The Legend of Saga Chapter 4: Hypothermia


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Evander could only watch as his mother helplessly flew into the freezing cold river. Just a few moments before, a blonde man had sprinted down the hill, almost slipping, and kicked her in screaming, "You'll never kidnap my kids, you witch!" It was the same man that had come to his house on Friday: Luca's butler.

The child immediately ran screeching towards the river, intent on saving his mother. Luca only barely managed to catch him at the last second. The taller boy called back to his butler, telling him to save Blair. Dmitri only stood there in shock at what had transpired. His face was paler than the rising blizzard. Unbeknownst to any of them, there was already a man running downriver to catch her. His dark brown hair, previously combed back neatly, was now a mess from the harsh wind. Frantic celeste blue eyes scanned the river for any movement.

He whipped his head backwards and called back to the blonde butler, "Dmitri! Help search god damn it! This was your fault!" His suit was being soaked by the raging snow. Guilt filled his heart when he just stood there and didn't stop Dmitri in time. His breaths grew shorter and shorter, and just when he was about to collapse from exhaustion, he saw a hand holding onto the edge of the river. Sighing from relief, he went down to the riverside and pulled with all of his might.

She was soaked, skin pallid against the grey concrete sidewalk. Her eyes were open, but they stayed fixed on one place like she couldn't see anything. He pulled her up onto his back, intent on walking to the car. However, his legs nearly gave way on the first few steps. Dmitri, feeling more guilty than the other man, took her off of his master's shoulders and carried her bridal style towards the still running car. Both of the children were already in the car, courtesy of Luca. Evander had snot and tears streaming down his face that only grew more prevalent as he saw the state his mother was in.

Luca patted his back. "It's okay, she'll be okay…" However, even he wasn't sure. The heat was turned up to max as the driver sped to the hospital. Evander cradled her head in his lap, tears dripping onto her face. Everyone looked away. Twenty minutes passed and Blair had hardly warmed up, nor had she gotten out of her trance-like state. They pulled up to the hospital, the air filled with trepidation.

Dmitri gently picked her up and carried her into the calm hospital. The man next to him clenched his jaw and immediately booked a V.I.P. room. The nurse looked up in surprise, recognising him instantly. "Yes, right away Mr. Fentress." She said nervously. As he started to follow her, a hand gripped his pants leg.

"Are you sure she'll be fine, Father?" Luca asked, looking at her in Dmitri's arms as they rushed towards the hospital room. He turned towards his son with an awkward expression on his face. "Well, I don't think there'll be no lasting damage..." Luca widened his eyes and immediately punched his father in the stomach before running after Dmitri and Evander. "But… I'm not a doctor...!" He wheezed after Luca.

Nurses ran to the gasping man on the ground in horror, trying to pick him up and carrying him to a room. "Oh don't worry! I'm perfectly fine." He said, waving them off gallantly. Well, it was gallant in his eyes.

Meanwhile upstairs, both children were traumatised. Luca was wishing for a different father while Evander was crying his eyes out. Dmitri was also crying his eyes out, but his tears were from guilt. After all, Dmitri had a weak conscience in the first place. That's why he could never lie, and if he tried, he'd end up breaking down after a few seconds of the other person staring at him. Because of this, he'd dyed his normally brown hair blonde and got himself a nose ring. Despite this, everyone still walked over him.

Finally, after being warmed up and treated accordingly, she regained consciousness. And boy, the aftermath wasn't pretty.
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