The Life Of A Gamer Chapter 1: Initiate


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Moonlight glimmered through the windows before settling on the base of a bed located in a humble bungalow. Looking at surrounding bungalows, a clear disparity in wealth is formed. Cracks littered the outside with moss growing due to the moist walls, with bricks now replace what were once windows. Inside was no better, with a mess containing instant ramen, water bottles and even varying medicines littered around the room. In one corner of the room, you could find a worn down armchair, stationed in front of a TV, It's static white noise bellowing within the room. Near the "kitchen" you could see a computer, clearly one of the only things staying up to date with the times, with the newest model of the Kabang VR Headset resting on the keyboard.

On the bed in which the light from the moon pierced into the musty bungalow, lay a young man, 17 years of age. He looked to be about 6ft in height and 140 pounds in weight. His disheveled brown hair covered his left eye whilst his right remained untouched, tackling the light directly. His name was Kai, currently, a student at college studying finance and business. It would often be weird for most people to live away from your parents at the age of 17, but Kai did so as he wished to attend school within the city of London, whereas his parents believed that the countryside was the best place to stay so they remained there.

Starting life in a new place is always hard, so in a busy place such as London, Kai truly struggled to fit in at the start. He was often found just getting along with his studies with little to no interaction with society, until he met his new best friend, Daniel. There relationship was unique as Kai, usually introvert and eyes always down focusing on studies, would not be a terrible match with Daniel on paper. Daniel was 18 and was also taking the finance course. With brilliant people skills, he naturally became popular in the class but took a liking to the effort that Kai put into his work and inadvertently, the two became best friends.

It was nearing 8 AM on Saturday the 18th of July, 2026 when Kai's alarm sounded. It pierced the vale of dreams and instantly awoke Kai from his slumber. Usually, he would sleep in on Saturdays, however, this time it was different. Until the very end of the school year and just before the summer holidays started, Daniel had been pestering Kai to try a new game called Kingdom Wars Online. It released this Saturday and it promised to redefine the MMO genre. With promises such as RPG world building like no other, where players could become lords with NPC cities, as well as the late game which boasted PvP that had never been seen before with the introduction of Kingdom Building. This game seemed too good to be true as it was made to be played in FullFall VR, which enabled someone to be completely immersed within the world.

Kai had only really played shooters and light MMO's such as World Of Warcraft and it's latest expansion "Fighters of Newerth". However Daniel was super experienced and promised to help him out, he even pre-ordered the game and VR Headset for him as he knew Kai was not in a good situation financially.
'This should be fun, maybe this game I'll be good at' Kai murmured to himself. As he was about to slim the headset on to himself he received a phone call from Daniel, he promptly answered.
"Hey Kai, long time no speak buddy how are you!" Loud noises came from the other end and it was evident that Daniel was already in a fantastic mood.
"We literally spoke yesterday on the last day of this college year, did you already forget?"
"A day is a long time my friend! Are you ready to play Kingdom Wars Online?"
"Yeah for sure I am"
"Good, let's meet up once we finish the starting island, we won't be able to speak till then. Good luck" Daniel promptly hung up the phone, once again clearly showing how excited he was
Kai shook his head and lazily lifted one left after the other to the fridge to retrieve a drink before heading back to his computer.

Launch time was in 30 minutes however players could already create their characters. This wasn't beneficial to Kai as he wasn't really one for aesthetics, However, he decided he might as well get started so he put on the headset, turned on the power and relaxed as he let his mind run wild.
~System booting up~
~Please enter your full name~
Kai thought of his name and it appeared within the textbox.
~Player has selected "Kai Loude" as the name, this has no effect in the game~
Kai was waiting patiently as the system was still loading, but after 20 seconds, a new screen came up, inclining him to pick one of three starting points. He could choose Avalon, the bastion of humanity. Its lore included being formed by a great sage during the times of dark, however, the name of the sage was never mentioned and it is said that he has not been seen since the creation of the settlement. The lore mentions that Avalon prides itself on being the bringer of the Light element and all things holy.
Next up was Lakord, the city of the wild. It was formed from the remnants of a great towny that was overgrown by the wilderness and later decimated by a wild animal horde. Since then, the great hunter James Lakord put countermeasures in place to ensure the same wouldn't occur again, leading to James becoming the guardian of the city and thus, the name honoring him.
Lastly was Sanel, the water haven. It is a port city where most of the produce for the Island of Kerul was sourced. It has no extravagant background however it was clear of the importance of this port city.
At first, Kai was bewildered. He could remember seeing a post about the game stating that there would be a lot more cities since this was a global launch and a lot of people were expected to play. As if reading Kai's mind, text in the bottom corner of his vision seemed to become more visible, which read "These are the starting worlds available to you based on your region, the UK. More regions will become available as you explore the stunning and war-torn world of Kingdom Wars Online!"
This bewildered Kai, but also explained why he was starting on an Island. Being from London, he knew what it was like to be in a busy place, so he would choose Avalon or Sanel. It was a tough decision but he decided on Sanel. It sounded like it had the most boring start, but the idea of seeing the ships of the port and exploring the beaches, his mind was suddenly made up.

He clicked continue after selecting his starting town but was then met with the final screen, class creation. Before long a selection of classes dropped down in front of his eyes;
15% Slow and Stun Resistance | 5% Reduced Magic and Physical Damage
5% Damage Bonus | Timed Buffs last 10% Longer
10% Damage Bonus
8% Healing Bonus
25% Extra Damage on Backstabs | - 5 Stealth Detection
10% Bonus Damage on Debuffs afflicted
Kai was originally quite stunned by the various stats presented to him before he swiftly thought about how he wanted to play. Playing ranged was never his sort of playstyle, even more so now that it would be in a VRMMORPG. 'Why limit myself to range when I can lunge swords at my enemies!' he thought to himself.
This left him with the choice of Warrior, Barbarian or Rouge. Each had their own advantages, with the Warrior being primarily a tank, Rouge focusing fully on DPS and the Barbarian was a mixture of both. Kai was always the type that preferred the best of both worlds, but he had a feeling that this wouldn't be the class for him. With a slight reluctance, he keyed in the name "Kaizer" before selecting the rouge class, promptly loading in to a new world.
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