The Merchant of the Devil Chapter 2: Finding the Devil


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Watching Elizabeth get in her car, and get out with her security guards, he sighed and left the house, closing the door, he looked around and saw many curious.

' Bunch of jerks. ' Liam thought about the people outside and then moved on.

He first made some stretches and then started to run, he started running slowly, and was increasing speed until he reached his maximum, thanks to his physical condition, he managed to run for about 15 minutes at his maximum speed, before stopping and drink some water.

Sighing and tired, he entered a shop, he had to supply his energies, he then took 1 Energetic and 2 chocolates, he went then to the box, where he had an attendant, who generally had a medium appearance, with his hair and brown eyes.

" Hi, how can I help you? " The Attendant spoke with a professional smile.

" I want this energetic and chocolate. " Liam said, handing the chocolate and the energy to the woman.

" Yes Sir, you gave 10 Tylls. " said the woman with the same professional smile.

" Keep the change. " Liam said, delivering a 20-note note.

Tylls was the money in the Fathers of Orion, which was the country where Liam was currently living, the Energetic cost 7 Tylls and the Chocolate Bar 3 Tylls, the minimum wage was 1,200 Tylls, the Rent of an Average House costs around 700 Tylls, and a cheap car is 20,000 Tylls.

Liam started working since when he was 16, being selling newspaper or things on the beach, he then had a bank account where he saved 7,000 Tylls, his house was a gift from his parents, and he just needed to pay Water and light, which stood around 350 Tylls, and make his monthly purchases, which he spent 600 Tylls.

At the end of the month, there were only 250 Tylls left, where he paid the internet for 50 Tylls and kept 200 Tylls in the bank, he liked to save money, so much so that he wore the same clothes for over 3 Years, and thanks to his physical condition, who was always thin, he did not need to change his clothes every month.

He worked at the Globe Bar & Grill, which was a bar with barbecue, he was the Waiter, and thanks to his hard work and dedication, he got the job fixed. before his grandfather left, he was still studying, but he stopped as soon as his Grandfather left.

Continuing his walk, he drank his energetic and ate a piece of the chocolate, looking to the sides, he saw many buildings and cars walking in the street, In the distance he saw a bridge that was going towards the other side of the City, or like him he liked to call, the place of the rich.

There was where the main Clans had their mansions, which was the Drako Clan, Golden Clan, White Clan, and King Clan. Each clan had a fortune of at least 400 million Tylls, and each worker's salary was at least 4,000 Tylls, Liam in his teens always dreamed of working for one of the Four Families, to help his grandfather, who had some problems in the coast.

Looking at the place of the rich, he can not help but think of the contract, although it sounds very good, he knew he had something more in it, and he did not want to be the servant of any young lady, he would then investigate what it was about this 'Fight' and try to find a way to infiltrate and find something that is related to your Grandfather or your parents.

But looking at his watch, he saw that it was already 7:06 AM, he then went to his work, which was close to where he was ... Arriving at his work, he opened the doors and entered, seeing that some co-workers were already settling the place.

" Hello, Liam. " There was an old Man with white hair and a small mustache, he was his Chief Adam.

Adam was a very kind and good person, he was also a friend of his Grandfather, and he arranged that job for Liam after discovering that his grandfather was gone.

" Hello, Chief. " Liam said, bowing to Adam, he had a lot of respect for this old man, often when he was hungry, he would come here and the old man would give him some food.

" I told you, you do not have to call me Boss, just call me Adam, you little brat. " Adam said with a look of anger, which unfortunately could not hide his happy little smile.

" Okay, I'll go get ready, I'll be right back ... Chief. " Liam spoke with a calm expression and headed for the Employees' Room, where he took a nice shower and donned his Waiter's outfit.

Ready and tidy, Liam headed for the Bar & Grill, where he had already opened, even if it was a bar, they also sold breakfast, and some spices, such as rain, dream cake, and bread.

Seeing some customers coming in and sitting at some table, Liam headed toward Mesa number 4, where he had 1 Woman with Black Hair and Blue Eyes, his expression was calm and with a professional smile, he arrived in front of the Table, remembering to stay a few steps away.

" Hello, beautiful Customer, how can I help you? " Liam said with a professional smile.

" Ah, hello young man, let me see ... I want 1 Tea and a few rain cookies. " The Woman spoke with a small smile and looking at Liam's eyes.

