The Legend of the Nephilim God Chapter 10: THE BERSERK


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As i finish chanting my body start transforming first my skins turns complety black my hair changes color into a deep crimson that shines my eyes then become golden but the most important change are these impulses that i have

tom: haa.. haa...( KILL,KIL, KILL ,DESTROY ,PURGE ,EAT, KILL)

only these through fill my mind i let a big smile and say to the monster

tom: ReAdY FoR RoUnd 2?

the monster let a big roar and jump to me.

as i finish talking i let out all useless thoughts and concentrate myself to attack I take a stance and launch myself

tom: haaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

monster: raaa!!!

the monster receives with his tail and send me flying to the floor but

tom: hahahaha!!!!! more more more !!!!

the only feeling that is present is excitement to kill to fight! my instincts are shouting to kill to devour to go further into the abyss call fighting

monster: raa!!!!!

the beast tries to go for the kill by eating me but i raise my hand and stopped him before he can open his mouth

tom: haha GoTcHa you!

with my free hand i form a fist and trow it will all mt force i forgot all stances and only focus myself in punching with pure physical strength the result

mosnter: raa!!

the monster was send flying and fell on his back he tried to stand up but i didn't give him that chance i launch myself to his stomach in and slashed his belly open

tom: haa haha haha haha

at this point i can no longer be seen as a human i have become a monster that kills other monsters as i finish killing my prey i cancelled my transformation

tom: okay what the hell happen there?!

i ask nyx that is flying around me with a loud voice

nyx: that why i tell you my power is not to test but use.

tom: okay....? please explain.

nyx: haaa... my power is called "unlimited peerless body of darkness" this ability let you momentary surpass the limit of your body and mind by covering your body in darkness element by dongs this the darkness cover bones ,tissues, and muscles but this a price that consumes your mind and let your instincts take over momentary and you become practically a beast that can fight till death

tom: .....

the information that hit me was so much that i could only said "i see" and turn back to think about this frankly speaking i was completely dumbfounded about this

tom:{ so this ability is a double edge sword huh.. i will try to use in only life and death situations)

as i promise to kept this new found determination i keep thinking of what to do next
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