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Morning, Just as the sun illuminated the Day, the citizens of City A began their day by going to school or work.

_City A - Road Street_

In a very poor street, where many houses were almost falling apart, we can see at the end of the street a small house of only 1 Floor, this is the house of Liam Wood, or known by all the Street, the Orphan.

Liam Wood, who is our protagonist and also an orphan, was abandoned by his parents when he was 4 years old since he was raised by his grandfather, Alexander Wood. That he was a very kind and kind-hearted Old Man, until the day that Liam turned eighteen, Grandfather Alexander abandoned Liam.

This could be a simple abandonment, but no ... because Liam's Grandfather disappeared as if he had never existed, just like his Parents.

Today would be another normal day in Liam's life, where he would go on his morning walks and go to work, after all, he was very poor, and could not miss a day's work.

Liam was putting on his clothes to run when he heard a knock on his door, this was not normal, after all, he had not many friends and not a girlfriend, confused by his situation, he went towards the door, opening the door, he was a bit shocked by what he saw.

She was a girl with red hair and blue eyes, her skin as white as milk, she was wearing a red dress that went up to her knees, and highlighted a part of her legs, which were very beautiful, her cold expression created a beautiful contrast to his hair that looked like fire.

Looking back at the beautiful Woman, Liam saw that a Bentley was parked, and beside her were some guards, this was not unusual, a rich young woman coming up to this poor street, and knocking directly on her door, Liam who was staring at the woman had a calm and conservative expression, he did not want to appear, and you gave the woman the letters.

" Hello, how can I help you? " Liam asked with a calm expression and a small smile.

Liam's black eyes and black hair made him look good, although he looked a little thin, he had a few muscles, and in a regatta, he looked just fine. His height of 6'2 "gave him a privileged view of the woman's breasts, which were large and standing.

" Are you Liam? " The woman asked in a cold voice, her voice seemed to imitate ice, and in the background, it contained an angelic tone, as if they were speaking angels, but her expression showed none of it.

" Yes, and you are? " Liam asked in a calm, warm voice that was the complete opposite of the woman in front of him.

" I'm Elizabeth Drako. " Elizabeth said in a cold voice, but now that it contained some of her pride and sincerity.

" The Drako Family, the one that's number one in city A? " Liam asked with a slightly shocked expression.

After all it was common knowledge that the Drako family was very wealthy and had many departments and businesses, and had direct contact with the Mayor's Family, they were a Force that even the Army respected, but of course the Drako Family would not go to provoke the Light Army, all this was created by a single man, Aaron Drako, the father of Elizabeth Drako, who is the Heir of the Drako Family.

" Yes, that's right, you better bow to our missus, you human fool. " One of the Guards, standing in front of the car, said he had black hair and wore black sunglasses. but what he called Liam's Attention, was the scarf he wore, as if he were hiding something.

" Shut up, you idiot. " shouted the other bodyguard and slapped the Glass Guard's ear.

" Sorry, Team Leader, I stopped talking. " said the Glass Keeper kneeling in front of the Team Leader.

" Well, going on, yeah, I'm the Heiress of the Drako family. " Elizabeth said in a cold voice and a little pride.

' Huh, these rich people think they own the world. ' Thought Liam, looking at Elizabeth with a calm, analytical expression.

" So Princess, what are you doing here, I mean, in the house of a mere commoner like me? " Liam spoke in an ironic voice.

" Hmm, do you think I wanted to be here? I was obliged, read this. " He spoke to Elizabeth in a cold voice and handed Liam a paper with some seals and written text.

/ ~~Bride and Groom Contract~~
/ I, Alexander Wood, accept the Marriage Proposal.
/ Made by Aaron Drako, To my grandson Liam Wood.
/ Marry your daughter, Elizabeth Drako.
/ Groom: Liam Wood
/ Bride: Elizabeth Drako
/ Signed: Alexander Wood & Aaron Drako
/ Proposal Started on August 12, 2018.
///////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////




' What is it? a marriage proposal? was signed by my grandfather, and by Elizabeth's father, this has the seal of the Government, they would not lie about it, but, why me? Who is my real grandfather? I mean, he was a very poor person, how did he become a friend of the richest family in town? ' Liam thought with a complicated expression.

after all, he discovered two secrets from his grandfather, which he never knew, first is how he knew Elizabeth's father, and secondly why he signed that contract?

" Is this true? " Liam asked suspiciously, he was an orphan, and he knew the world very well, he knew there was no free lunch.

" Yes, you're an idiot, did not you see that unfortunately it was signed by your Grandfather and my father? " Elizabeth asked with a cold expression.

' that's right, it was signed by my grandfather, the date was on my anniversary day, exactly the day he disappeared, how can this happen? coincidence? ... no, this was planned, he started this contract, why did not he want me to live this life of shit forever? ' Liam thought with a calm, analytical expression.

" Do you know where my grandfather is? " Asked Liam, looking directly into Elizabeth's eyes with an analytical expression, he was looking intently at Elizabeth, trying to identify any lie.

" I can not tell you where he is, that's confidential. " Elizabeth said with a cold expression and her voice now held a little pity, her eyes quivered a little at Liam, of course, that did not go unnoticed by Liam.

' She is lying, I have two options, I can deny this, or accept and marry her, the first option, if I refuse I do not know what happened to me, since the second option, I can make it a bridge to reach my grandfather ... and who knows what happened to my parents. ' Liam thought with a thoughtful expression, after analyzing his options and seeing which was the best, he decided to use Elizabeth, not sexually, but to find his Grandfather.

" Okay, I'll agree to marry you, but now, I have to go jogging, if you will excuse me. " Liam said with a calm expression, he decided to use the rest of the day to think better.

" Do not think it will be that easy, so in order to get married, you're going to have to win me over in a fight that will have happened in three weeks in my house, so be prepared. " Elizabeth said with a cold expression, and a voice of disgust, looking one last time at Liam, she turned and walked away.

' Fight? Why a fight? in a developed world of these, I thought fights were no longer needed, was that just in medieval correct time? ' Liam thought with a strange expression, it was common knowledge that in 2018 there would be no fights, that would only happen in UFC, but they were experienced and great fighters.

But what Liam did not know was that this fight would not be a normal fight, but a superhuman fight, or as some called mutants. but when it came to fighting, Liam would not be a normal person, he would be something else ... He would be the Merchant of the Devil.
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