The Multiverse Traveling Gamer Chapter 1: Death and Beginnings


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Ken was your average guy with but one talent and that was dreaming. Now I know you may be thinking that dreaming is not a talent but you would be wrong.
This brings us to now Ken was sitting in a white space opposite him is an old man with no hair and a long white beard. The man had an awkward expression on his face.
"Where am I?" Asked Ken with a quizzical voice.
"The afterlife!" Replied the old man with his expression of awkwardness deepening.
"Really.....How?....How did I die?" Stuttered Ken.
The old man was now red faced with shame,"I killed you. But as compensation I will give you 5 wishes and let you choose the world for free."
"Ok" Ken replied cheerfully. This made the old man do a spit take.
'Really' *Cough** Cough*" Now what are your wishes."
Ken replied almost immediately," I want the ability to travel the multiverse"
Old man: " Done but there will be some restrictions."
Ken: " I would like the appearance of Judal and his ability's from magi but make me half destiny ruk and half anti destiny ruk."
Old man: " Technically 2 but I'll allow it as 1."
Ken: " Thanks. Next ,I'd like the gamer ability."
Old man: "Done."
Ken: " I'd like a [Djinn Creation Sacred Gear] that has all 72 Djinnns."
Old man: " Done but you have to unlock each djinn."
Ken: "And last I would like [Solomon's Wisdom]."
Old man:" And what world would you like to reincarnate in?"
Ken: "I thought about it and I would like to go to [High School DxD] please it's an easy enough world to survive at the beginning."
Old man: "Goodbye," the Old man quickly waved his sleeve and Ken was gone, " Thankfully he didn't ask for details how he died I had to erase his memories, To accidentally kill him by pushing him into his the road by farting. Luckily I solved it quickly my karma is not affected. So nobody knows otherwise I'd be the laughing stock of The Gods."
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