The Life of a Little Orphan Tortoise Chapter 6: Unlocking One's Potential


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After which the wild Rock Clam was killed. It was being crushed under the pressure of Xu Shao's bite.

Xu Shao was quite contented with his kill, after which putting in so much effort into killing it, for just a measly little Rock Clam.

Excited at the new gains, Xu Shao curiously bit into the Rock Clam's flesh, savouring the taste of his hard earned kill. Chewing it intensely, alongside the many crushed hard shards of its former seashell, exasperatingly in tiredness.

After many fierce bites, his tongue touched something, rummaging through the corpse of the former Rock Clam's body.

He felt a foreign object, something that is round and circular, touching the surface of his tongue. This is what is known as a sphere, but Xu Shao doesn't know that. He found it a bit perculiar because of its taste.

It immediately gave off a warm tingling sensation upon touching his tongue, but he gave no notion of cautionous towards the pearl, as he assumed it to be quite harmless.

Not doubting his judgement, Xu Shao swallowed the whole pearl in gulp, letting the pearl slowly journey down into his stomach. Once it landed there, it will be break down into sustenance, and be absorbed into his body.

Immediately upon realization, he felt his body revitalized. His energy fully restored, and his wounds are rapidly healed, right before his eyes.

The pearl continues to release off a vibrant glow, until cracks starts to form around on the surface of the pearl. The Web like cracks intensify, spreading all around the pearl, until the end of the pearls durability.

The pearl exploded withinside Xu Shao's stomach, causing him intense agony, as it felt like needles piercing his flesh.

The exploded pearl shattered, crumbling to bits, releasing outwards in its glory, the stored profound mysterious energy hidden withinside the magical pearl. The magical energy then spreads, like a force collision of nuclear energy, it assaults Xu Shao's whole body. Attacking every inch or cell in his body, causing him agonizing pain.

Though looks can be deceiving. The pearl may look like any ordinary pearl, you may find in a Clam by the seashore.

Its component remains the same. It is made out of the same substance that which made the Clam its shell.

Calcium carbonate.

A pearl is first created, when a form of irritant or substance, such as a grain of sand or pebble, gets stuck trapped withininside the Clam's body. The creature would defensively. It would try to ease the the pain or discomfort caused by the irritation. It would naturally released a special chemical or substance, coaxing the speck of irritant in a form of calcium carbonate, that would hardens around it forming a pearl.

However, this particular type of pearl is different, and more unique. Due to the environment and habitat it was raised, presumably an environment that is abundant of mana. The pearl underwent an uncanny unnatural transfiguration, becoming a mana conduit which absorbs mana from its surroundings, similar to a mana crystal or diamond.

Under these assumptions, Xu Shao can be said to have acquired a natural gem, that which would be worth hundreds or thousands of gold coins.

The raw concentration of mana energy ravage Xu Shao's body, spreading like wildfire, striking at every inch and part of his body.The burning pain seems ever so ceaseless, destroying his body, at the same time forcing his new cells to adapt.

Xu Shao starts to scream in pure agony, "Aaaahhh...", whilst convulsing around, panting constantly like a mad man out of breathe.

This is a natural reaction when one's body is forced into a state of mana overdose. When the host's body is not naturally adapted to the excessive amounts of mana withinsides one body. To handle this case of mana over dose, the host's body is forced to over expand its mana pool at an alarmingly rapid rate. As this is what cause the host to feel pain, almost like their bodies were tearing apart by dismemberment.

Whilst, from the side, Xu Reya is looking at Xu Shao's painful figure, very worringly. She couldn't do anything to comfort him, or much less relieve the pain, or make it go away.

Apart from saying his name repetively, "Big brother... Big brother? I will be by your side, even if it is till the end."

She was afraid of getting hurt if she stay too close to Xu Shao, whilst he is not in his right state of mind. Violently, slamming his body around, and gnashing on the ground. But she doesn't care, because he is the only that is important to her. The only one that truly cares, loves, and treat her like an actual sibling.

The duration of the transforation didn't last long, roughly a couple of minutes or two. Before the pain starts to slowly subside. The burning sensation Xu Shao experienced previously dwindled, dropping in levels and intensity, until he felt a soft soothing warmth invaded him.

Skill proficiency has reached a designated point. Skill 「Pain Tolerance Lv1」acquired.

Skill proficiency has reached a designated point. Skill 「Mana Manipulation Lv1」acquired.

Skill proficiency has reached a designated point. Skill 「Mana Foresight Lv1」acquired.

Skill proficiency has reached a designated point. Skill 「Mana Strengthening Lv1」acquired.

The torrential storm brung about his state of mana overdose, has forced his damaged weak mana channels to expand and reconstruct itself, becoming more firmer and alot more stronger.

His control over mana would surely improve over time, with extensive training and experiences. His mana channels are now wide enough, to have less feasible obstructions, and more control over his body. The time it takes to channel mana around his body has considerably lessened.

In compensation for the painful procedure, Xu Shao variety of useful skills in the process.
Some of them may prove to be very essential in learning how to use magic.

Xu Shao slowly opens up his eyes, whilst immersed in a state of peaceful tranquility. After having gone through such lengths to pbtain obtain this new power.

Rarely will there ever be monsters that would learn magic through such unothodox method, like forcefully injecting yourself with mana to highten or increase the training speed of which you learn magic.

People would usually level themselves up, base stats wise before they possess enough mana to start learning how to cast magic. Through practice, and studying magic from arcana tomes, will they increase their effiencyand control over their. Whilsthe, reducing mana consumption.

There is another method by simply undergoing an evolution to a race that possesses inherent magical abilities, or an obtaining a class that uses magic.

A slight bluish light glow starts to emanates from Xu Shao's eyes, as he gazes into the distance, with his mana strengthened eyes, resulted from obtaining the skill [ Mana Foresight], peering at his surroundings.

Brimming with excitement, he felt the noticeable change made to his body. Xu Shao thought, 'I could see further now than I can before. I've felt like my body has grown a lot stronger.', immersed and distracted by his own though.'

You could see the heightened intelligence growing within his eyes, as he calmly observes his surroundings, looking at the scared petite figure of Xu Reya close to him.

Xu Reya hurriedly rushed over towards him, running into her big brother's arms, crying with a head full of tears.

She hugged him tightly, afraid to let go, or he may dissappear right before her very eyes, like beforw. She cried out to him, "Big brother... big brother, don'the leave me.", whilst within his arms.

It was quite obvious that Xu Reya had develop a deep affection towards Xu Shao. Though the time period they spent together was quite short to develop strong personal feelings, and a deeper bond and connection.

It was still the only reason that forced her to contine on living, or she will either be eaten or kill by now.

Seeing the sight of her once dear older brother tormented, and is in great pain, caused her to be in a state of unrest, emotional. A slight pain growing in her heart.

Since he is the only one that took cared of her, feed her, protect her. Anything that an older brother should do. Much more as she sees him as a parental figure, to look up to. Seeing him in great pain previously, sent her into a state of panic, wandering on what to do, as she silently watches him from a distance.

To reassure Xu Reya that he was alright. Xu Shao comforted her, " There, there... look see I'm alright. Nothing to worry about...", whilst holding her within his arms. He thought, 'Oh, boy. That was a painful experience to go through.", feeling extremely exhausted and drained of energy.
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