THE LEGEND of ZAPIR Chapter 1: K's parting kiss


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In the year of 2500, the era of cyber transmigration has become a norm. The world is dying for humans have overcome the urge to reproduce and most of the people migrate to the new world full of ideas full of artificial intelligence to serve them. From this new world there are quite some different universal norms such as fantasy, futuristic, and more themes of world.

K who is one of the last humans truly being born from the real world he is also one of the last to migrate. He always watches the ads in the network system and was very drawn to fantasy world. He migrated in the fantasy world called THE WORLD OF ALCANATHA.

He then had fun traveling this new world exploring endless adventures till he met the love of his life Deam a very beautiful girl who is the same age as him. She is as adventurous as him which made them closer.

But happy ever after is never true and the new world is dying. The gates to migrate to different worlds have been disabled. The system started to corrupt. Some people get missing and being corrupted and some started losing memories. People are also starting to age drastically in the new world reverting them back to their proper age and most of the people instantly died. From a population of 90 billion people in THE WORLD OF ALCANATHA alone 89 billion people instantly died and the last 1 billion people in the new world cannot even communicate with the other world as they return to their true age. It is truly a nightmare. A world crisis for all the people in the new world.

K was one of the youngest person to migrate to the new world would be one of the last to possibly die. System analysis shows that the new world was not actually dying but undergoing a new era, it has been reset in a new era but for this to happen the people must all be deleted and be changed.

K who is already in his 90's along with her beloved Deam chose to use the systems voluntary death option instead of waiting for they cannot bear to witness one of them to die first and chose to die together.

"K.. my dear i will see you in the afterlife"

An old lady with silver hair with a violet gown embroidered with gold and fancy jewels even at an old age looks stunning like a lotus in the river was laying on the chest of K and was tearing up. This old lady is named Deam, K's wife in the new world. She is ever stunning truly living up to the name which means goddess.

"My dear if there is truly an afterlife... i will promise to find you and we will start a new" K holding her tight in his hands. K hold her faced and gave her a kiss while they were both tearing up.

A blinding light appeared that enveloped the couple and they both vanished.

K was transported in a place full of light and felt the warmth from the light that made him really comfortable that all he wants to do is close his eyes and feel the comfort of the light.

K who still feel his body being very light and was still immersed with the light heard someone's voice that made him felt some longing for someone. "K… my beloved k we will meet again" "my beloved K never forget me. Of my beloved find me" It started to affect his comfort in the light and images of a young girl is what he is seeing and all he could feel is pain and longing.

Felt the longing for her beloved and started feeling pain in his head until he remembered."Deam… I remember now! Deam!!!" Stretching his arm out to the images, tears starting to flow from his eyes. His heart started to tremble and the light around him started to turn to red until he blacked out from the pain all over his body.


In an unfamiliar world where magic was the norm along with monsters and different race that coexist with humans K's soul has drifted.

In a beast forest near a village a woman who was pregnant was running away from her pursuer. She looked ragged and the only thing of value was a gold pendant with a white gem in front and black gem at the back. She was holding it in her right hand while the other hand was supporting her stomach. Tired from running away she rested at the bottom of one of the trees. Looking up at the top of the trees trying to peek at the sky that was hidden she looked like someone who has lost all hope, a few tear drops fell down from her delicate face.

"Oh dear dduw, please show mercy to my unborn child and let us live" clasping both hands while her eyes were closed and kneeling down. She then wiped her tears and started to move out of the place in fear that she will be soon captured and killed along with her child.

Walking at a slow pace because of being too tired and some bruises in her feet he continued walking straight and was startled to hear some water flowing and was overjoyed for the fortune the gods bestowed upon her. Listening to the water flow she found herself at the top of the waterfall.

She then hurried to go fetch some water to drink. Clasping her hands once again while kneeling she prayed for her god. "Oh dear dduw, you are always merciful, I thank thee for the water" still smiling she started removing her clothes and washing her bruises. The water washed the dirt from her body showing one small wing birthmark on her back.

But her luck has run out and after a few moments a dog spotted her which belongs to the ones that is pursuing her. After the dogs were 3 man wearing black hoods and some mask covering their whole face appeared before her.

One of the pursuers stepped in and said; "You truly are an annoying priestess. Your luck is so good that it made us have a hard time trying to track you out even with the help of the forest hounds."

The leader then stopped the other man by stepping in. he then moved his head in an annoyed manner and made some cracking noises then removed his masked. "Oh our dear priestess Sheraj, remember this face for this is the one that will kill you and violate your body" The leader gave her a sinister smile like a person with a screw loose on his head ready to pounce on his prey "B**ch im going to remove that bastard inside you and cut it in pieces and deliver it to the pope and we will satisfy you till we f**** your brains out."

Sheraj who was still on the river bank was holding her wet clothes shivering from the man's words stepped back a little. She stayed quiet and watched the man who is smiling at her with a dagger on his hands.

The leader spoke again and pointed his blade at her and shouted; "You B**ch you wasted so much of our time, now you are out of illusion mist potion, it's time to die along with that bastard!!!."

The leader then leaped up then straight away run in her direction with blood shot eyes and both dagger on his hands. The two guys who was his accomplice started to follow him and also activated their bloodline limit and straightaway all of them increased in speed.

Sheraj was in daze and started to gather her manna and activated her bloodline limit and her birthmark began to spread at her back and turned into a white wing. Scared about the life of her baby she covered her stomach with the wing.

Seeing this happen, the three did not even bat an eye and continued to proceed and their daggers turned blood red in color imbued with mana they attacked with full force. Their daggers hit the wings.


Breaking sound was heard and Sheraj screaming for pain can be heared along with it. The clash was very intense that it had destroyed her wings and made the three stepped back while sending her away till she fall from the waterfall. The three did not expect her to deplete all her mana even at the cost of losing consciousness to defend the attack. The leader had sour expression on her face but the other two also had the same expressions inside the mask that they are wearing.

The three no longer know what to do because Sheraj has fallen in the territory of the misty beast valley which is a dangerous location. With a complicated expression the leader looked at the other two and said; "I think she is already dead, she cannot survive this fall without using his power." "Let's return and report her death"

Turning their back at the waterfall the three pursuers vanished to the shadows of the forest.
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