The Legend of Saga Chapter 6: Not Your Wifey


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I ignored the furious knocking at my hospital door and the shocked expressions of both Luca and Dmitri. Evander simply looked between me and the door, confused. Just a few seconds before, I had literally kicked Lucian's ass out of the room. My teeth were grinding at an alarming rate, and I could practically see the sparks like it was a cartoon. "Wait, let me back in! I swear I won't say it again," he then lowered his voice to a low mumble, "even though it's true…"

"I heard that end part, you bastard!" I shouted in retort. Are you kidding me?! This idiotic man-child is the one I had been drooling over on TV since he first debuted in the fashion world? He used to be so suave in my mind… "Mommy, what's a bastard?" Evander asked. I scowled, pointing towards the locked door. "Him."

I heard a dramatic gasp come from beyond it. "My dear, how could you say that about me?" At this point, I was ready to put him in this hospital bed. I sucked in my anger and looked around the room. Searching, searching… And bingo! I picked up my bag in the corner of the room, making a dismissive motion to everyone else in the room. "Everyone, get out unless you want to be scarred for life." They immediately scrambled out of the room, pushing past Lucian who was still at the door. I locked it behind them with the speed of a cheetah.

I closed the curtains, taking notice that we were on the second floor. Mwahaha! I have the perfect plan! I pulled out my work uniform from my bag, regretting the fact that it was only a thin shirt and some dark pants. I put on my extra jacket, glad that I had packed it for today. I listened at the door, making sure that no one was there. I scrawled a quick note onto a notepad and placed it on the bed. My phone is still charged and my body is ready. Let's do this.

I unlatched the window, letting the wintry air swirl into the room. I climbed up onto the window sill and lept from it, landing in a lifeless courtyard. My feet were buried in the snow and cold chills ran up my spine. Running around to the side of the building with my phone in hand, I saw an exit door that was close to the room. Perfecto! Evander's photo showed up on the screen as I heard a call tone.

When he answered, I immediately said, "Baby, I need you to say to them that you're going to the restroom. When you do, go find a nurse and ask her where the side exit door on the first floor is. I'll be right out there. Don't let any of them know that you left or that I left either. Come quickly." I heard an affirmative sound from the other side before he hung up. A few minutes later of me dancing to keep my feet warm and out of the snow, the door opened and out popped an excited Evander. "That was so scary, Mommy! Luca's daddy gave me a weird glance before I left and then went into the room. I started running when I heard him shout a bad word. They didn't see where I went, though."

Oh sh*t, that's so not good. Damn it, the man-child's smarter than I thought! I pulled Luca's hand and whipped out my phone again. "Fleur, I need a quick save! Can you come pick me up from the bar across from the hospital? Yes, I'm with Evander. No, I'm not raising him to be an alcoholic! What the hell do you think I do with my kid? Just get over here." I hung up on her ranting about my unsafe parenting.

With the snow, hardly anyone was on the streets so we just ran across it like a couple of criminals. I suppose we kind of are right now. I pushed open the door only to be greeted by dim lighting and soft piano music. A lonely man was sitting in front of the piano, posture hunched over and face drained. Such was the magic of Monday evenings, I suppose. We sat in one of the red booths while I waited for Fleur's notice. Evander and I just let the music wash over us in the meantime. Oddly enough, there seemed to be the sound of a guitar as well despite there not being one present. Hm, I must just be hearing things.

Finally, my phone buzzed with Fleur saying, "I'm out front beyotches!" Well, it was more like, "im here beyotches". I took one last glance at the man before dropping a tip in the jar. He seemed to be having a rough time. I turned around and left, quickly seeing Fleur's white van in front of the bar. It gets more pedophile-y every time I see it. I opened the back door and buckled Evander in before hopping into the front seat.

Fleur cast me a sly grin. "Do you like it?" She asked, wiggling her eyebrows. I immediately knew what she was referring to. Her hair, cropped to her skull, was now dyed a whitish-silver that made her cerulean eyes pop out even more than they already did. "How did you choose the granny white colour?" I asked sardonically. She gave me a sarcastic laugh in return. "It's that one anime thing, you know? So many black characters have white hair for some reason, so I decided to do it too." I shook my head and laughed at her stupid reasoning. Of course that's why she did it.

"Now, why the hell were you at a bar with your six-year-old child at the tail-end of a blizzard?" She asked. Taking a deep breath, I launched into the story from the riverside to now.

_(┐「ε:)_♡ And a skip~

Dmitri was standing outside of Blair's hospital room, glaring judgmentally at his boss. "Luc, what the hell possessed you to think that saying that was the best way to get the girl?" Lucian merely gave him the side eye before returning his eyes back to the door. "Women like honest men," was all he said in response. The atmosphere turned awkward again.

Then, a phone ringtone broke the tension. Evander answered his phone with an expression of excitement. He sat there in silence for a while before nodding his head and making a noise. He hung up and looked towards Dmitri and Lucian. "I'm going to the restroom." He was painfully trying to keep a straight face, but obviously failing. He walked away and exchanged a few words with a nurse before continuing down the hall. All of them looked towards the restroom two doors down from Blair's room. Lucian narrowed his eyes and opened the door, immediately being hit by a blast of cold air. "Son of a b*tch!" He shouted.

A note was fluttering about the room and smacked Lucian directly in the face when he stepped in. He peeled it off his face with gritted teeth. 'Good luck trying to catch me muthaf*ckah! I'm a ninja! ~Not your wifey'

Lucian crumbled up the paper with a frustrated expression on his face. Then the frustration turned to smugness as he realised something. "Hehehe… But I know where the ninja lives!" He laughed maniacally, ignoring the expression on both his child's and his butler's faces.

Legend has it that a witch was heard throughout the hospital on that day. Years later, people still believe that Room 207 is cursed and anyone who goes in there will feel a chill like there was a blizzard inside.
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