The machine girl Chapter 6: Chapter 6


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"How are u inmate" she asked with a smile her face. Jasper threw his arms out asked "How do I look?"
"Just like my Jassy "
" I still don't like that name"
"that's why I still call u that. "
We both started laughing.
" Last I remember your were supposed to be their fir 5 years. How did u manage to come out earlier? And how did u find me? "
"my jail time was cut short because of my good behavior and for your second question... I can find u anywhere because I know u too well and also..... You are still wearing that pendent I gave u."
"Oh my God, that means it has a tracking device!! "
" Yes my darling "
" You bastard!! I really want to punch you right now" She took out the small pendent and put it between her thumb and finger and crushed it. "Now feeling much better."
" You are still the same huh..? "
" you too. "

They both went back to there classes. When she went back to the class room all eyes were on her. All were curious about the relationship between the juvenile and the new girl. One thing was clear and that was, her plan to stay low has successfully been failed.
During lunch the same happened when she went to her usual seat with her new friends. Every one was staring at her. It was really starting to get uncomfortable.
" when were u going to tell us that you know that juvenile. " asked Ace with so much malice that it started to really irritate her.
" hey Sammy how do you know him. I mean I know I was excited to meet him but still he is not a good guy. "
" Were u shaking it with him when u dragged him behind u.? "
" Just. Shut. Up. You really think I m that kind of girl. " She started laughing maniaclly. " That's the reason I don't like making friends. "
And then she just took her stuff started to go out. That's when Jasper entered the mess and saw the furious expression on Samantha's face. It was enough for him to lose his control. He went straight to the table she got up from and banged both his hands on the table.
" Who was the one who disturbed my Sam? "
" Your Sam huh...? "
" Yes mine. You filthy pieces of shit don't deserve her. So I m asking for the last time. Who. Disturbed. My. Sam? "
" It was me" said Ace
"Ace! "started Emily " It was no one's fault. Just a misunderstanding. OK. No one's fault "

Jasper almost lost his cool when a cool hand touched his arm and he calmed down instantly.
" Jassy. Relax. It was really no one's fault. If someone was at fault then it was me. It was my fault to start dreaming of a normal life with my new found friends. I forgot that I and normal don't came in same sentence. Just come with me. I don't want you to get in trouble bcs of me. "
She took hold of him arm and dragged him behind her.

Ace who had seen the same seen this morning was so furious that he threw everything on the floor and went after them. He could still feel the pain he felt when he saw them going together to the rooftop this morning. Still remember he was furious all day repeating that scene again and again in his head, thinking of different outcomes of their meeting. Every single guess was more horrifying then the last. And then when he saw her coming to the mess all smiling when he was so broken, then he just snapped and took it all out on her. Now to think of it so what if she knew that juvenile, these people also have families. So what if they are lovers, he didn't have any right on Samantha anyways. It's not like he like her or something. Right? Right!!? It was not her fault anyways, it was his fault. And he have to apologize to her. yes. He will apologize to her he decided. And went to the one place he knew he will definitely find her. Rooftop.
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