clothed it emitted an aura of life that swept away the weakly minded without effort. After the "flesh and skin" was finished John started working on the hair so he took more lifesong Steel and forged it to form long flowing hair that was flowing down from the head down over the shoulder to the hips.

John was nearly finished, he added the mana Crystal which he added the last piece of "flesh" and watched how the skin pieces fused together after he infused mana into the body. As Jonah was finished the female figure started moving, she looked at her hand and body in an alluring fashion, you could basically see how a strange shine surrounded her body and weak minded players would lay down their lives to kneel in front of her. But John was not affected he felt that he was more like a father to his creations, they were his children, something that he created with his own hands and sweat. The last thing John wanted to do was giving her a Voice, he grabbed a mimic horn and carved it into shape. He asked his creation to open her mouth and added it inside and ask her to test it.

But the female Automata didn't start talking how John expected as suddenly a female voice echoed through the workshop singing a light an alluring melody in a soft soprano. Now that John was finished with admiring the final form of his creation it was time to appraise the female Automata.

Dryas, Dryad of the Titan´s Forest

Rank Special

Race Plant/Homunculus

Masterful Craftsmanship and a Spark of life brought this being into existence. A Dryad, caretaker of a Forest, it does have ways to fight like using her fingers as Vine whips but other than that a dryad is not suited for battle. But that doesn't mean that Dryad are not dangerous, they use their appearance and their skill in singing to entrance unsuspecting victim to "prey" on them. They absorb the lifeforce of their victims to survive while giving the corpses to their symbiotic partner that is usually the strongest Tree or treant in the forest. Some say dying through a dryad might be the most enjoyable ways to die, others are so scared that they'd never enter a forest where it is known that i dryad lives in it.

John was surprised when he read the description, as he didnt expect that she had to be supplied with lifeforce somehow. He started thinking how he should do it as he knew that he would get a beating from every of his female friend if they were to see his newest creation.

But John had to try he ordered Dryas to follow him as he silently walked through the corridors of his dungeon. Luckily for him neither Eva, Erika nor Claire were online. He kept on walking when suddenly his heart stopped for a second as a notification that Erika came online popped up just as he was walking by the training hall. He quickly started running dragging Dryas behind him and could just run around the next corner before Erika put her head through the doorway to look outside as she thought that she heard something.

John tried to catch some breath while also getting his heartbeat under control. After he calmed down he started sneaking again to not alarm anyone, but just as he was leaving the kitchen another notification that Claire has come online pinged. Expecting the worst he quickly grabbed Dryas shoving her behind him out of the kitchen.

Claire said hi to him when she recovered from the usual disorientation when you entered the game, John quickly said high and wanted to leave the Kitchen in a hurry thinking that he managed to get Dryas out without anyone noticing her when suddenly Eva came online. John really wanted to go now when he suddenly heard Eva´s voice behind her where he was hiding Dryas.

"...It seems like you had fun today..." an icy aura krept up to John as he heard Eva. Suddenly John was flying back into the Kitchen against a wall and got his head stuck again. Claire came running quickly pulling John out of the wall wanting to comfort him when she saw what Eva brought into the room what John was hiding.

The next thing John knew that he once again felt a dark aura and his head was stuck in the wall again after a punch from Claire. John managed to pull out his head from the wall when Erika came running into the room donning her full armor to look what the commotion was. It took a while before Erika took in the picture but when she saw Dryas and found out that John created her she looked at him with disgust and his head ended once again in the wall deeper than before.

John thought, now that he already had been punished he could let Dryas go to gather her lifeforce alone. But later John would find out that one of his carving knifes of sin changed color to a slight pinkish tone...
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