THE MAL GIRL Chapter 8: Chapter 7: Summer's POV


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Finally! I've finished my classes this afternoon. And i'm off to get my guitar. But where's he?

I'm in corridors now. Looking sideways to find him. I go out to the campus ground. There's so many kids but it's a very huge place. You must be wondering how i'd entered this private school. Well, it's because of my father. I don't really know what's his exact work but he managed to enroll me in this prestigious school. He fully paid the tuition.

Now.. Where is he?! I'm getting impatient because i think i'd almost searched the whole school but he's nowhere.

Did he run away from me with my guitar? Paying back at me when i had run from him? It's a possibility! But please.. I hope he didn't.

Maybe he's just in a class now. But all periods are done at exactly 5 pm. It's 5:15 already. Students are leaving school already. I sit at a bench. Waiting for him to show up, i hope.

"Summer." I looked up who called me and it is Ryan. One of Skyler's friends. He's scooting to me.

"Skyler wanted to relent his message. He's still at student council meeting. It'll be finish in at least 5:30. He wished for you to wait for him till the meeting ends."

Of course i will! My guitar's still in his hands!


"i'll be going then. Bye Summer." He said cheerfully and waved at me. He's walking away.

"bye." I mumbled.

So i waited alone. Students are decreasing. I fished my phone from my pocket and turned on the music as i put my headphone on. I lean backward and closed my eyes.


"Okay. I agree to music and dance concerts, theater, games, contests, and booths. No food stands, we have all the food in cafeteria. So, let's go to assigning." I'm standing in front of everyone in our conference room. They are all sitting.

"Music is mine!" Lilah said excitedly as she raised her hands.

"no! Music's not a task already!" Ariane stood up across Lilah. "we all know that Summer will handle it. Even if we don't ask her she'll be willing to volunteer though." She's my secretary.

"i know. But still, we should ask her." Lilah retorded, standing now.

I cleared my voice to get their attention. They both look at me and sit down.

"we'll see." I said with a smirk on my face. "let's move on. Games and contests are under in sports fest. We have six days for all in these events. I'll work in schedules. Drake you'll do the booths, give me the list and can have my approval later. Karen, you're in drama club so you'll ask them."

"actually, we're already practicing for our presentation in the festival."

"good. The dance show. Reid, get the list of groups who wants to join and pass it to me. For the sports fest, me and Jeff will work on it. The dance night, Casey i'll leave that to you. We all work for the props and can have some volunteers to help. I want all the list on our next meeting, Friday." Everyone groaned. I sighed. "that's--"

"wait. The cheerdance. Let us perform for the opening." Lilah offered. She's my vice president.

"okay. Opening in sports fest. So, any other questions, suggestions, opinions or whatever?" I asked the whole student body that have been looking up to me.

Drake raised a hand. "what sports would we have?" He put down his hand.

"basketball, volleyball, football, swimming, chess, badminton, pingpong, tennis, that kind of sports. Is there something else you wanna ask?" I turn to everybody.

They only looked at me and shook their heads. "okay, meeting on Friday, same time. Dismiss." All i'm blabbering about is for the upcoming school's festival, one of the most exciting event every year. Everyone look up to it because it has many fun games, booths, sports, and a lot of people that you can hooked up or can get acquinted with.

Everyone stood up and walked to the door.

I stayed behind and sit on my chair. I'm feeling tired. I scrolled my notebook and write down the list of my works.

Lilah aprroached towards me and squeezed my shoulders. Like giving a massage.

"don't be so worn out of it." She said sweetly.

I looked at my wristwatch and stood abruptly. I nearly throw Lilah at the floor because of my action.

"what's your problem?" She's irritated. I see the scowl on her face. I gathered my stuff and put it in my backpack.

"basketball practice. I'm thirty minutes late!" I snatched my bag and hanged it at my right shoulder. I was about to pass the door when i caught a glimpse of Summer's guitar at the back corner of the room, leaning at the wall. I frowned and walked to it. I carried it and leaved Lilah alone in the room.

I need to find Summer. I looked at the corridors but she's nowhere. I walked out of the building and saw a figure from a far bench. The sky's darkening already. I walked towards the figure's direction and see if it's her. As i am near enough, i could see that it is really Summer, lying at the bench. She's asleep. She looked so innocent and calm when sleeping. She had an angelic face but some of her attitude is opposite. I hadn't noticed that i'm staring at her for many seconds. I should wake her up already. I still have practice.

"Summer." Still asleep. "Summer." I repeated. "hey, Summer." She's still sleeping soundly.

God, she's hard to wake up.