" Okay, just 1 second. " Liam said, jotting down the order, and headed toward the kitchen.

Arriving in the kitchen, he looked at Cook, who was his childhood friend, Josh.

Josh was a 21 year old, he was generally calm, and had a small problem, he had 2 personalities, one calm and one cold.

" Josh, make 1 Tea and 7 Rain Cookies, to table 4. " Liam said with a calm expression.

" Alright, it'll be ready. " Josh said in a cold voice.

' Hmm, he changed personality again. ' Liam thought with a confused expression.

Normally this would only happen at night, Liam then forgot about Josh's problem, and headed toward the Bar, to meet the customers who were arriving.

8:00 AM At night.

" Bye, Boss, I'm coming. " Liam said with a tired expression, after all, today he worked for several hours in a row and only had a two-hour break.

He then went on the bus bridge, he would be walking, but he is very tired, and his eyes are very heavy.

Looking at the lights in the city, and the cars moving in the streets, Liam's eyes began to grow heavy, after a few minutes, he began to sleep.


" Hmm, where am I? " Liam stood and looked around.

He noticed that it was in a very dark place, looking at the sky, he was shocked to the core.

" Two moons of blood? " Liam asked with a shocked expression.

Taking a few seconds to calm down, he looked ahead of him, where he saw a black and old castle, he does not know why, but it felt like something inside was calling him.

Creating some courage, he went towards the Castle, very carefully, he took the first step ... the second ... the third, seeing that nothing happened, he walked towards the door, always with maximum attention.

Arriving in front of the door, he noticed many ancient drawings, he can see giant beings, humans, demons, and dragons fighting, among them two figures stood out, the first was a humanoid with horns and 2 black wings, in his trail had much chaos and destruction.

and on the other side of the battlefield, had a giant woman with blonde hair, angel wings, and curly hair, she was the definition of perfect, in her trail, had many flowers and golden lights, she had a calm expression and looked for demons with a cold expression.

Marveling at the drawings, Liam did not notice when the door opened on his own, after noticing, he was a bit shocked and thinking for a bit, he decided to come in.

He came in and was walking in the dark corridors when he heard the door slamming behind him, at first he was a little afraid, but as time passed, he felt comfortable, he felt as if darkness were his friend more intimate, and it was indeed true.

Liam was always very lonely and had many problems in his life, being lost his parents when small, spending years hungry and suffering bully at school, he always felt frustrated and hurt. and for the first time, the emotions that were suppressed came out of his body.

His heart began to pound, his feelings were changing faster than drunken beer changes, he felt Joy, Anger, Sorrow, Fear among other emotions.

It took a few minutes to finally calm down, Liam then looked down the hall and saw a door that was standing, his curiosity spoke loudly, as he began to walk toward the door, every step he felt as if his heart was to explode, it was beating faster and faster.

* Tum * * Tum * * TUM * * TUM * * TUM *

Touching the doorknob, his heart was beating very hard, he then turned the knob and entered the room, the moment he entered his heart returned to normal, his emotions returned to normal, his expression tense calmly.

He then looked up where he saw a blood red Throne with some skulls, and to climb the throne had some stairs, concentrating on the figure sitting on the throne, he was shocked, Horns, Demon wings.

" A-am I dead? I-am I in hell? " Liam asked with a shocked expression, and his heartbeat increased again.

" No child, you're not dead, I was the one who called you here. " The being sitting on the throne spoke, his face covered by darkness, it was only possible to see two red dots in the darkness if Liam was correct, that would be the eyes of Being.

" Why did you call me? " Liam asked with an expression of hesitation, he did not want to talk to this being.

" Why are you afraid? " The Being asked, his voice thick and curious.

" I read in books ... that you are very bad, and you kill innocent people, because of you many people go hungry. " Liam spoke after swallowing some saliva, and his expression that contained some hesitation was calmer.

" Hmm, idiot ... that's what they think, they're really evil, they kill, they make war, and they put all the blame on me ... even though I'm the Guardian of hell, does not want to say that I am evil, this was created by foolish people who want to blame their evil acts on someone, and use my name to distribute evil. " The Being spoke in a cold voice.

" You. " Liam said with some hesitation.

" Yes, I am evil, but I have my own ideas, I would not kill thousands of people and destroy countries just for fun ... So read, you can call me Devil, I am the King of hell. " making the darkness that covered his face fade, his red eyes revealed, and his face ...
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