The Multiverse Traveling Gamer Chapter 3: Being Born and Meeting Amon


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A month passed by in a blur as all Judal did was meditate. Till it was time for his birth. All he felt was that it was a roller coaster ride he couldn't wait to be off. Then there was light he opened his eyes and looked around curiously but all he could see was fuzziness. Being deep in thought the nurses grew worried that he was unresponsive.
'Owww why would they do that.'
As Judal was crying he heard a loud crash.
(POV Mother)
After a long few hours my child is finally here just look at him so cute he has my red eyes. I bet he will be a ladies man when he grows up.
Oh here comes my oaf of a husband.
"Honey are you ok?" He bellows with care in his voice. Angered I smack him upside the head,"Shut up don't startle my baby you stupid gorilla."
Although my husband was gentle his appearance was anything but he was 6ft8 and had a big black beard with a weight lifters burly body sometimes I wonder why I even married him.
"Who do you think he looks like I hope me it's me." He whispers but more like talking for normal people.
"God I hope not." I swear I even saw my baby looking at him like he was crazy.
"I've already picked his name I think it should be Anarchist Jr." There's one thing my husbands family does not have and that is naming sense.
But I already had a name picked out it came to me in a dream.
"His name shall be Judal."Just as he was about to protest Judal let out a cute little yawn, "Now that's enough my baby is tired." I pushed him off and shoo'ed him away.
(POV Judal)
I was just getting handed to my mother when a gorilla came in and started making noise he was big and burly with black hair and a big black beard and blue eyes I guess he was my Father.
My mother on the other hand was a dame she had dark red hair and ruby red eyes and an hourglass figure that women would want and envy.
The gorilla started shouting but my mother shut him up with a smack but then he talked in a normal voice but made it look like he was whispering. Oh great it looks like my father is an idiot I only regret not learning Japanese as if on cue; {Due to Devil heritage the skill [Omni-Linguists] learned} oh great and just in time to hear my mother say, "His name shall be Judal." I guess the old man did me a favour. I suddenly felt very hot and sleepy. I let out a yawn and almost immediately fell asleep. Next thing I knew I was infront of a big flame that spoke, "Greetings King my name is Amon."
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