The Online Craftsmaster Chapter 100: Graverobbing for scrap


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Eva and John entered the kitchen and everyone had to hold back their laugh as the color of Johns skin changed from Silver white to an obsidian color, as a result of Eva´s serious talk with him. They said down and Eva started speaking.

"We have a problem, we painstakingly fought to beat the angersteel Colossus but unfortunately the disassembled parts weren't collected fast enough. Before out GM´s could reach the site were the battle took place, the parts were already collected by a group of Npc´s. As a result we couldn't delete it directly anymore, we tried to obtain the pieces from the Npc´s but before we tracked them down the had already given the pieces away to a player. We tried to threaten the user like we threatened John but he used his wealth to slow us down.

And now the system adapted the Angersteel Colossus as an important part of the Game and we cant delete it anymore without obtaining them by legitimate means. Also a Main Entity intervened to help the player that controls the Colossus now."

John wanted to protest when he heard that he was screwed over by them when he crafted that shovel, but was instantly silenced when he saw Eva's look on her face shooting daggers in his direction.

When the group of friends heard that their mood went down as they remembered the hard fight against the Angersteel Colossus but suddenly John said: "Eva you said that a Main entity intervened? When i evolved to a Demigod Balian the god of light came and..." John was startled and started shaking when he looked at Eva´s reaction when he mentioned the God of Light "...he told me that a god was corrupted because she hated me as i opposed her..." John flinched because Eva clenched her fist when she heard that it was his fault again "...and he told me that i should be careful as a war will probably happen soon because of that..."

Suddenly as John finished his sentenced he was interrupted by a loud bang as his head was punched by Eva and he flew head first in the wall that was four to five meters away. At first total silence followed until Olaf let out a hearty laugh which was quickly followed by Erika and Vito laughing while Claire tried to pull out John´s head out of the wall...

...Ullr was ready for another try on the third floor of the dungeon, he prepared had the right mindset and once again walked into the room with his Bow already fully drawn. When he saw a movement he let go of the arrow and saw how it hit this strange Monkey like robot that was scrounging through the scrap. He didn't stop to take a nearer look on the robot and continued firing his bow.

After an hour of fighting and several superficial wounds the robots stopped coming but Ullr was scared as he didnt  see the boss yet and started walking through the dungeon at a snail's pace. As he advanced Ullr started to get really scared and mentally exhausted as he expected to get squashed out of any direction.

Ullr heart sank when he was just ten meters away from the stairs down to the next floor and hecticly turned around to leave no blind spot.  Only when he went down the stairs and reached the fourth floor his panic and paranoia stopped but he decided that he would stop playing for today as he felt extremely tired...

...Scrappy felt like he was in heaven, they recently reached a Valley where strange bulky humanoid shaped Rock were lining the walls. Soon the Rocks got bigger and suddenly some of them started to be out of Metal. Scholar´s would recognize this place as a Golem Graveyard.

The race of Golems were a rare race, some say that they were the descendants of the group of titans that refused to get a soul resulting in these humanoid moving bulks of material. They couldn't talk with other races but they still had a complicated ranking system in their society. They rank themselves after the material they are made of and how big they were and also if a Golem would leave behind a corpse after it died.

Usually you could classify the golems into three Groups, the Golems made out of solids, the golems that were made out of fluid, and the special Golems that were made out of strange materials like Flesh. A special Golem would always be ranked above the Fluid Golems but they would be ranked under even the smallest and most common solid Golem.

So a Mud Golem would be ranked as a Fluid Golem with a material value of one, and as they melted when they died they wouldnt leave behind a corpse so their ranking would be highly dependant of their size. But a solid Golem like a Rock golem also had a material value of one but would leave behind a Corpse so they would get a high rank in rise and after that their size would also add to the Rank.

And as Golem where highly artistic they used their corpse to build these impressive graveyards by cleaving steps into the Rock walls and arranging their corpses by their rankings. So Scrappy saw the lowly ranked Stone golems on the Walls of the valley first but soon the first metal golems like tin and  zinc golems.

But to the Golems demise scrappy didn't care about their artistic value he just saw tons of scrap. He used his new power of creating small portals to knock down several Golem while junky and sylphids also got to work. Soon rumbling echoed through the valley as the golem corpses where falling on the ground.

Soon after the first golem fell to the ground a group of living golems were walking towards Scrappy. Most of them were either mud or rock golems but there also were several metal golems like copper and steel and even a single large silver golem that led the group.

As the group of golems came nearer and saw what Scrappy and his minions did they quickened their steps like they were angry. But they didn't know that they looked to Scrappy like a walking piece of scrap. Never in the wildest dream had Scrappy imagined that there would be something so beautiful in this world like these walking piles of Scrap.

The mud and Rock golems were following their leaders when they saw a shadow flying by and the somehow overtook their metal brethren. The stopped in their tracks when they heard a strange rumbling behind them and they turned around. But the were scared when they saw their higher ranked brother getting sliced up by a small metal figure.

They backed away and started running back to their homes to get reinforcements as Scrappy was cleaving apart their poor brethren with glee. After Scrappy was finished he continued knocking down the other corpses with his minions. Soon more Golem running, basically every high ranked golem charged at Scrappy while the lower ranked golems followed slightly scared.

Scrappy looked up and focused his eyes on the metal golems and started running with glee, as the lower ranked golems started to flinch. Scrappy ran right through the first metal golem and sliced it apart. The other metal golems soon followed every death more gruesome than the other. After the third kill where Scrappy clawed apart a steel golem the first lower ranked Golems started to run away.

After the tenth golem was slain by Scrappy even the lower ranked metal golems started to flee. But soon most of the Golems crouched down and held their head with their hands and waited for their death. But when the dust settled down only the non-metal golems were left and Scrappy and his minions had already went on their way. Scrappy was happily humming when he thought about the giant amount of scrap he collected today. Scrappy was so happy that he even stopped his journey and played some rounds of catch with Junky with Junky´s beloved Scrap Pipe.

After this traumatising event there was a group of golems that didn't follow their old ranking system anymore, they didn't even created Golem Graveyards anymore and even destroyed every trace of their brethrens corpses while exiling every metal golem so that they'd never see something like that again...

...John was still recovering from when he his head was stuck in the wall while Claire gave him a sweet drink, when he got a notification.

[One of your creations got the title "Golems Bane" by eradicating dozens of poor unfortunate golems.]

John was dumbfounded and wanted to close the notification as fast as possible, but before that he warily looked around him when Eva suddenly stood behind him and said: "John...what kind of mess did you now produce...just tell i promise i won't be angry."

John flinched and surrendered himself to his fate...
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