The Mortal Comedy Chapter 2: The Dark Forest


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*Cough Cough*

Dante coughed and slowly opened his eyes. The first thing he noticed was that he wasn't anymore in the road in front of his house but was, instead, in a forest, a dark forest surrounded by a nefarious aura of death. He was lying down on an humid terrain and was surrounded by the tallest trees he had ever seen.

"I'm still alive?' the first though he had as soon as he woke up was not of how he arrived there, but of if he was still alive.

He jumped up and began to control all his body and, when he saw that everything was in the right place, made a sigh of relief and began to laugh madly.


"Hahahahahaha I'm still alive, I'm still alive, I'm not dead but alive. Take this stupid solar eruption." after laughing loudly for a few minutes and making the medium finger towards the sky trying to find the sun, thing he noticed wasn't possible because of the trees crowns that covered all the sky and prevented him from seeing the sun. If someone had seen his previous behavior, when he stood proudly before death with a smile, and his present one he would have thought they were two different person but, it was normal. Before Dante was resigned, he knew that,regardless of what he would have done, he would have died. He was only a normal teenager, he wasn't an hero or a genius, he was a normal teenager with a normal life and what can a normal teenager possibly do in front of a natural calamity like a solar eruption? Nothing. Every normal people would be overjoyed if, after having resigned at their fate, they discover that they were still alive.

'I'm glad that I'm still alive is it possible? I remembered clearly that I was in front of my home holding hands with Beatrice, how am I arrived here, in the middle of nowhere?' he began to think again to all the things that had happened after he left his home, from his encounter with Beatrice to her rejection, thing that still hurt him, and the last thing that happened, that strange voice he heard before all become white. That voice that said he would have been saved.

At the time he thought it was only a joke that his mind was doing him but, now, he thought that maybe it was real. Maybe he was really saved by God but the question was; why? Why would God save him? He wasn't a saint or anything, for God sake he didn't even go to church on Sundays and he swore so much that if someone made him do an exam on imprecations he would have passed it with the maximum score. If God wanted to save someone there were people way more worthy than him.

Dante began to think with an hand on his chin before his chain of thought was interrupted by low growl coming from behind him.


Even if Dante wasn't conscious of it, from when he was transported on this forest he has been observed. He has been observed by a shadow hidden in a brush behind him. The shadow was one of the three ruler of this forest and when it saw him it became curious. Dante was the second human it had ever seen but, even though their odor and their aspects were similar, he was completely different than the other. The first human that it saw was surrounded by a dangerous aura, an aura so scary that, when it felt it, it felt fear for the first time of his life. It become so terrorized that he swore to never approach that scary being ever again, but Dante didn't have it. When it first saw him it began to retreat slowly, terrorized he would have killed it but, when it's instinct of predator didn't scream and it saw a being similar to the one he feared lying on the ground defenseless, it become curious and, contrary to all it instincts, it remained there. When Dante get up it began to retreat but, when it saw the human remain still with an hand on his chin it decided to approach to see why this humn was so different compared to the other.

Dante, feeling a dangerous aura behind him, turned around and what he saw was...a cat! An enormous cat at least 80 cm high and 150 cm long. Seeing its enormous dimensions and its dark-yellow fur with black spots Dante realized with horror that it wasn't a cat but a lynx, one of the majors predator of the european forests. Lynxes are beast known to kill their prey by attacking them at the throat with a jump and Dante, knowing it, mistaken it's slow movement as a preparations for it's jump and began to feel so much fear that his legs began to tremble.

The lynx arrived at a distance of one meter from Dante before stopping. It was confused, confused by the human smell. The human in front of it had a smell it had sniffed before on it's other prey, but one it had never sniffed on the other human, the smell of fear. Sniffing this smell it began to feel it's confidence grow and thought that, maybe, the human in front of it was different from the other one. That maybe it was weaker but, when he was feeling enough confident to attack him, it noticed something that crumbled its confidence completely, the human legs were trembling. It know that when the part of a human began to tremble it was because they are preparing to attack, it was secure of it because it had seen the other human do it too when she was punching a tree and, when she punched it after making her arm tremble, it was seared into two. Seeing the human legs tremble the lynx previous fear returned and it began to retreat slowly when, suddenly, the human made a sudden movement. The lynx, thinking the human was attacking it and don't wanting to make the same end of the tree, tuned around and began to rush away at it's maximum speed.

Dante, seeing the lynx retreating slowly and not knowing it was doing it for fear, thought it was preparing for jumping at him and began to run in the opposite directions hoping of leaving behind it, even thought he know he had no chance of doing it. Dante began to run at his maximum speed without turning his head back for fear of seeing the lynx jump at him but, if he had done it, he would have noticed that, contrary to his expectations, the lynx wasn't running behind him but was running in the opposite directions with a velocity and a fear even higher than his.

Dante continued to run at his maximum speed for over twenty minutes when, because of the worst enemy of all the people running in a forest, root-sama, he stumbled and fell. After falling he was so exhausted he wasn't even capable of getting up and thus resigned himself to his fate of being eaten but, after a few minutes, didn't feel nothing, not even a little bite.


"Ahahahah it seems that all my year of bad luck are being repaid today. I've escaped death not once but twice" Dante, being so exhausted that he didn't felt his legs and his arms anymore, raised his head to see if he had really escaped the lynx or if it was only kidding him for his fall and was ready to eat him and, when he did it ,he saw something he did't expect to see, an hill illuminated by the sun and a small house on top of it.

After a few minutes of rest, he got up and began to walk toward the house hoping of encountering another human without knowing that in that house he would have encountered the most precious person of his life.
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