The Merchant of the Devil Chapter 3: Merchant of the Devil?


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The Devil's Face contained a cruel expression, his red eyes, his messy black hair, and on the left side of his face was a small scar, and he wore a black suit.

" Then why the devil called me, I bet it was not to play a game, right? " Liam asked with a hesitant expression.

" I called you for a reason, I want you to be my merchant. " The Devil said, kicking the bush directly, he was a person who did not like to be tied up.

" Merchant, I know what it means ... but what is the devil's merchant? " Liam asked with a confused expression, he was thinking deeply.

" Simple, you will exchange Soul of living beings and years of life for money or some powers, of course, I will give you the power to do this, but for this to work, he will need a merchant, and you will be the merchant. " The Devil spoke with a calm expression.

" I will not go, I do not want to exchange souls and people's lives for some powers or money. " Liam denied with a determined expression.

" But you would not do it for free, besides helping people in need, I mean ... if a young man needs a lot of money to pay for his mother's surgery by making the contract, you would help them ... and out that if you accept, I'll tell you where your grandfather ... and his parents are. " The Devil spoke with a winning expression, he knew that after hearing about his Grandfather and his parents, Liam would not refuse without thinking well.

" M-My grandfather, and my parents, are they alive? " Liam asked with an expectant expression.

" Yes, the Warlord would not die so easily. " The Devil spoke with a calm expression.

" Warlord? Who is this? " Liam asked in a trembling voice.

" This is your grandfather, but I can not tell you any more, only if you accept. " The Devil spoke in a tantalizing voice.

" I-I accept, please tell me how to find my parents and my Grandfather. " Liam said with an expectant expression.

" Simple kid, there is not only the human world, but there is also the 'Other World', a very magical and mysterious place where most of the mortals and saints who have some powers live, your grandfather is a very famous person in this world, and his parents were very strong geniuses ... but unfortunately his parents were kidnapped by an enemy family of his grandfather, and despite being called Warlord, his grandfather could not fight the other family. " The Devil spoke in one breath with a calm expression.

" ... " He looked at Liam with a shocked expression on the Devil.

" He then kept an eye on you until you were 18 to take care of yourself, and went back to the 'Other World' to try to rescue your parents and make a surprise for you, but unfortunately when he started the war, his enemy made a breakthrough, and it will not take more than 5 years for your grandfather to lose the war, and he will probably die ... so if you agree to be my merchant, you will gain power very quickly, and you can save your grandfather and possibly his parents. " The Devil spoke with a calm expression.

" But why do I say there are thousands of better and more experienced young people than I do, so why me? " Liam asked with a confused expression, hearing the devil's story, he seemed convinced and wanted to go immediately behind his grandfather.

" This is simple, with my eyes I can see the potential of every living being, and I have seen your potential, he is the greatest on earth, you will have a chance to reach the post of False God, if fate leaves. " the devil with a calm expression, and a little surprise.

" False God's station? What is this? " Liam asked confused.

" In the 'Other World', the force is divided into 9 Layers, starting with Humans, Super Humans, Mutant, Super Mutant, King, Emperor ... each sorting is divided into Weak, Middle, High and Peak." Devil with a calm expression.

" You did not say it was 9 layers because you just said 6? " Liam asked with a confused expression.

"You will have to find out the others by yourself, for a human to become a Super Human, he must pass an Awakening, which basically means that he will awaken a power, example: Fire, Ice, Wood, and others. " The Devil said.

" So how can I raise the layers and how will I awaken my powers? " Liam asked confused.

" Simple, other people, they need to cultivate power, an example is a fire, they needed to go in a very hot place or take potions and pills of fire, but this is very rare. to achieve, the first is to naturally awaken or to eat the fruit of power, which is usually born in places with a lot of radiation, like ice or volcanoes. " The devil spoke with a calm expression.

" I see ... " Liam said with a thoughtful expression, he was trying to organize his thoughts and the many information he received.

" That's a fruit of power. " The Devil spoke with a calm expression, then he lifted a hand and opened the palms of his hand, a black Fruit appeared in his hand.

" W-What is this? " Liam asked in shock.

" As I have already said, this is a fruit of power, it took me 5,000 years to create this fruit, with it you could have the power of the merchant, where you exchanged items, powers or money in exchange for the soul or years of life, of people. " The Devil spoke with a calm expression, then he threw the fruit toward Liam, who took it in his hands.

" What do I do with it? " Liam asked, he already knew what to do, but it was easy to ask.

" Eat. " said the Devil with a calm expression.

" Before I eat, I can ask you a question. " Liam said with a calm expression.

" Say. " said the Devil confused.

" What will you want in return? I mean, there is no free lunch in this world. " Liam said looking into the Devil's eyes.

" Simple, I need you when you get strong enough, destroy the Seal that holds me here, the seal is located in the Goddess Palace. " Devil spoke with a look of anger.

' Is it worth it? if I eat, I can rescue my parents and my grandfather, but I will also have to release a monster ... but if I do not eat, I may end up dying here, and I do not want to die. ' Liam thought, he then ate the fruit without hesitation.

He decided ... he will rescue his parents and his Grandfather, and if the Devil messes with him or his family, he will destroy him, but for that, he must be very strong.

Liam then noticed that his heart began to pound very hard, his muscles began to swell and his bones cracked, he felt a lot of pain in his body, and it was getting worse every second, his eyes were hurting a lot.

The Devil looked at Liam in pain, his expression calm, he knew it would work.

' Soon, if that boy can set me free, I'll kill him, and steal that fruit of power, and then I'll kill that damn goddess and rule the Otherworld. ' Devil thought with a calm expression.

A few minutes later, Liam finally stopped wriggling in pain, he stood up, looking at his hands and arm, he noticed that he was a little bigger, he also sees in the dark much better, his muscles were bigger, he then looked at his hand with a thoughtful expression, it did not take long for a blue screen to appear in front of him.

~~ Information ~~

Name: Liam Wood

PowerLevel: Super Human, Weak

Powers: [Exchange] [Eye of Devil Nv.1]

LifeTime: 70

Observation: ???

~~ Informations ~~

Liam seeing this information, he was in shock, and then with a calm expression, he looked at [Exchange].

~~ Informations ~~

Power: [Exchange]

Observation: Exchange Powers, Money, Potions, Miracles, and Others, for Souls, Lifetime or Items, of other people.

~~ Informations ~~

Seeing this power, he was impressed, he then went back to the main page, and looked at [Eye of Devil Nv.1]




~~ Informations ~~

Power: [Eye of Devil Nv.1]

Observation: You can see in the dark, see the Status of living beings and objects. and with the will of the user, can produce the greatest fears of a person.

~~ Informations ~~

' Level 1? it means that I can increase eye level, and have a few more powers. ' Liam thought with a calm expression.
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