I place the guitar at the side and touched her shoulder. Shaking her to wake up. "Summer, wake up." Then she slowly opened her eyes. Blinking many times. I found her cute. Actually, she's beautiful. One of the prettiest in school and talented. But also one of the rule breakers and a loyal visitor in council office.

"what time is it?" She's moving up to sit. She looked at the sky.


She looked up to me with anger. "6:03?! You said 5:30! I waited an hour!" She growled at me.

"i'm sorry. The meeting's been extended. I'm sorry Summer, and here's your guitar."

She's been silent.

I think i'll pass a practice now. I get my phone and called the coach. I excused myself for some personal matter. He understand and allowed me to skip the practice for now.


"--don't talk to me." She cutted and stood up. Brought her guitar and walked past me.

"Summer." I called and chased her. "i'm sorry, okay?"

"you should be." She's not looking at me.

"i am."

"drive me home. I'm tired taking a bus."

"if i do that, you'll forgive me?"

"i won't if you don't."

"okay, i'll send you home."

She put on her headphone. Obsess to music. Like i wasn't.

After that, we approached to my car in the parking lot. Summer opened the passenger seat door and get in. i opened the driver's side and hopped in.

"seat belt." I said as i place my backpack at the back. I looked at her direction and forgot that she had her headphone on. "Summer." I pull her headphone down. She finally looked at me. Glaring actually.

"what?" She's irritated.

"buckle your seatbelt." I answered.

Then slowly, a side of her lips quirked up. "you should have done it for me." She teased and now smiling.

I think she's back in the mood. Not just think. She really is.

"so that you could kiss me again?" I lift up an eyebrow at her.

She chuckled. "yes. Won't deny it. It's no use."

I just ignore her and buckled my seatbelt. She did too.

I inserted my key at ignition and the engine roared to life. I looked both at the side mirrors to see if anyone or something's blocking my way. It's clear and i slowly speeded up my car. We're out of the parking lot now and off to the road.

I turned on my stereo in the dashboard and have some music play on. It's not a romantic one, it's more on a hiphop music.

"you listen to this kind of music?" Summer asked disbeilevingly.

"is that so hard to believe?" I'm making glances at her.

I see from the side of my eyes that she shook her head.

"it's not that hard. I'm just glad."

"how could you be glad as if you haven't knew me."

"i thought you completely quitted it. Everything about it." She said.

"no. It was still a part of me. I coud never forget."

"why did you quit?"

I got quiet there. I don't know how to answer it. Yeah, i have answers but i don't know if it's really enough.

"hey, i'm asking you." Summer snapped beside me. She also fake punched my arm.

"it's..can we just not talk about it?" I glanced at her.


"because it pissis me. And if my mood get bad now, i would really drop you off somewhere."

"okay, fine. I'll stop." She said, annoyed. She looked outside her window and crossed her arms.

We hadn't said a word till we stopped outside of Summer's house. I turned off the stereo.

She's unbuckling her seatbelt.

"wait Summer." I said before she can open the door. She look at me. Waiting to what i'm going to say.

"there's an upcoming school festival. And you know you should perform. But this year, i'll doubt it."

She turned her whole body to face at me. She had a knot on her forehead. "why is that?"

"well, here's the deal." I unbuckle my seatbelt so that i could face my body to her. "starting tomorrow you should attend all your classes, do the homeworks, projects, activities, no rule breaking and i'll let you perform."

Her mouth fell open and looked stunned. "you can't do that!" She growled. I see anger in her eyes.

"i can. And you know that."

"you're blackmailing me!"

"blackmail? If it is. This is not a bad one."

She leaned at her seat. Facing the front already. She closed her eyes and grunted. As if this is just a nightmare.

Is it that hard for her to attend all her classes?

"i'm dying in boredom." She said, anger in her voice. Her eyes still close.

"if you won't think it that way, it won't be."

"it's not interesting!"

"just try to give interest. It won't hurt!" I snapped back.

"i hate Math. Really." She quietly say. She's calmed down now. All this talking, her eyes are still close.

I sigh. "i'll teach you." I said.

She opened her eyes suddenly and face her body to me.

"you'll teach me Math and i don't have to attend the class of it anymore." She said excitedly.

"sorry to break your excitement but that's not what i mean. I'll teach you Math or any other subject you seem can't survive so that you'll find it interesting and easy. Besides, Math's a really good subject, it's challenging. It suits your behavior."

"don't flatter me in all of this. I just hate Math." The excitement faded in her face and eyes.

"i'm not. Just try it. I'll tutor you."

She did not respond. She just lean back.

I waited for a few moments. She said nothing. I sigh. "so, you agree or not? I've rather say, you perform or won't?"

She faced her body to me again. She just stared at my eyes. Like searching something. Well, whatever games she's trying to pull out, i won't be fooled to it.
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