The Merchant of the Devil Chapter 6: Second Contract.


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Liam then looked at a random person in the middle of the street and thought about activating the [Eye of Devil].

~~ Informations ~~

Name: Zack

PowerLevel: Human Middle


LifeTime: 80 (15 Years)

Observation: A Popular student, he has a wealthy mother, and his father is a rock singer.

~~ Informations ~~

' This young man has a great life, I do not see why negotiating with him, I'd better find another place that has someone who needs it. ' Thought Liam, he then went to Red Street, a place where there are many beggars and prostitutes.

In the middle of the path, he used the [Eye of Devil] on many people and used [Telekinesis] to try to move some rocks and things along the way, which eventually drained his energy very quickly.

He then went to an Antique Items Store and bought a Black Hockey Mask, which hid his face, and only showed his red eyes, and his mouth. putting on the mask, he headed toward Red Street.

He then arrived on Red Street, where he had many beggars sleeping and Prostitutes waiting for some lunch, many advanced on Liam, but he using his Telekinesis drove them all away, needless to say, the women were shocked but did not know it was Liam who was doing this.

He was taking a few turns when he found a Girl who was shaking, her eyes had a few tears and in general, she was very beautiful and pure, Liam looked at her with [Eye of Devil].

~~ Informations ~~

Name: Katia

PowerLevel: Human Weak


LifeTime: 72 (18 Years)

Observation: Katia's mother is in the hospital, needing 300,000 Tylls for surgery, so she decided to become a prostitute because her best friend said it was the only quick way to make money.

~~ Informations ~~

' Hmm, this is a good client, I could go talk to her now, but she's very nervous, I'd better wait for a little. ' Liam thought with a calm expression.

Liam soon noticed a Man coming towards Katia, the Man put his hands on her chest, and began to talk to her, Katia was shaking a lot and was talking stuttering, the Man then passed some 50 Tylls notes to Katia, and against her will took her toward an alley.

Arriving near the alley, which was very hidden, Liam noticed some strange noises, he was sure the man was trying to rip Katia's clothes while she was fighting. Arriving at the entrance of the alley, he saw them struggling and the man with one hand on Katia's chest and the other with Mouth.

Liam then looked at the Stone at his side. Using his [Telekinesis] he levitated the Stone, and with the speed of lightning through it in the direction of the Head of the Man, who, upon feeling the impact of the Stone, fainted at the same time.

[New Mission]

[Make 3 Contracts]

[Reward: ??? + ??? ]

Seeing the new Mission, Liam's eyes brightened, he could gain 2 new powers, or something cool, like money. but forgetting the Mission for the moment, he went to Katia, who was using his Hands to cover his chest and trying to dry the tears, seeing that Liam felt bad.

' Sorry girl, but I still managed to save your virginity. ' Liam thought with a calm expression, then he came in front of Katia, and threw his shirt at her.

" Duck a clothes, it is not very safe to walk in this place, wearing only those clothes. " Liam said with a serious expression.

" T-Thank you, Lord. " He spoke to Katia, putting on the shirt Liam gave him and trying to get up.

" So, Katia ... I found out your mother is sick? " Liam said with a calm expression.

" A-As you know, Who are you? " Katia asked with a nervous expression and trying to get up in a hurry.

" I'm Liam, the Merchant of the Devil. " Liam spoke in a sinister voice, then he lifted his right hand, and a green light surrounded Katia, helping her up.

" W-Like what are you? " Katia asked with an expression that was scared and horrified, looking into Liam's eyes, she was very afraid, those red eyes, he raised his hands and the light that lifted her, and the worst, finding out about his mother, and she did not tell anyone.

" Follow me, Katia. " Liam said and headed for a park that was two blocks behind Red Street.

Arriving on the street and seeing a lot of people, Katia became more relaxed, but still followed behind Liam, to a small ice cream parlor, where Liam bought two chocolate sorbets, and delivered one, hesitating at first, she soon got the ice cream and began to eat.

" Come, sit down here on the bench. " Liam said, and sat down on a bench under some trees, with few people nearby.

Hesitating a little, Katia soon sat on the side of Liam, who was eating her ice cream quietly.

After a few minutes of silence, Katia could not stand it much and ask.

" Who are you? How do you know about my mother? " Katia asked with a slightly nervous expression.

"As I said before, I'm the Merchant of the Devil. " Liam said with a calm expression.

" What does the Devil's merchant do? " Katia asked curiously.

" I make some changes, for example ... what you would be willing to give for your mother's health. " Liam said with a calm expression, but his eyes were glowing with a red light.

" I-I, I have nothing, what can I give? " Katia asked with a complicated expression.

" That's not true, as you'll be my first human client, I'll take 10 Years of your life ... Okay? " Liam asked with a calm expression.

" But how would I know you're telling the truth? " Katia asked with a dubious expression.

" That's your problem, I offered my job since you do not want to, I'm going to withdraw. " Liam said, he then used [Telekinesis] to throw the rest of his Ice Cream into the bin.

" W-Wait, please. " Katia said with a shocked expression, she saw him doing it before, but looking again, she realized that his words might be true.

" Speak, I'm in a hurry. " Liam said in a cold voice, but if someone looked in his face, he would see that his expression was very calm.

" I-I accept, please lend me some money. " Katia said with a nervous expression.
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