The Mortal Comedy Chapter 3: The First Prey


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*Toc Toc"

"Hello? There is someone?" after a few minutes of walk Dante arrived in front of the house. It seemed to be a really small house, with a size of 20 m² at most. It was completely made of rock, with a ceiling of foliage and a small wooden window. Even though it seemed badly done, like it was the work of a novice, the small rock path that led to the door, the garden full of bright colored flowers that surrounded the house and the sun rays that hit the ceiling made the small house seems like a safe headen in this dark forest.

After knocking at the door Dante waited for a few seconds and, seeing that no one opened, he tried to push it... and the door opened only of a few inches.

"What the hell! I'm so unlucky that the only house I've found have the door stuck on something" complained Dante without thinking that maybe, and I say maybe, the door wasn't stuck on something but locked by the owner and without remembering that he was so unlucky that he had escaped death twice in the same day, one time from a natural catastrophe and the second from a terrible predator.

Unable of opening the door he stayed outside until sunset when, suddenly, he heard the loudest growl he had ever heard.


When Dante heard it a button clicked inside of him and happened something that would have made the lynx terrorized if he had seen it, his legs began to tremble.

"Stupid door" he kicked the door again and again and, at the end, the poor door broke.

As soon as the door broke Dante rushed inside and what he saw leaved him dumbfounded. The house was furnished with a chair made with vines, a small table, a bed of twigs and leafs, a rock fireplace with inside some ashes that seemed really old and... a crystal. An enormous crystal with a woman inside of it.

When Dante saw the crystal and the woman inside of it he became so amazed that happened something that would have made his family and his friend became even more amazed than him, he remained speechless. He took a few steps forward and with a trembling hand touched the crystal. It was a beautiful blue crystal and the woman inside of it was even more beautiful than it, she was so beautiful that he was even afraid of touching the crystal for fear of dirtying her. Her red brilliant hair that made an incredible contrast with the blue color of the crystal, her skin that was so pale it seemed sickly and her average frame and big cleavage made her seems cute and sexy at the same time giving Dante the desire of protecting her.

Her heavenly beauty made Dante so dazed that he remained immobile for a few minutes until he was awakened by a loud howl.


"You have been chosen by God, it said. You will be saved, it said. Damn voice, you are a liar. If you really wanted to save me you could have send me in an hotel, even a one star one would have been good, but noooo, it would have been too dangerous,right? Better send me in damned dark forest full of murdering beast, it's safer" Dante took the chair, rushed toward the door and put it under the doorknob, thinking that a chair can stop a vicious beast from entering.

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

A week later

Dante woke up at sunrise and, like any other day, washed his face in the water bowl near the bed. The wolf howl of that night scared him so much that he remained in the house for an entire day but, at the end, he remembered that he was a normal human and, like any other normal human, he need to eat and to drink to survive. Thus the second day, after a bit of hesitation, he decided to return out and to explore the forest in search of food and of a water source. He found a stream not too far from the house and, incapable of lighting a fire, decided to drink the water like it was, without boiling it, fully conscious that doing so could have made him sick.

"It's been more than four days from when I started to drink the water of the stream and I have been feeling good thus it seems the water is potable and I don't need to search another water source, now I need to search something to eat. It's been more than six days from the last time I've eat something and I have so much hunger that I think if I don't find anything I will began to eat bugs, after all master Bear Grylls teach that they aren't so bad and he never lies. Please God, make so that this time my traps have worked" prayed Dante without remembering all his swore. When he began to explore the forest he searched for something comestible to eat but the only thing he found were berries he had never seen. He was afraid they were poisonous so, after a long battle between his cowardice and hunger, he decided to not eat them and, instead, to use them to make some traps instead. But, every time he went back to control them, they were always empty, without even a small prey, and, this time, they were too.

*Sob Sob*

Seeing his traps empty again Dante began to cry crocodile tears "Wha-what have I done of bad. I'm trying really hard. Why can't God, even for one time, reward me for my efforts".

Dante continued to cry until he saw a near tree and, on that tree, a bug. A huge tasty green bug. "I'm sorry little friend, but this is the law of the jungle, the strongest eat the weakest" a gleam of madness passed between Dante eyes and he extended his right and, after picking up the bug, brought it to his mouth but, eating it, he heard the sound of a twig snapping.


The lynx was happily returning at his lair with a prey on his jaws after going to hunt. He was happy every time he returned after an hunt but, today, he was especially so because he hadn't encountered the human. From the first day they encountered it become so terrorized that it remained hidden in its liar for days fearing of encountering that horrible monster again but today, not being able to resist the hunger anymore, decided to go out to hunt, hoping of not encountering him. So, when it was capable of hunting without being disturbed, it became so happy that it began to act carelessly and snapped a twig, something a predator like him know can be a really dangerous thing in a forest full of hungry beast, especially a really hungry man. As soon as it stepped on the twig it felt the deadliest aura it had ever felt and saw a cruel smile and a pair of bloodshot eyes looking at him or, better, at its prey.

After hearing the sound Dante turned toward its directions and he saw the lynx, the first animal he had seen when he arrived in the forest. That time it terrorized him so much that he rushed away at his maximum speed and remained closed in the house for an entire day but now, blinded by his hunger, the only thing he saw was a walking steak with another steak on its mouth. He began to walk slowly toward it, with his hand extended, like a zombie hungry of brains only that he wasn't hungry of brains, he was only hungry "Came here, came here. I won't hurt you, I promise it. I only want to take a small bite".

The lynx, seeing the human walk toward it, began to shake. It was so afraid that it became immobilized by fear. The first time it had saw this human it didn't feel any aura from him and so he thought that this human was different from the other one and that he was weak but, only now, it had understand how foolish it was at the time. Because now the human in front of it had an aura even more savage than that of the other. It remained motionless for a few seconds and, when it saw the human was only a few inches away from it, dropped his prey and began to run away at his maximum speed, hoping that the horrible human would have preferred taking away the prey rather than chasing it.

When Dante was only a few inches away from the lynx he suddenly saw the big steak run away leaving behind the small one. At first he was torn between chasing it or leaving it go but, after seeing the speed at which the big steak was running at, decided to let it go and to only take the small one. He began to return at the house while drooling thinking about how good the small prey, that after awakening from the trance caused by the hunger he noted being something like a chicken, would have been once roaster, without remembering that he didn't know how lightning the fire, but, when he opened the door, he remained speechless once again.


Damn author thoughts that let me write only so few words.

Poor lynx, the world is really mean with it :(
Let me know what you think of this third chapter, it is good or bad?
I know that Dante seem a coward but I only want to make him a funny character and think about this, what wold you do if you were at his place? I think everyone would be scared. But don't worry, I have planned of making his personality change a bit, nothing too drastic, only a small change :)
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